Matt Powell & Seth Walker
Jeremy Todd
Just when I had finally decided to stop writing "reviews" with the pictures from our shows, along comes a show that I can't be quiet about!!
Tonight's installment of the Clubhouse Concerts Acoustic Series was awesome!!!
Jeremy Todd, from the band
"The Woods" - along with his lead guitar player, Justin Moore, started the evening off with a great set. Jeremy has a great voice. They got started a little earlier than usual, so we were able to hear an extra-long set (as far as openers go). Jeremy did several covers that were some of my favorites songs ever - including John Hiatt's "Angel Eyes" and "Satisfied" by Ian Moore.
After a short break, Matt and Seth took the stage.
I had "checked out" Seth on his my space page, but had NO IDEA just how much I was going to love his music!!
Matt Powell has played Clubhouse shows many times in the past few years, and I knew how much I loved his stuff, but with Seth up on stage next to him, each one accompanying each other on songs - well, I have to say it again ... it was awesome!
Jeremy Todd & his bandmates, hanging out on the patio with Jeremy's uncle, local "legend" Johnny Reno and Seth
Nathan Cross, our Southern Thread rep, came down from Oklahoma City for the show.
< ~~~ Here he is announcing Matt & Seth.
Southern Thread is giving away two tickets to the Cross Canadian Ragweed Cruise, so we set up a table in the front room for people to enter the drawing. We'll be taking entries until the end of May, so be sure and sign up when you're at a show!
"Zilla" sat out front patiently in the back of his owner's pickup truck all evening. If you walked past the truck, he would drop his toy over the edge and wait for you to pick it up and give it to him. Then, he would drop it again! This went on many times throughout the night, everytime someone walked past the truck.
Again, I have to say it... this was a great show! I wish we had recorded it, but, since we didn't I'll just have to listen to my brand new CD's from The Woods and Seth Walker. . I already have all of Matt Powell's music, but have already put them back in rotation in my cd player.
Matt played lots of new songs and I'm already counting the days until his new CD is released.
After the show, I spoke to Matt & Seth and plans are already in the works for a repeat Clubhouse show - hopefully in late July or early August.
~ joni ~
if you are unfamiliar with Seth Walker, I urge you to check him out!
You can listen to some of his music on his
my space page .
You can check Matt Powell out at
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