Walt Wilkins & The Mystiqueros!
Spivey Crossing
May 13, 2007
Kim Phillips, Creative Director of MavRik Magazine, has made fun of me for years because ( in my journal ) I would "very often" say that the Clubhouse show I had just experienced was " the best Clubhouse show - ever! ". Well, Kim, go ahead and laugh, because I am saying it AGAIN!!! Walt Wilkins & The Mystiqueros put on one of the best Clubhouse shows I have ever seen... really!!
Walt has compiled a group of musicians that are incredible. The harmony vocals are incredible. The songwriting is incredible. The musicianship is incredible, and Walt's voice...... beautiful as always!
Tonight was supposed to be a "CD release party" for their new CD, but unfortunately it isn't going to be released until mid July. We did, however, get to hear alot of the songs on the new CD and I can tell you now - it's going to be incredible!!
While the room was filling up with fans, the band "Spivey Crossing", from Waco, Texas entertained with a great set. I do believe, the Clubhouse show tonight had more musicians on stage than we had seen since we moved to Jack's.
Walt's beautiful wife, Tina, got up and did several songs with the band.
At one point, someone in the audience sent up a tray full of "shot's"
and everyone - except Tina - got one.
She just smiled and said "Happy Mother's Day to me - looks like I'll be the one driving everyone home tonight"!

It was a real treat to have her sit in with them, especially when she sang Sam Baker's song "Pretty World".
Nights like this remind me of why I host the Clubhouse Concerts Series.... and make me look forward to the upcoming shows.
Hope to see you there!
~ joni ~
the hard working staff @ Jack's
We want to thank everyone that came out and spent their Mother's Day evening @ the Clubhouse, especially Tina!

We're counting the days until The Mystiqueros new CD is released... watch the calendar for an upcoming CD release party!

thanks, as always, to Jeff Coker for taking the pictures of the musicians
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