Peter Frampton
Live @ Billy Bob's
<~~ close up shot of the "talk box" used on "Do you Feel Like We Do" and "Show Me The Way". The "Framptone" was developed and is sold by Peter Frampton.
Peter singing into the talk box on "Do You Feel Like We Do"
Peter is an incredibaly talented guitar player. He had several different guitars with him for the show.
There were many fans in the audience, proudly holding up their Peter Frampton memorabilia, including one guy's 8 Track tape of "Frampton Comes Alive". A girl had the poster (above) and gave it to Peter and they put it up on the stage for the remainder of the show.
Peter autographed the poster for the fan, and then, jokingly, his bass player helped him up after signing it!
Unfortuantely, Peter did not come out after the show to sign autographs, so this is the only photo we got of Kelsey's mom & Peter!

We had a great time... it was an awesome show!!

~ Joni, Lesley, Matt & Kelsey ~
Peter did 2 encores, and the 2nd encore of the night "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" was incredible.