Adam Hood and Quincy Harper
with Rich O'Toole
February 25, 2007
Tonight's Clubhouse Concerts Acoustic Series brought two relatively new singer-songwriters to Jack's.
Actually, I should say three, because Rich O'Toole (although he has played for us before) is still a young up & coming musician, too.
Although there were a couple of different Texas music shows going on at the same time, not only did we have a great crowd, but we had fans that had driven 5 hours from south Texas
( thanks Eddie & Faye Beth!)
and fans that came down from Oklahoma
( thanks Nathan, Ryan and friends).
It was the first time for both Quincy and Adam to play the Clubhouse, but hopefully not the last.

Adam was on the 25th night of his "every night in Feb." Texas tour but you'd never know it by the way he entertained the crowd.
Quincy, however, was playing his second show, since having lung surgery last month.
You could tell that he was happy to be healthy and back on stage, where he belongs.
Momma Dawg & Eddie Purifoy and friend from Mauriceville, Tx.
Happy Birthday, Jamie!
Mary Ann & James were celebrating James' birthday, too!
came down all the way from Lubbock for the show!

Are these guys really watching the academy awards on the overhead TV's???
You can tell by the looks on these faces, everyone was listening intently to every song!
Proof once again - Clubhouse Concerts provides the ultimate "listening" atmosphere!
Emily - waiting for her shift at the front door to begin!
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Thanks to
Jeff Coker
for taking the awesome pics of the musicians (and some crowd shots, too!).
Jeff was also the sound engineer and thanks to him, the sound was great!!
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thanks to Jack Wilson, John, Marjorie and the rest of the staff at Jack's - including Eddie and the guys in the kitchen - for providing us the ultimate venue for the Clubhouse Concerts Acoustic Series!!! We are truly having a blast and we hope you are too!
See ya next week!
Joni, Emily, Amy & Rachel Allene