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Monday, Nov. 1st, '04: Wow, can't believe it's November already! Last night's Halloween Clubhouse show will be a Halloween to remember!! Stoney looked great, in his "Dargon" costume! We had a great crowd (again) and it looks like The White Elephant is going to work out really well for us!
On Saturday night, Matt & Kelsey threw a Halloween party of their own at Matt's house. They came over to my house, to mix the "punch" ( they called it "pink panty droppers"... kinda scary for me as the mom!!) Sunday, Matt walked in my house (he had just woken up a little bit before he came over), walked straight into my bathroom and THREW UP!!! He said he had a great time at his party!! Boy, I can remember those days!!
I was really surprised when he showed up for the Clubhouse show last night. I guess even a hangover wouldn't keep him away from a Stoney show!

"Pink Panty Droppers"... made with vodka, beer, lemonade, fruit slices and God knows what else!!
"Oh to be 21 again!!"
Friday, Nov. 5th: It was a beautiful day today!! I got up this morning and went to get my haircut. While she was cutting my hair, my stylist says... "I think I took too many Xanax's this morning, I'm really starting to feel it"... NOT EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR, WHILE GETTING YOUR HAIR CUT! Thank goodness, she didn't cut a big hole out of my hair!
Ran a bunch of errands after my haircut. I was just looking for stuff to do, so I could enjoy the weather. Picked up a bunch of 12 packs of soft drinks and bottled water and ran them over to The White Elephant. I really like that place.
Got a birthday invitation this week for Whitney & Everett's boy, Beckett. Can't believe he's already gonna be a year old. Time really flies. He's such a cutie.
Stoney's in College Station tonight. Megan called earlier. She was on her way to pick up guitar strings for him. I told her she might as well get some cigarettes and a lighter while she was at it, since he wont have those, either!!
I'm staying in tonight. Going to watch the DVD, "Heartworn Highways", that Emily loaned me. It's a documentary about the 70's with Steve Earle, Townes VanZandt, Guy Clark, John Hiatt, Rodney Crowell and more. I've heard it is great. I've heard it's got alot of great songs (played live) on it, so I'm really looking forward to watching it. Guess I'll go see what all the hoopla is about....

***Friday night...9:20pm : Just got thru watching the movie ( "Heartworn Highways") and all I can say is WOW! Great movie! Took me back to my younger days, in the 70's. I remembered alot of the musicians, but would have never recognized Steve Earle. Townes VanZandt was funny (especially when he fell in the rabbit hole!). Loved the music. Wonder if there is a soundtrack available. The documentary takes place in the early to mid 70's. I was in high school... do your math... that makes me ... OLD! They interview the musicians and then most of them play a song or two. Townes VanZandt takes the camera man on a tour of his yard... it was pretty funny. Guy Clark was great, too. If you get a chance, go out and buy (or rent) it. If you love Texas music, you'll love the movie. Right now, I'm watching Townes VanZandt singing Pancho & Lefty. (Love that song). That settles it...tomorrow I'm gonna go see if I can buy the soundtrack somewhere.
Saturday afternoon, Oct.6th, '04: Another beautiful day!! Got up this morning and went over to "LRA" (Lockheed Recreation Area) to a Volkswagen show. If you have ever been in my house, you know I am a VW addict! I have bought lots of VW memorabilia off of the internet, so I decided to head over and see what they had to offer at the VW show. It was really neat! They had TONS of old VW's, all fixed up and being judged for best VW in town. I took some pictures of some of the cars. There were several "vendor booths", as well. They were selling lots of stuff I already own (probably cheaper than I paid on Ebay), but I did add 3 new VW t-shirts to my collection, as well as a really cute beach towel. When I left, I drove my car thru the car wash and came home and cleaned it out. I vacuumed it out really good, even though as soon as I put the top back down, it will be full of leaves and stuff again.
Now I'm off to find something to do outside... it's just too pretty to stay inside the house.
Sunday, Nov.14th: Willie was awesome last night!! Sang every song I wanted to hear, plus lots more. It's a yucky, rainy Sunday.  I always say this, but I'm saying it again... glad we don't have to move 60 folding chairs in the rain! Hope we have a good turn out tonight. It's going to be a good show.
Friday, Nov. 19th, '04: Going to see Stoney tonight at Woody's!! Don't even care if it's pouring down rain... I'll be there... front and center!
I'm a little stressed over this coming Sunday's Clubhouse show. Walt Wilkins, Susan Gibson & Brandon Rhyder... three of the best singer/songwriters around... why would I be stressed, you wonder? Because I dont really think the listeners in the Ft Worth area "get it" about Walt. Last time, we had a small, but very appreciative, crowd. This time, let's show 'em we realize how awesome they are! Tell your neighbors! Tell your friends!! Please, please come to the show!
Also, don't forget that Pat Green tickets go on sale on Monday morning for his Dec.23rd show at Billy Bob's. I heard they expect it to sell out in a matter of hours... another reason I'm stressed! I better get me some good seats or I'm gonna be crying on Monday afternoon! A few years ago, Emily and I went and we had seats in row F and it was BAD!!!! You could hardly see the band and the sound wasn't the greatest. I had to keep getting up and "roaming" towards the front, just so I could see! Dont want to do that again!
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