Joni's pics from the Larry Joe Taylor Texas Musicfest & Chili Cookoff
April 17-21st, 2007
car was
packed so full, there almost wasn't room for me!
The view from our camper as we pulled in to the festival on Thursday morning
We weren't there five minutes and an ant bit me on the foot!
Thank goodness I found some "Off" bugspray after that!
I'm a sucker for "puppy dogs"... had to take this picture of "Travis, the golden"
We made it just in time for Bonnie Bishop's acoustic set
Nathan Cross (and Crazy Ray) had sangria and "gulleywhompers" flowing freely at our campsite ~~~>
<~~~ Playing "washers" was a popular pasttime at our campsite. Here, Duane is playing a game with members of Randy Rogers' band.
The radio station out of Stephenville (mandatoryfm) hosted an acoustic stage near our campsite. Music started at midnight each night. On Thursday night, Stoney & Randy Rogers stopped by and played some songs.
Yes, I was really still awake at 2:42 AM
cleaning up the mess on Friday morning... poor guy!
I love this picture...
notice Walt & Tina's son, Luke,
standing in the left hand corner!
One of my favorite sets from the entire festival...
Walt Wilkins and his wife, Tina Mitchell
(with Walt's guitar player from his band The Mystiqueros)
somebody didn't use sunscreen.....
somebody else didn't use their sunscreen :)
What a great place for a bachelorette party...
what happens @ LJT STAYS @ LJT!!
Misty & Duane
another "dog" picture ...
and the big question is "Corey, did you have fun?"....

We THINK he is shaking his head up & down!

It was a fun time and we're already looking forward to next year!