The Red Dirt Rangers
& special guest Scott Evans
Bo Cox
March 18, 2007
Thanks to
LeiLani Coker
for these great pictures!
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We had a very small crowd for the CD Release party for The Red Dirt Rangers.
Maybe it was because it was the end of spring break week? Maybe because it was the day after St. Patrick's Day? Maybe the College basketball games??
Who knows... all we know is that if you missed the show, you missed a great show!
The RDR played songs from their brand new CD "Ranger Motel", as well as other "red dirt" favorites.
Scott Evans came down from Tulsa and sat in with them.
It was great to have Scott back at the Clubhouse.
Bo Cox did a great opening set. Bo drove all the way up from Galveston for his "short" opening set, and we are looking forward to having him back so we can hear some more songs from his upcoming CD, which was produced by Mike MClure & Travis Linville.