Steven Fromholz and Vince Bell
December 3rd, 2006
Our fifth show @ Jack's brought two "Texas legends" to the stage.
Both Steve Fromholz and Vince Bell have had some health problems in the past few years (Steve had a stroke in April of 2003 and Vince was in a terrible car wreck), thus they have dubbed their duo as "The Flatliners"!
It was obvious by the fans that were there to see them, they are living legends.
Steve & Vince chose to not have an opener for the show, so they went on promptly at 7pm.
Just about every table in the main room was occupied and everyone sat in complete silence as Steve and Vince played songs and reminisced from the past 30 or so years.
There were several people attending that had never been to a Clubhouse show. After the show, they came up and said how impressed they were with Jack's and the fact that it was a true "listening" show. They said they were looking forward to coming back.
We also had a few people that had not been to a Clubhouse show since we moved to Jack's. They, too, were pleasantly surprised with the "listening" aspect as well as Jack's delicious food.
We want to thank everyone that came out to the show.
We realize that it is hard to get out on a Sunday evening (especially when the Cowboys are on TV), but we also realize how important it is to everyone to have a "venue" where you can relax and enjoy a delicious meal, a few drinks and an evening of acoustic music in a "smoke free" listening environment.
* **Should you wish to smoke, you can still enjoy the music from the bar area or the patio.
Thanks for choosing to spend your Sunday evenings with us!

Next week, it's Max Stalling & Black Top Gypsy!
Be there or be square....
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