Our 5th Anniversary Show with
Brandon Rhyder and Josh Grider
& Stephen Pointer opening
Jan. 21st, 2007
Things were not looking good for the Clubhouse Concerts' 5th Anniversary show...
The previous weekend, winter finally came to Fort Worth. On Saturday, Jan. 13th, we made the decision to cancel the Sunday Walt & Tina Wilkins show, due to the icey road conditions. The rest of the following week wasn't much better. In fact, the funky winter weather caused many cancellations in the area, including "Jack's Off The Wall" having to close for a few days. All we could do was keep our fingers crossed. The day before our anniversary show was rainy and cold. Sunday morning the sun finally came out and was a beautiful day!! We really had no idea what to expect... would the weather from the week before keep everyone from getting out, or would everyone find a cure for "cabin fever" and come celebrate with us?? As it turned out - everyone came out to celebrate!
Stephen Pointer, one of our "hometown" favorites, started the night out with a great opening set.
By the time Brandon & Josh hit the stage, it was getting pretty full - in both the main room and the bar area.
Looking around the room, there were several people in attendance that have been "with us" since the very first "Clubhouse Concert" at the apartment complex in January 2002.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank them...
thanks Steve & Cindy, Duane & Rick  for all of your support the past 5 years!
Josh Grider has recently disbanded his "full band" and is going out on his own, touring "acoustic". He was actually one of six "up & comers" that played a special Clubhouse show in May of '05.
We enjoyed hearing his songs and the stories behind them (including the story about "Momma" the dog!)

When Josh was finishing up for the evening, he thanked the Clubhouse girls for letting him play and congratulated us on our "upgrade"!

We are looking forward to having him back.
I want to thank Brandon for always being so "sweet" and playing "One Piece at a Time" for me. *Although he forgot some of the words... ( but I yelled them out and he managed to finish it beautifully!!)
He explained that he had not played it since the last time he played a Clubhouse show  - I requested it that night, too!!
Brandon's very last song was "Freeze Frame Time" (a crowd favorite). During the song, he stopped and told a story about when he first wrote it - he told us that the very first time he played it in front of an audience was at a Clubhouse show with Walt Wilkins. He spoke of the importance of his family and how much it means to him to be able to be home with his wife and son - watching his son grow up. He really does carry a picture in his pocket of his "baby boy".
I'm sure I wasn't the only one in the audience that had tears in their eyes.
Brandon has been entertaining us at Clubhouse shows for the past 3 years or so. We have watched him grow both musically and spiritually and we couldn't be prouder of him!
Hopefully he will never "outgrow" the Clubhouse. We're already looking forward to his return on March 4th.
Thanks, as always, to LeiLani Coker for taking these great photos of the musicians.
Contact her if you would like to purchase some pictures for your own collection.
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the "Clubhouse Girls" - Emily, Amy & Rachel Allene for their help and friendship. This is truly a "group" effort and I couldn't do it alone!
You girls are the best!

See you next Sunday - Joni
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