Brandon Rhyder and Jason Eady
Bobby Duncan

March 4, 2007
Bobby Duncan started the night off with a great set. We have watched Bobby grow into a very talented young singer-songwriter. By the enthusiasm of the crowd, everyone else agrees with us!
By the time Brandon & Jason took the stage, the room was full and most of the seats in the bar area were taken, as well.
Personally, for me, tonight's show was the perfect example of what I want from the musicians that grace the Clubhouse stage.
Both Brandon and Jason played lots of new stuff, interspersed with many entertaining stories about the songs.
They also played most all of the old "favorites" that everyone wanted to hear ( * note to Brandon... I said "almost" all...).
For me, hearing the stories behind the songs is a large part of the "Clubhouse" experience. I know everyone else in the audience enjoyed it, as well.
This was a first...
Jamie and her sister brought their work with them and listened to the music while they graded papers!
The next generation of Texas music fans!
Eddie, Brandon's road manager, stayed really busy at the merch table
Allene caught up on some reading, while working at the front taking cover
The guys in the kitchen stayed busy, as well!
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yummy homemade treats!

Unfortunately, I was unable to retrieve the photos of the musicians from Jeff Coker, but these are the pictures I took from the show.
Sorry, but this is the only one I took of the stage ...






























































































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