Drew Kennedy & Peter Dawson
Scott Rotge
May 20, 2007
It has been a long time since Drew or Peter has graced the Clubhouse stage. Peter is now living in Nashville, working on the writing aspect of his career and Drew is now living in South Texas, and has just recently released his new CD "Dollar Theater Movie".
Relative "newcomer" Scott Rotge (pronounced
RO-Jay) drove up from his home near San Antonio and delivered a great set. Several people sitting in the audience commented that his voice sounded alot like Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20).
Before Drew & Peter took the stage, Peter brought in several large cardboard boxes and announced he was having a "garage sale" of his old merchandise.
He offered his wares (or should I say "wears")  to anyone that would like to have something.
The crew working at Jack's that night were first to grab up some goodies, including some "panties" with I Love Peter written on them!
We had some fun taking a few pictures of them having fun...
Due to the fact that Drew has a new Cd and Peter has been working on new stuff, we were treated to alot of brand new songs.
It was a great night of Texas music and we look forward to having all three musicians back soon!
Scott Rotge
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unfortunately, due to the fact that Jeff Coker was busy with doing the sound, these are the only pictures I took. I know they aren't the best quality, but at least I took some!