Miss Joni's Journal
Friday, July 9th, '04: Been some sad stuff happening lately for the Texas/Red Dirt family. Almost 2 weeks ago was the bad helicopter crash, involving the three guys from The Red Dirt Rangers. Then, on Sunday, July 4th, Doug Moreland lost his best friend, Jalapeno ( aka Holly, The Fiddle Playing Dog). Being a dog lover myself, I really didn't realize how much Doug's loss would upset me. I have gone to his guestbook on his website (www.dougmoreland.com) daily and read the guestbook entries from Doug & Holly's many friends and fans. There was one entry in particular, that really got to me. It is a poem (author unknown) about when your pet dies and goes to heaven - I think it is titled "Rainbow Bridge", that made me cry when I read it. Poor Doug and Suzan. Hopefully it helps them get thru it a little easier, by knowing how much everyone else loved Holly, too. She will be missed. I remember last summer when Matt, Cori and Mikey Wynn and myself went down to the opening of Doug's store in Manchaca and how much we loved seeing Holly perform. We laughed our heads off when Doug told the story about how Holly would howl when he said the word "firetruck" - and everytime he said it during the story, she would howl! He could say "police car" and she just sat there and then he'd say "firetruck" and she'd go crazy. It was really cute. And who can forget when Doug sang "I taught my dog to say I love you" and she would sing it! Makes me sad all over again, thinking about it. I think Pepper & Abbey have gotten a little bit of "extra loving" this week, in memory for Holly.
Jackie came over last night to help me put a "counter" on the website. We used to have one, but somehow, a long time ago, it got deleted. I liked having it, because it told you how many "hits" the website got everyday. Sometimes, we get over 100 hits a day!! Anyway, after trying to put one of the free counters you can get off of different websites, and failing, Jackie was messing around with it, and realized that we've had one all along! Turns out, we've had over 27,000 hits since we started doing the website in 2002! We've got it back up, on the home page, and so it will be interesting to watch it and see how many hits we are getting daily.
Tonight Jason Boland & The Straggler's are at Billy Bob's. Matt & his friend Sarah are going with me and we'll be meeting Emily and two of her friends when we get there. Don't care how many times we see Jason, if he's anywhere in the area, we have to go. Speaking of, Jason & the guys are playing a benefit for the Red Dirt Rangers on Sunday at Woody's. We won't be having a show this Sunday, so if you were planning on coming to The Horseman, just head around the corner to Woody's instead. They've got tons of great musicians that are donating their time, in order to help out The Rangers. Bring alot of money... those guys can really use the help.
The following Sunday will be our first Clubhouse show in three weeks. Hope everyone hasn't forgotten about us by then! This morning, the DJ's on The Ranch were talking about the Clubhouse shows and were advertising that Matt Powell & Brandon Rhyder would be there this Sunday. Jackie was listening to the radio and heard them, so she called me and I got on the phone and straightened them out. I told them how much we appreciate them telling everyone about our shows, but it's the NEXT weekend, not this Sunday. It's really cool that even the Dj's on the radio think we've got a great thing going. I know Justin Frazzell (on the Wolf) is a big fan. I've tried to get him to come out on a Sunday and do his Front Porch show live from our show. Hopefully, someday, he'll do it. That would be alot of fun... and great advertisement for us, as well. I'm really looking forward to Brandon & Matt. Two VERY TALENTED singer/songwriter's and two of the nicest guys in Texas music, for sure. Spread the word about the benefit on Sunday and be sure and tell your friends that the Clubhouse shows will resume starting on July 18th. Have a safe weekend.
Sunday, July 11th: Headin' out for the Red Dirt Ranger benefit at Woody's. I'm gonna try to remember to take lots of pictures and I'll post them tomorrow sometime.
Monday morning...very early...12:15am, July 12th: Just got home from Woody's. The party was still going strong, but I have to be at work at 8am, so I had to make the decision to leave and get a little sleep. I'm thinkin' it was a big success. I'll post the pics later today.
Wed., July 14th: Just got home from 8.0's. Had a great time. Mike Mancy and his lead player, Adam started the evening off with a great acoustic set. Wish they had gotten to play a little longer, because there was a lot of "down" time between Mike's set and Chris Knight's. Chris Knight put on a pretty good show, but after about an hour and a half, I think he was starting to put the crowd to sleep. With his voice, so many of his songs sound alike, and they're not very "upbeat", so I was looking forward to Stoney getting up on stage and waking everyone up...and he did!! He and Jeremy were "on" tonight! The crowd was really into it, singing along with every song. Although it was really warm (not much breeze to keep it cool), it was a great show. I even got to feed my t-shirt addiction! Stoney has a new t-shirt, with a skeleton on the front, wearing a doo-rag. It's really cute! Thanks to my brother, who loaned me the money to buy it. I felt like an addict, begging for money to buy it...just one more t-shirt, please, then I promise I won't buy anymore! (Ha! I'll never be able to keep that promise!)
Stoney said he was having trouble with his voice, so I made him promise to come in to our office tomorrow and let the doctor check him out.They are heading up to Norman Okla tomorrow and he said he'd stop by on his way out of town. He's been working with Mike McClure this week on what was going to be an e-p... which is a cd that isn't as long as a usual cd. He announced tonight that he decided to record a full length cd, instead. Yippeee!! He sang several songs that he said were going to be on it, including a great version of Bob Dylan's "Forever Young". Can't wait for the cd to come out. Hope it doesn't take too long! Guess I better go to bed. I have to be at work at 8am in the morning and that's not too far off from now.
Monday, July 19th: What an awesome Clubhouse show last night!!! Brandon Rhyder & Matt Powell played for over three hours straight thru (with no breaks). We heard so many new songs (and so many funny stories!!) Brandon played a song that he said he had just finished last week that was sooo good. It was inspired by a broken up romance between his little brother and his brother's fiance. I'm looking forward to it being on the next cd.. whenever that may be. They played alot of great stuff and the audience was really into it - VERY ATTENTIVE (even with almost 90 people in the room, it stayed quiet enough you could hear everything just fine). I know how much Brandon & Matt appreciated the way everyone was listening to their every word. Matt even made the comment that the Clubhouse Concerts shows are his VERY FAVORITE PLACE TO PLAY IN TEXAS!!!! How cool is that??? As always, I got the whole show on video, and can't wait to sit and watch it all over again. Brandon even dedicated a song to me... my favorite song in the world... "One Piece at a Time", and it was beautiful. He has such a great voice. I also want to say they are two of the nicest guys around. I know big things are happening for both of them, and they deserve it. They've worked really hard to get to where they are at, and I can't wait to see what good things are going to be happening for them. I just got thru posting the pictures from the show to the website, so check 'em out. After last night's great show, I am really looking forward to Dub Miller & Peter Dawson next Sunday. It's been way too long since we've had either of them play at the Clubhouse.
Saturday night, July24th: Guess who's coming to Billy Bob's in September... PETER FRAMPTON!!!! I am so excited! I knew when I paid the extra money in January to become a "country club member" at Billy Bob's, it was going to be worth the money...but I never imagined it would get me great seats to see Peter Frampton! I can't wait. He was always my favorite, from the very first time I heard "Wind of Change". Me and my friend Vickie slept in my 1976 VW convertible all night in a field on the outskirts of Austin, in the spring of '76, just so we could get as close as possible when he played an outdoor concert with Fleetwood Mac and Gary Wright. It was worth it. I had Matt pick up the cd "Peter Frampton's Greatest Hits" for me when he was at work at Best Buy today (since all I have are albums). I'm listening to it right now... reliving my past :)  Boy, were the 70's fun!  Matt & Kelsey listen to alot of classic rock and they were as pumped as I am about going.
I hate that I'm missing Stoney tonight at Adair's. When he plays there, it always gets really crowded, so I decided I'll just have to wait until next Sunday at the Clubhouse to see him. He came by the house today on his way from Lubbock to Dallas, so I got a short little visit in with him, anyway. Jeremy was asleep in the back of the car.
(now playing..."Baby, I love your way"...good song!) So many of Peter Frampton's songs have references to the "sand and sea" and whenever I listen to them, I wish I was sitting on a beach, with the waves coming in... (oooh, now playing "All I wanna be is by your side"... another good song!)
I'm looking forward to Dub & Peter tomorrow. It's been so long since either has played for us. I've been listening to the Waylon Tribute cd alot and I love Dub's song on it. Doug Moreland's is really good, too. I hear he has a new "serious" cd that is out. I might need to go get it. Maybe I can pick it up next Friday night at Woody's. Doug, Ryan Bingham & Frank Neville are playing and I wouldn't miss them for anything.
Think I'll go take a hot bath and listen to the rest of the Frampton cd. Until tomorrow...........
Sunday, July 25th: It's a beautiful day today. Temperature is about 83 degrees. Feels like fall outside, even though it's almost August. Although there was rain forcasted, it didn't happen. My yard sure could use it. After all of the rain in June, I knew I'd be wishing for more about now.
I'm getting ready for tonight's show. It's gonna be a good one! Hope we have a good crowd.
Tuesday night, August 3rd: I think I have finally recovered from Sunday night's show...and what an unbelievable night of music it was! Now that we are recording the shows onto an MP3 player, and putting them onto a CD, I haven't been able to listen to anything else. I am working on the video tape from the show right now, and listening to it while it records. Stoney just sang "Seven Spanish Angels" and it's so funny when he does his Willie Nelson impersonation (and sounds just like him!) We've gotten alot of feed back from the show Sunday. I've had several people comment on the fact that even though it was crowded, the audience was one of the quietest we've had. I think people are starting to get "trained" to the "Clubhouse rules". We even have people that will come up to us at the shows to let us know if people are talking too loudly, or smoking in the "listening" area. It's funny. I know how important it is to me to able to go to a show and listen to the musicians, but apparently, there are lots of other fans out there that feel the same way. I can't tell you how often I get told that we are bringing a real "unique" "product" to the people that care about the music. Not everyone out there is just wanting to go to the bars and socialize over the live music. There are alot of fans out there that are wanting to sit and listen to the lyrics, the stories behind the songs and experience the "up close and personal" feel of our shows. I also know how much the musicians appreciate an attentive audience. They tell me all the time how much they love playing for our crowds. I know we stay pretty busy at the shows, and maybe we don't thank the audience enough, but we appreciate everyone that has made the Clubhouse shows succesful... that would be everyone that gets off their butts on Sunday evenings and spends a few hours with us. It means alot to all of us, so THANKS!
This week (and weekend) is full of great Texas music! Starting with Rusty Weir and Bleu tomorrow at 8.0's. Then, on Thursday, Travis Linville is doing an acoustic show at The White Elephant Beer Garden. I'll be there, FOR SURE!! Then, on Friday night, Len is celebrating his birthday at the Randy Rogers show at Woody's. (I'll be there, too). Then, it's Wade Bowen & Matt Powell on Saturday night at Woody's, and then our show on Sunday. Mark Sanders is having a cd release party and Hayes Carll is playing with him. I saw Hayes at the Larry Joe Taylor festival and he was great!! Very talented and a great sense of humor. I hope we have alot of people at the show. It's hard for me to tell people...don't miss this show, and especially after a really busy Texas Music weekend, but this is one that everyone needs to come to. You guys will leave with every cd Hayes has out as well as Mark's new cd. I guarantee you it will be a great show. You've got to eat dinner anyway, so come out, fill up your plate and sit and listen to some great music. You'll be glad you did.
Well, the tape just ended, so I need to start another one. There's lots of people asking for copies from the Okie show, so I can't disappoint. See ya Thursday at The White Elephant.
Friday, August 6th: Travis was great last night at The White Elephant, although it was a small crowd. I'm fixin' to leave for Woody's for Len's birthday party/Randy Rogers' show in a few minutes. I'm sure it's gonna be packed...ugh... but it's gonna be fun. Randy has been selling out Woody's the last few times he has played there, so I need to head out soon, or I might not get in. Will write a "review" sometime tomorrow.
Saturday, August 7th: Well, the Randy Rogers show/Len's birthday party @ Woody's last night was a huge success. I have NEVER seen Woody's so crowded. Randy really packs 'em in there. We knew it was going to get crowded, when we got there and the guys at the door said that there was no "in & out", meaning that if you leave, you either pay cover again or don't get back in. Len was already "getting stupid" (those were his words) when I got there, and it seemed like he had a great birthday celebration. Eli & Young opened the show. By the time Randy & band got on stage, there wasn't hardly room to move. Thanks to Bryan for saving us the front table. It wasn't so bad, since we could lean against the wall and actually had a place to sit the whole night.
Spent today running errands. It was beautiful... the high today was only 89 degrees.... a great day to drive a convertible. Wish I needed to go somewhere this evening. It would be a great evening to drive around town (or better yet, wish I was in the hill country, with the 'ol top down). Wish there were still drive-ins around here. I miss those summer nights, going to the drive in and watching movies. I hear there is one in Granbury, but I also heard it is really expensive. Speaking of movies... I want to go see that movie about the 2 people that get left out in the middle of the ocean, while scuba diving. Matt  and Kelsey are heading down to the coast this next week, so I'm thinking maybe I shouldn't go see it until I know they are home safely! Otherwise, I would probaby worry the entire time they are gone. Kelsey gets his cast off on Tuesday (hopefully). That will determine if they go or not. Wouldn't be much fun at the ocean with a cast on your leg. Matt is working another Saturday "double shift" today. Every week, he is scheduled at Best Buy from 9 - 5 and then he has to be at The Horseman at 7pm and works until closing at 2:00am. He came over this evening in between jobs and took a "power nap".  Hope he doesn't fall asleep at The Horseman. And I really hope he doesn't fall asleep driving home at 2:30 in the morning. THEN, he has to be back at work at Best Buy at 11am tomorrow. I don't know how he does it. Gotta go move the water out front. over and out.........
Wednesday, August 11th: I got this in an email message this morning and thought it makes a perfect "thought for the day"...

"Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body... but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting ... "holy shit ...what a ride".

See ya Sunday at Randy's birthday party (if not Friday night at Woody's for Stoney & Brandon Jenkins, or Saturday night at Woody's with Peter Dawson & Mark Sanders) .
Sat. August 14th: I bought a guitar the other day. Not just "a guitar", but a really pretty, electric blue, acoustic guitar! I was flipping channels on T.V. and ended up on the "home shopping network", and they had this really neat acoustic guitar for only $49!!! The more I sat and listened to the advertisement, the more I knew I really needed to buy it! So... a few days later, I got home from work and there was this really pretty guitar in a box on my front porch. What am I going to do with it, you are probably wondering ( as was I, while I was giving out my credit card number to the person over the telephone!). I bought it for one purpose ... WALL ART! It looks great, hanging above my fireplace, against my "terra cotta" colored wall. I bought a silver sharpie marker, and last night, at Stoney's show at Woody's, I got my first two autographs on it (Brandon Jenkins & Stoney). I'm going to take it to Randy's party tomorrow and plan on having several more autographs by the end of the night. Speaking of the show last night, it was great! Brandon Jenkins has a great band and they sounded great. Then, Stoney & Jeremy got up and (as always) blew the crowd away! It was really neat when Brandon's bass player and drummer got up with Stoney & Jeremy and did the old Allman Brothers song, "Midnight Rider", and then followed that up (was it due to all of the people in the crowd screaming play "Melissa") with "Melissa". At the end of the night (after they had turned on all the house lights at Woody's), Brandon and his band got up and (with Stoney on electric guitar), did a couple more songs, ending the night with Brandon's "Feet Don't Touch The Ground", instead of the usual "The Weight". By the end of the song, Woody's was telling everyone that the bar was closed and to leave. Not much time to sit around and shoot the breeze with Stoney or Jeremy, or anyone, for that matter. I got home at 2:30am and no telling when I finally went to sleep. Matt woke me up when he called at 10am (from Port Aransas) and griped me out for still being asleep at 10 in the morning! Ha, the tables have turned, I use to be the one griping at him to get out of bed! He and Kelsey are having a great time at the coast. I think they've decided to miss Randy's party and stay an extra day (as long as their money holds out). Tonight, Megan and I are going back to Woody's to see Peter Dawson & Mark Sanders. Hope Matt doesn't wake me up again tomorrow morning! Tomorrow is going to be a fun (but long) day. Hope I'll be able to drag myself out of bed for work on Monday. I hate that I'm missing Stoney & Jason in Lewisville, but I know that Randy's party is gonna be a great time. I'll plan on posting pics from the show sometime Monday evening.
Thursday, Aug. 19th: Well, I think I'm finally recovered from Sunday's party (...and what a party it was!) Thanks to all of the great musicians that came out and helped Randy celebrate his 26th birthday. I know he had a great time - as did the 300 plus fans in attendance! .

This Sunday brings an old friend back to the Clubhouse Concerts Acoustic Series. Casey Thompson has played for us several times, opening shows over at the apartment clubhouse. He has a new CD out, and this will be his CD release party. Come out and support Casey. I've heard that the Cd is really good, and am looking forward to the show. T-Roy Miller is opening, so it's gonna be a great night of music.
Guess I'll go watch some more of the olympics. Last night's men's gymnastics was incredible. I think tonight is the women's gymnastics. Wonder when the U.S. women's soccer team plays again. I love watching soccer!
Sat. Aug.21st: Went up to The Horseman to see Mike Mancy's Band and Cooder Graw. It got too crowded where I was sitting during Cooder Graw, so I decided to head home. It was a good show (what I saw of it, anyway!). Wish I had remembered to take my blue guitar up there to have Matt Martindale sign it. I talked to him and he said to call him and he would love to play at the Clubhouse again. Guess I need to call him. Mancy's Band did alot of new stuff (off their soon to be released cd) and it all sounds really good.
Friday, August 27th: It's finally Friday. Seems like I've been so busy this week, but when I stop and think about it, all I've done is worked and sat on my butt and watched the Olympics. Maybe after Sunday (when they're over) I'll finally get some housework done! I've hated the fact that I have missed Randy Rogers cd release parties this week, but since none of them were in the north Texas area, guess I'll just have to wait! They will be in Lewisville on Sunday afternoon... maybe I can make that one. I talked to Emily last night (she called from The Stragglers' show in Denton). She had spoken to some girls that told her that Randy thanks "The Clubhouse Girls" on his liner notes! How cool is that!!!
My next door neighbors have their house up for sale. I hate it! They are great neighbors. I knew we would "hit it off", when I first was looking at my house to buy it, and I noticed their license plate on their convertible... I took a picture of it this afternoon just because I think it should be MY LICENSE PLATE! Do you agree?! He is an architect and designs clubhouses for country clubs. If he ever decides to give up the personalized plate, I'm gonna try to get it for my car. I've tried to think of other ideas for a personalized plate, but can't think of anything that would fit as well.
We're looking forward to Sunday. Ryan Bingham, Doug Moreland and Ali Holder. It'll be a great show. Hope to see everybody there.
Sunday Sept.5th: Waiting on Emily to get here. Cori called this morning and had a family emergency, so she had to head up north instead of going with us. So far, the weather is holding out, but I know rain is in the forecast. I've only been to the River Road Ice House once, but I'm thinking the stage is outside. Wonder what happens if it rains??? Guess we'll see... pictures will be posted sometime tomorrow. Have a great holiday. Seems weird to not have a show today.
Monday, Sept.6th: Now, that was a quick road trip!! Stoney & The Strag's put on great shows. The weather was perfect. Driving home today, however, wasn't near as much fun. It rained off and on most of the way. We saw some beautiful black clouds and we were just glad they were to the west of us, because somebody was getting some serious weather, I bet.
This morning, after we woke up, we decided to put the top down and make one last swing thru Gruene, on our way out of town. It was like a ghost town. I guess the tourists were still asleep. We took the "traditional" picture of the bug in front of Gruene Hall (I've had three different beetles in the past few years, and all three have been photographed in front of "Texas' Oldest Dancehall". I guess I like the pictures because they are two things that mean alot to me, I dunno).
This week is gonna be a good week for Texas music in town... can't wait for Travis & Brandon Jenkins at Woody's on Tuesday night. And then it's Randy Rogers & Matt Powell at 8.0's on Wed. I'm looking forward to both shows.
Wed. Sept 8th: Last night's Travis Linville/ Brandon Jenkins show at Woody's was great!! VERY SMALL crowd though, so it kind of turned into the "Joni Beard all request show"... which works for me!!!! We recorded it on the little MP3 player and I've listened to a little of it and it's great! This weekend Megan will help me put it onto a cd and I'll bring a few copies to the show on Sunday, if anyone's interested. We are getting alot of great shows on CD. In fact, there are so many to choose from to listen to, I basically NEVER listen to the radio anymore. It's a beautiful day today and I'm betting the 8.0 patio will be packed tonight for Randy & Matt. I'm planning on going early and trying to get a good table.
Monday morning, Sept.13th: Warning: Rant Ahead! What happened to everyone last night? We have one of the most talented singer-songwriters in the country play at the Clubhouse and hardly no one comes out to see him??? What's the deal? After last night, I seriously have to question if we should even be putting on these shows. We do them for the Texas music fans.... where were they? There was a handful of Walt Wilkins/ Brandon Rhyder fans in the audience... several driving in from as far as Longview, Tyler, Oklahoma and College Station. Where were the "regulars" that live a few miles from the club?????? Are we doing something wrong??? We need to know.
Our last show at The Horseman will be on October 3rd. We will be moving to the historic White Elephant Saloon on October 17th, signing a 6 month contract to do the shows every Sunday evening. It is alot of work for us girls. We do it because we love the music and we love being able to bring something a little different (acoustic, listening music) to the Texas Music Scene. After last night's poor turn out, it makes us wonder if it is worth all of the hard work.If you are a fan, and you are reading this, and you did not attend the show last night... shame on you! You missed one of the best shows we have ever had. Brandon & Walt were very professional, putting on an awesome show for the handful of people that were there to see them. They deserved better. Hopefully, we will be able to talk them into coming back, when we move to the new venue, and everyone will give them the respect that they deserved last night. If you missed the show, it's your loss. That's enough for now. Gotta go to my "real" job.
Saturday, Sept 18th: Today is finally here!!! I've been so excited about seeing Peter Frampton tonight I can barely stand it! I've been listening to some really old Frampton albums - yes, vinyl albums! I've checked out his website and listened to some of his newer stuff. He still sounds the same, although he looks alot different. What happened to that pretty hair? He's practically bald now. Since we're sitting right up front, I'm gonna take my digital camera and try to get some pics. I'll post a few if they come out ok. I'm wondering if he'll come out after he plays to sign autographs. I would kill to get to meet him. I know Matt & Kelsey are looking forward to the show too. Kelsey's mom is around my age (so she was in her late teens when Frampton Comes Alive came out), and Kelsey says she is really excited about it, too. She is driving up from Houston for the show. I hope we don't embarase our boys!! (But it wouldn't be the first time, I'm sure).
Gonna finish cleaning my house before they get here. Details will follow.......
Sunday, Sept. 19th: Well...Peter Frampton was everything I had hoped for (minus the "pretty hair)!! He is quite the entertainer. Unbelievable guitar playing and very funny. He played lots of songs from the past, as well as some new songs off of his latest CD, "Now". Have to say, the second encore was probably the best song of the night... "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" was incredible! I had hoped for a chance to get a picture with him, but it didn't happen. I did, however, get a Frampton t-shirt, which I will be wearing proudly!! Last night was their last stop on their American tour. They will be leaving for Europe in a month or so, but I hope he realized how much the huge crowd at Billy Bob's loved every minute of it, and hopefully he will put us on his next tour schedule. You can check out my pics if you're interested !
Sunday, Sept.26th: I bought a new refrigerator today! If you've ever been to my house, you've seen my refrigerator. It's really, really old and it was rusted on the outside. So... I bought some flowered contact paper and I contact papered my whole fridge!! Then, I started putting different musicians's stickers all over it to cover the contact paper. It was looking pretty funny. It hasn't worked very good for a long time. Last week, a girl I work with gave me her grandmother's old fridge., so yesterday Matt & Kelsey moved it over to my house and hooked it up. I was so excited...until last night in the middle of the night, when it started squeeling every few minutes ALL NIGHT LONG! I made the decision while lying in bed listening to the squeeling that I was going to go to Best Buy today and buy a brand new one. They sure are more expensive than I thought they were. Now, I have to get the guys to move the old one back out to the garage (with my contact papered one). They're delivering it on Friday, so I have 5 more days of squeeling to endure.
Been getting ready for tonight's Clubhouse show. I always enjoy Micky & The Motorcars acoustic. Since Jason Boland & The Stragglers are having their CD release party at Billy Bob's this evening, I am afraid it will hurt our attendace, so we've decided to not do a meal, just snacks, and charge $5 at the door. I think the Billy Bob's show will be over pretty early, so maybe people will come over to The Horseman when they leave there. We've just got one more show after tonight at The Horseman. I'm hoping for a big crowd, to help us say goodbye to everyone at The Horseman in style. It's been great working with them. I am really going to miss Doug and some of the bartenders there. They have done a great job hosting our series. Although it is a pretty big room for some of our smaller, more intimate shows, it really came in handy for the big shows, like Randy's birthday parties and Matt's party in Dec. I'm looking forward to the move, though. I feel like we are finally going to be "where we belong". It's been a long time coming. We will never be back to the days of the apartments, and that seemed to work out OK. We'll see what life is like on the north side of town. I am thinking it might be a little bit easier for alot of people to drive to (especially the Denton/Lewisville/Mid Cities/Dallas folks). We're planning on using some new restaurants to cater the meals. Joe's Pizza & Pasta has been great, but I'm thinking it's time for some new menu's. We've got some great shows booked, and we're working on some others that I think everyone will be excited about. Keep an eye on the calendar. I'll update it as soon as I get confirmations.
Saturday, Oct. 2nd: Went to see Stoney last night at Woody's. A couple of hours before leaving to see him, we had a terrible storm roll thru town. I was trying to make up my mind about going, when Emily called and said she was coming from Lewisville. That settled it... if she can drive an hour in the rain, I can surely make it 10 minutes over to Woody's without a problem. Glad I went! Stoney was awesome, as always. He brought Bleu with him and they ended up swapping songs all night long. They played until 2am, until everyone started getting kicked out of the bar. Matt had told me to call him and let him know when I was heading home. Little did he know it would be about 2:10am this morning! It's funny... now I am getting in trouble from my kid for staying out too late!!!
Tomorrow is the last Clubhouse show at The Horseman. I'm excited to be making the move to The White Elephant. I am going to try to do some re-designing of the website, in celebration of the move. Don't know how it'll look, but check back after Sunday and let me know if you think it stinks! Megan is going to come over tomorrow before the show and work on it with me. She has alot more computer understanding than I do, and she knows how to use the Photoshop program. Maybe it'll turn out alot better than it has been. I've just been winging it all this time. If Jackie hadn't told me step by step how to do it, no telling what the website would look like. I enjoy doing it. I love having it up to date every week, with the pics from shows, etc. Not too many websites that I can think of that stay so up to date. Guess that's cause I don't have a life (besides work and the Clubhouse stuff). Leaves alot of free time to play with the website! Speaking of updating the site, I think I'll go ahead and update the shows for next week in the DFW area....
Tues. Oct.5th: If you were at the show on Sunday (or if you've seen the pictures from the show), you probably know that we had a problem with the food that we were supposed to be serving. Turns out...we were SABOTAGED!!! I really can't believe it! I am the only one that ever orders the food. I usually pick it up or have it delivered to the show. I called the guy from Cousin's on Monday morning and asked why he didn't deliver our food. He said that some guy called him on Saturday night "after 9pm" and told him that we decided not to do Cousin's barbque and to not deliver it. He said it seemed a little odd to him that it was a guy calling, but he had to assume it was someone with "authority", so he didn't bring the food. Why would anyone do this to us??? Or Cousins?? It made us look bad when we had to run over to Joe's at the last minute and order pizzas. Everyone was very understanding, in fact, it turned out as a joke.. we ate the dessert first, and lots of people ate potato salad with their pizza! The guy from Cousin's is doing some "detective" work, and hopefully, we'll get to the bottom of it and find out who this person was and why they did it.
I'm looking forward to this coming Sunday. The show in Paris Texas has so many great musicians. We've been trying to figure out, with that many guys playing, how will they have enough time for everyone?? Brandon Jenkins was talking about it on Sunday, calling it "Clusterf#ck 2004". It'll be interesting.
We've had a change for our very first show at The White Elephant. Apparently Jarrod Birmingham isn't going to make it. As of today, Jamie Richards is on the bill (I think) with Pete Benz. This is going to be a little bit "countrier" than some of us are used to, but it will be a good show. I am wondering if we will have a very big crowd. Since it's our first show, and we'll have to figure out what we're doing as we go, it's gonna be an interesting night, to say the least. Hopefully, by the Randy Rogers/Kent Finlay show (the next weekend) , we'll have it together!
Looks like it's gonna be a rainy week. Take care on the roads.
Wed. Oct. 6th: I went up to the White Elephant this evening to go over everything before our show. It looks like we're going to be able to use the couches, after all! I'm excited! The way the stage is set up, there is a big dance floor right in front of it and then the tables and chairs are all around the dance floor (at a lower level). We've decided to use the dance floor as our "upclose & intimate" no-smoking section, and we will put the couches up there and some tables and chairs set up behind the couches. I am thinking that about 20 - 25 people could sit up there comfortably. At first, we were going to put the musicians down on the dance floor, but this will allow us two different things... more seating AND a no-smoking section, which I know is important to alot of folks. I took a few pictures while I was down there so scroll down if you want to see what the dance floor area looks like. We've decided NOT to use the couches the first night, for a couple of reasons. The main one being... the White Elephant hosts a "songwriter in the round" show on the 3rd Sunday of the month. It isn't over until 7pm, which is when our doors will open. Being the very first show, we are afraid there will be a few kinks to work out and we really don't want to be having to set up the couch area at the last minute. We will definitely have it set up and ready to use for the following show... Randy Rogers and Kent Finlay (with Mark Sanders). I've also gotten confirmations from both Susan Gibson & Walt Wilkins for Nov.21st. (I'm excited!), and should have final confirmation for Jackie's birthday show on 11/28 tomorrow. Wait til you hear who's playing that night!!!!!
Travis Linville & The Burtschi Brothers are playing at The White Elephant this Saturday, so if you're looking for something to do, come on down there! They start at 9pm. If you're in the Grapevine vicinity, Brandon Jenkins is at Wings & Things in Grapevine. He goes on at 9pm, too. Wish I could be in two places at one time!
Friday, Oct. 15th: It has been a beautiful day in Cowtown today! I wish every day could be like today... not too hot, not too cold ... and especially NOT RAINING!! Last Sunday was one of the rainiest days I can remember. Maybe because it rained like crazy the entire time Emily and I drove to Paris, TX and the entire way home the next day. YUK. Other than the drive, though, it was great! Can't remember when so many of "my guys" have been in one place together, doing an acoustic show. Maybe never. The Crosswire bar was pretty neat, too. I liked the fact that you could go upstairs and watch. We had a great place to sit for the whole show. It was fun to watch the craziness (especially Shannon Canada and friends throwing birthday cake at each other). Glad we were upstairs, though. I saw several "innocent bystanders" with icing and cake all over their clothes.
Last night, Mike McClure & his band and Travis Linville & The Burtschi Brothers were in town, playing at The Aardvark. I needed to take some allergy medicine to Mike, so Matt & I went to Fuzzy's Taco's and ate and I dropped off the medicine. I decided not to go to the show, since it is right in the middle of TCU and I figured there would be alot of drunk college kids there. Boy was I wrong. Turns out you could count the crowd on both hands. What is with that??? Mike, Jamie and Eric stoped by today to leave Eric's truck under my carport for the next 10 days (while they head down to Port Aransas to wrap up production on the new CD). Wish I could head down to the beach for the next 10 days.
I'm getting nervous about the show on Sunday. Hope it turns out without too many glitches (being the first show down there). I really wonder how many people know who Pete Benz and Jamie Richards are and how many will show up at the show. Pete played for us a few months back and was really good! I've heard alot about Jamie (Travis Linville was telling me he is great!), so can't wait to hear him. Jamie Richards was the guy that was up against Brandon Jenkins in that Country Line Magazine poll. Dont tell him we were responsible for Brandon winning!!! I've read the article (thanks Megan) and it's good! Megan has a bunch of copies of the magazine, so if you want to read about it, I'll tell her to bring some to the Randy Rogers show on Oct. 24th. (She'll be in Lubbock this Sunday, so she cant bring them then). Speaking of the RR show... it's gonna kick some butt!!!!! Randy is really excited about introducing Kent Finlay to Fort Worth. Spread the word... this is going to be a LISTENING show and Randy is really stressing that if people talk during it, he's not gonna be happy. And we don't want Randy being unhappy, now, do we??? As popular as he and his band are getting right now, and he still wants to play at the Clubhouse as much as he can. And we want him there as much as possible, so everybody... be on your best behaviour or you're gonna get the wrath of Miss Joni (and Randy)!!
Gotta run... it's getting late. Have a safe weekend and come out to the show this Sunday!
Saturday afternoon, Oct.23rd: It's been a busy week! I didn't even realize I never updated the diary after the show on Sunday until just now. If anyone is wondering... The White Elephant is great!!! Since it's smaller inside, it definitely has the more intimate feel we are looking for. The staff was great, helping us get ready for the show, etc. The sound was really good, too. I had several people come up to me and tell me that the sound was better than at The Horseman. It looks like tomorrow's Randy Rogers/Kent Finlay show is going to have alot of people in attendance. Hopefully things will go as smoothly as last week.
I just got back from running up to Best Buy to see Pat Green's cd signing. The line was out the door, all the way to Garden Ridge at one point.  It helps that Matt works there, though. They let me stand to the side and just "hang around", watching Pat interact with his fans. Lots and lots of kids (young kids) and families. I bought his new cd while I was up there. Didn't get him to sign it, but I did get a picture with him! I sure miss the old days, when you could hang around and shoot the breeze with him forever. I felt like I had to hurry up, to let everyone else have their few minutes with him, too. That's what happens though, and that's what we hope for... for our guys to make the "big time". Pat definitely has!!
My friend, Len, is in the hospital. Apparently he is having some heart problems, along with several other things. They have him in the cardiac ICU at Harris Hospital. I went up there when I left Best Buy, but I didn't realize they wouldn't let anyone in between 2pm and 4pm, so I didn't get to check on him. I wrote him a little note and left it with the nurse. I am going to try and go back up there later.
Got lots to do today, to get ready for tomorrow's show, so I guess that's all for now.
Monday eve., Oct.25th: Only have a few minutes before "Everybody Loves Raymond" starts, but just wanted to say... last night's show was incredible! I think we're gonna love having the shows at The White Elephant. We had a big crowd, ( a little bit too "chatty"), but everyone seemed to be enjoying the music. I just got thru posting the pics. I'm already counting the days until the next show.... maybe cause it's STONEY and Bleu! I do know one thing... having to move from The Horseman was the best thing that could have happened to us. I sure am glad the White Elephant management offered to us to use their saloon. Hope we get to stay there for a long time. Gotta go watch Raymond.
Wed.Oct.27th, '04: Just talked to Len. He is much better and getting sent home from the hospital today. Just wanted to let everyone know!
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