Miss Joni's Journal
Monday, Nov.17th, '03: Last night's Houston Marchman/Matt Martindale show was really good. It was the first time we have had Pete Gile but it won't be the last. He came all the way from Kansas to open for Houston & Matt. Things are starting to come together for the "end of the year/Matt's 21st birthday" show on Dec.21st. I have confirmations from Mike McClure, Travis Linville and a "special guest", who will remain "anonymous". Now, it's just a case of "logistics". Mike is playing in Amarillo the night before. I'm not sure where Travis is coming from. All I know is that Jimmy (Mike's sound guy) has assured me that he will bring Mike fromAmarillo (stopping in Lubbock to pick up the "anonymous special guest"). Travis is probably going to be dropped off in Fort Worth and his band will head back to Oklahoma. Jimmy can't stay for the show, because he is flying out of Okla.City the next morning, heading to the west coast for Christmas, so it looks like Mike and Travis will be "vehicle-less" as will the anonymous special guest, which may present a problem the next morning. Matt and I may be splitting up, one of us taking Mike & Travis to Oklahoma and the other "going south". I guess it's a good thing that I have already scheduled to be off of work the next day!  It will be worth it, to have three of our very favorite guys in the whole world playing for Matt's 21st birthday. It's shaping up to be a show that will go down in Clubhouse history, for sure!!!
The canned food drive at the show yesterday went really well. We have a ton of cans, now we just need to figure out where the Tarrant County Food Bank is, so we can deliver it all to them. I've been working all evening on updating the website with pics and the review from last night's show. Jonni Jewel was a "jewel" and wrote the review for us. It's always nice to hear someone else's view of the show. I think she liked it!!
Tuesday, Nov. 25th: So...has everyone recovered from Sunday's show yet??? I could not believe that Stoney, Wade & Bleu played until 1:30am!! That had to be my favorite show yet (I say that after just about every show, but I really think this time was the absolute best show ever!) It amazes me that Stoney could drink as much as he did (I'm sure he's use to it, though) and still be able to sing the hell out of every song...and his guitar playing was incredible. If you know me, you know how much I love Stoney. I started out as a fan, but he has become a really good friend. Wade wasn't feeling too well, and after the show he apologize because he didn't think he did very well. He did great!! He was funny, too. Especially when he kept "passing out" on the microphone and snoring. Bleu had the ultimate "pass out" when he passed out against the microphone and fell to the floor. They were all three in rare form. You could tell they were having a great time and so was everyone in the audience. I think Matt's birthday party is going to be awesome. It will be alot like Randy Rogers birthday party was, with lots of musicians sitting on the stage jamming. Due to contract riders, we aren't able to go into details about some of the musicians that plan on stopping by, but it's looking like a fun time, for sure.
I've been working with a guy at Miller Lite about doing a toy drive, and it looks like it is official. We are asking for a new, unwrapped toy, and in turn, we will give everyone that donates a toy a ticket to the 12 Man Jam, being held at Billy Bob's on Dec. 14th. They have challenged us to collect 100 toys and I accepted...so...come on people...HELP ME OUT!!!! Bring your toy to the show on Sunday (Phil Pritchett) and get a 12 Man Jam ticket. We'll give you a ticket for every toy you donate. I told the guy that there would be NO PROBLEM collecting 100 toys Don't make a liar out of me...please!!!! In fact, if you can't make it to the show,
email me and I will personally come pick up your toys and bring you the tickets (as long as it's local). The toys will be taken to Miller Lite, and the Miler Lite people will deliver them to our local Toys For Tots center. By the way, Doug (from the Horseman Club) took all of our canned goods to the food bank last week. They were very appreciative. Thanks to everyone that donated!
On another subject...is anyone switching cell phone plans, now that it's OK to switch and keep your same number? Matt and I went to Best Buy yesterday and switched from T-Mobile to Sprint. Hope I made the right decision. If you have any input, good or bad, let me know. I have 14 days to change my mind before the contract sticks for 2 years. I'm just so tired of my cell phone not working in my house and I think that Sprint will work. I am waiting to get it activated right now, so I guess I will find out soon. Check out the great review that Stan Moffat wrote about Sunday's show. You can link to it from our review page. Also, thanks to Ali for writing our review this week!! Stay warm.
Thursday evening (Thanksgiving) Nov.27th: Happy Birthday, Jackie!! Thanksgiving day is almost over, but it sure has been a nice day. My mom, Matt, Jackie, Rick and Ricky came over for our traditional Thanksgiving dinner...Cousin's Barbeque!! It was delicious, as always. Everyone sat around and watched the Cowboy game while Jackie and I did a little "fixin' of the website". Somehow, a few weeks ago, our "counter" just disappeared. I'm sure I caused it, but not sure how. Also, our "join the Clubhouse Concert Yahoo group" link disappeared a long time ago. Thanks to Jackie, we will now know how many hits a day we are getting, and people will be able to join our yahoo group easier. She did a great job of teaching me how to do the website, back when she left for college, but there are plenty of things I still don't know how to do.
Matt left a while ago. He has to be up in the morning and at work at 5:45am!!! I find it hard to believe that people actually go shopping that early, but I guess they do. If I weren't so lazy, I would get up and go down there, just to see how many people are there when the doors open at 6am. Retail...glad I don't have to do it anymore. I managed a record store many years ago, and still to this day, remember what a mad house the day after Thanksgiving always was.  (But we NEVER had to be at work at 5:45am...That's just plain crazy).
Tomorrow night is Randy Rogers and Cross Canadian Ragweed at Billy Bob's. I've been hoping someone would call and say they have an extra ticket (actually two cause Cori wants to go too), but it just hasn't happened. I really wish I had gotten tickets back when they were on sale. I hate that we are missing Randy's
debut at Billy Bob's.
I went into my kitchen a little while ago and there was water all over the floor. I think I have a leak under my sink. I put a big pan under the pipe and am going to check it in a little while. I sure hope my home owner's warranty will cover it. I love my little house, but sometimes it gets a little overwhelming when I am responsible for fixing everything that breaks, etc. I'm thinking about running up to Garden Ridge tonight...they're open for 85 hours, straight!!! Talk about crazy...who shops at 3am????????????
Very Early Sat. morning, Nov.29th: The Randy Rogers Band rocked Billy Bob's!!!! The set was way too short, but at least they finally got to play there. They played 6 songs and sounded great!! Thanks to Casey Mack for hooking up me and Cori. We didn't actually have seats for the show, but were lucky enough to sit on the side of the stage for Randy's set. After the show, we talked to Randy and he thanked us for being there and being supportive of them. We should have thanked him for being such an awesome singer/songwriter and good friend to us. It always amazes me when I go to see someone at Billy Bob's ( Jason Boland, Mike McClure, Stoney, Wade...etc) and then think that they are always happy to come play at our little "clubhouse" shows.  We have really taken what started out to be a "one time deal" (way back in Jan. of '02) and turned it into a really cool thing. Hard to believe it's already been two years. Every where that we go, we have people tell us how much they enjoy the shows. Cori and I were talking about it on our way to the car tonight. We are really lucky to be able to be a part of this Texas Music movement. We have met so many nice people - and we are never lacking of something to do on a weekend night...or even during the week for that matter. Fort Worth is becoming a real "hot spot" for Texas Music. My dream is to one day be able to open a real "acoustic venue". Driving down Main St. this evening, I noticed the old ISIS Theater, in the stockyards. Now that would be a perfect place to have an acoustic venue (sort of like the Texas Theater in Waxahachie)...if only I could find some investors. Keep your eyes open for someone looking to drop some cash...and if you find someone, send them our way!!!
Monday night, Dec.1st: If you're reading this, your computer is working better than mine. I don't know what is going on with this website but some screwy things are happening, that's for sure. Even though some people are able to pull up the very latest entries, some computers, including both mine at home and mine at the office, are showing entries from last week as the latest entry. Leslie told me last night that her computer was  only showing entries back to Nov. 13th! What the hell???? And I don't even know who to ask for help! I emailed Whitney & Everett today (even though I know they are very busy with the new baby), but they can't figure it out either. Either can Jackie. I even emailed the customer help thru the website but no one has emailed me back. It is very frustrating. Why can't you just talk to a real person anymore???????? And why does this have to happen when I am trying SO HARD to collect 100 toys for the Toys for Tots toy drive. I don't even feel like I am getting the word out. So...if you are reading this, please spread the word...we need toys. I still have lots of tickets for the 12 Man Jam to give in exchange for toys. Call me..I'll bring them to you!
Also, be sure and spread the word about the Radney Foster show this Sunday. He is playing at the Texas Theater in Waxahachie on Friday night for TWENTY DOLLARS!! We have him for TEN DOLLARS and that includes dinner!! It's gonna be an awesome show, I guarantee you that.
Tuesday night, Dec.2nd: Well, I got an email from the Yahoo people today, stating that they have been experiencing "technical difficulties" with some of their websites. I'm glad it's their problem, and not mine! Mine is working fine now, hope everyone else's is, also. I collected a few more toys today for the toy drive, but it's going a little slower than I thought. I don't really know what else to do, I'm already offering to pick up the toys from everyone...I may end up having to just go to the store and buy a bunch! I told the guy at Miller Lite that it would be NO PROBLEM to collect 100 toys...I really thought more people would donate. Hopefully things will pick up in the next few days. Cori and I plan on going up to the Horseman tomorrow night to see Cooder Graw & The South Austin Jug Band. I hope some people will bring toys up there tomorrow night. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.
Thursday night, Dec.4th: The friends of the Clubhouse girls are awesome!!!! We have collected 72 toys in 5 days!!!! Tomorrow, we will be delivering them to Miller Lite and we are going to pick up more tickets to the 12 Man Jam, since we are almost out. If you want tickets, you better buy your toys and get them to us quickly. Cori and I spent most of the evening gathering the toys and bagging them up to take tomorrow. There are some great toys, too!!! We've probably got more "girl toys" than "boy toys", so if you are going to go buy some, get some boy toys...we don't want any little boys having to play with Barbie dolls at Christmas!! Thanks to everyone that has chipped in and made the toy drive a success.
Friday Dec.5th: Boy, has this been a busy day! I had a hair appointment this morning, and then ran over to Whitney & Everett's and checked out the new arrival!! Beckett is a little doll!! Whitney looks great. I didn't get to stay long because Matt & I had things to do this afternoon. We went to Miller Lite and dropped off the toys and picked up some more 12 Man Jam tickets. I had a terrible headache by that time, so we decided to go to the Afro American Museum tomorrow instead of today. By now, I'm sure everyone has heard the rumors about Stoney & his band breaking up. I talked to Kandace (Stoney's wife) earlier today, and she said it's no rumor. Theband has decided to go their own way. Stoney will continue playing, only he'll be doing acoustic shows, instead!! Everyone knows that I think Stoney acoustic is THE BEST!!!!! I'm gonna miss Donnie, Doug & Papa Love, but I think Stoney had to make some decisions that were best for him and his family and so I hope everyone is supportive of him.  Randy Rogers & Peter Dawson are at Woody's tonight, but since this headache won't go away, I decided to forgo sitting in the VERY SMOKEY bar and staying up really late, so I'm already in my p.j.'s and doing laundry. I'm sure I'll regret not going, but right now, staying inside a warm house, curled up next to my electric logs :) sounds better.
Monday night, Dec.8th: The Radney Foster show last night was amazing. He is so good...and so very nice. After the show, we were talking, and he told me that he only does about 20 solo-acoustic shows per year, so I consider us very lucky that he chose to play for us. He said he would love to come back and do it again, so hopefully next year, we can get him scheduled. Six Bridges was  (were?) really good too. Word is that they are working on a cd and I know I'm for one looking forward to it. We'll for sure have them play another time. I posted the photos a little while ago. Mine never come out very good, so after looking at them this evening, I decided to drag Matt to Best Buy and I bought a digital camera. I don't know if I'll ever figure it out, though. It seems pretty complicated to me. I have it "charging" right now, so hopefully tomorrow I can try it and see how hard it is to work. I hope I can get it figured out by Sunday. Speaking of Sunday, I had an email earlier today from someone saying they are having a problem with  the "red vouchers" we were given from Miller Distributing ( in exchange for a toy for the Toys for Tots toy drive). I have left several messages for David Pearson at Miller Distributing, as well as the lady at the Wolf that is in charge of the whole show. Hopefully I will have this all worked out by tomorrow, but until then, I apologize for any confusion. I am really embarassed and hope no one thinks we are trying to screw them. I promise, we'll get it worked out. I'll let ya know as soon as I get to the bottom of it.
Wednesday, Dec.10th: ...and the frustration continues. I have learned a very important lesson in this ongoing saga of the Toys for Tots/12 Man Jam ticket saga....when you have to rely on someone else to get the job done, you can expect things to get screwed up. I have never been so aggravated in my life as I have been with the whole situation. Right now, I have 77 toys sitting here in my guest bedroom, and have already delivered 72 toys. Cori has collected over 20 toys, so we definitely collected over 150 toys and that is awesome!! The frustrating part about it is that some of the people that donated toys for tickets could actually get to Billy Bob's on Sunday and not even get in the door!! I've talked to two different "authorities" (one from The Wolf and one from Miller Lite) and both have told me that they've given out way more tickets than the allowed capacity for Billy Bob's and when Billy Bob's is full, they will turn people away. They both explained to me that when you have a "free" show, the general rule is to hand out lots more tickets than you expect people to attend, because lots of people take the free tickets, but don't go to the show. One of them even told me that the weather may be bad, so he is hoping that "deters" some people from attending!!! I apologize right here, right now, if you donated a toy and are unable to get in. I think that's crappy, but I don't have any say so in the matter - so, PLEASE, don't get mad at us if it happens. I am hoping that by "warning" people now, at least the "friends of the Clubhouse" will know to get there early...consider it "inside information!!! I had to give our tickets away to someone that had a problem with the red "vouchers" , so we won't be there. I guess we'll hear about it later. Hopefully we'll hear good stuff about the show, not the disgruntled fans calling to complain.
On a "happier" note, Stoney is at Woody's on Saturday night!! I'm really looking forward to that! This will be his first swing thru town, without the Organic Boogie Band. We'll miss seeing Donnie, Doug and Papa Love, but I'm looking forward to hearing the "new" sound...I'll have my new digital camera with me, and hopefully will be able to post some pics on the website the next day.
After the Radney Foster show last Sunday, we had two people who offered to write the review for us. That never happened, so in the next day or so, I'll try to get a review posted. It was a great show, that's for sure. Once again, the lesson learned...if you don't do it yourself, chances are it's gonna get screwed up. Will I ever learn???
Has everyone checked out the new Texas Music Concerts web site?? Casey Mack has done a great job of getting the concert info out to the Texas Music public. If you haven't already bookmarked it on your "favorites", you need to...it is going to be THE place to go to check out shows in your area.
Sorry for all of the "ranting" on this journal entry. I just need to "vent".
Monday (lunch time) Dec.15th: This is the first Monday at lunch hour that I haven't had to make a trip to Walgreen's to take my film in months! I think I'm gonna like the digital camera, as soon as I get it figured out. Yesterday I was posting photos of Stoney from Woody's and it seems like it's gonna work pretty easy. While I was posting them, a very sick Ali called me, asking if she could come over and lay down at my house. She had spent the night with a friend after Woody's on Sat. night and woke up with a terrible migraine. She ended up going to the emergency room and getting a couple of shots and she came back and crashed at my house the rest of the day and night. She slept from 3pm until 9pm last night (she was totally out...guess the shots were good ones!). I left her at the house this morning and hopefully she's feeling better. I know she was one pitifull kid last night, that's for sure. Maybe this evening I'll get the rest of the pics up. Stoney was great. He had Travis with him, so it was double good!! The sound was horrible (as is getting to be the norm at Woody's). I don't know what the problem is, but they messed with it through his whole set.(Even Drew (from The Horseman) was trying to help...that's ironic!) I've talked to two different people that went to the 12 Man Jam last night. Both people told me I wouldn't have liked it. Apparently the "Nashville" guys were really bad. I heard that Jason, Cody and Pat all three put on great shows. I wish I could've seen them,  But glad I didn't get into the throng of people and have to sit thru the other "musicians". I heard that a couple of the Nashville guys even had guitar players accompany them...what's up with that????? They can't even play and sing at the same time?? Next year we need to have a "red dirt/Texas" 12 Man Jam...maybe Stoney, Mike, Travis, Randy, Cody, Jason, Pat, Radney, Ryan Bingham, ...plus 3 more. Maybe WE should do it next year!!!!!!!!
Maybe next Sunday will turn into our own version of the 12 Man Jam....woo hoo! Can't wait until Sunday!!
Thursday Dec.18th: (my "baby's" birthday) I can't believe how time has flown by. 21 years ago today, I was sitting in a hospital bed, a new mom. And tonight I bought my "baby" a beer to drink with his dinner. Although today was Matt's real birthday, Sunday is going to be the big party. I think he has alot of friends planning on coming to the show. Although they are coming for his birthday, I am hoping to maybe win some new fans over for "my guys" (aka Randy, Travis, etc etc). I really wonder how many of Matt's friends are even familiar with the Texas music stuff. Guess I'll see on Sunday. He's even got some moms & dads of some of his friends that are planning on coming. Tomorrow night is Pat Green at Billy Bob's. I heard it's sold out, which means the place will be packed. Yuk. I miss the old days, when you could go see him at a bar and sit right in front and not have to fight a big crowd. It'll never be that way again. I've been hearing rumors of some "special guests" for the show on Sunday. Apparently, the Ranch is talking about Bleu coming. I also know that Jason Boland is on the Wolf that evening, and since he is going to be in the area, I'm hoping he might come by the Horseman (especially since Roger Ray will be with him, and Roger has already said he'll be at our show). Roger is such a nice guy (and so very talented). Matt was really excited when he heard Roger was going to be sitting in with Randy, Travis, etc. I think it's supposed to be a relatively warm day on Sunday...thank goodness. Even if it is the middle of December, I prefer these warmer days to cold, snowy, icey weather. Spread the word about the party Sunday. I am thinking it might be another "history maker", like Randy's birthday party was last August!
Monday Dec.22nd: The party last night was the best show EVER!!!! I don't think there is anyway we can ever top it! (I know I've said that before, but if you weren't there, you missed an incredible show!) Thanks to "my guys" that all came out and helped Matt celebrate his 21st birthday in style! I can tell you one thing...all his friends think I am the coolest mom there is, for throwing him a party with so many awesome musicians. It was really more like an early Christmas present for me (thanks to all of the guys that went out of their way to play)! I'm very happy to report that Matthew is in the "land of the living" today (even if he is on my bed sound asleep and it's almost 5pm).  He partied BIG TIME last night. Not sure whether to thank Drew for giving him all of the free drink tickets or get mad at him for promoting drunkeness! I think all 270 people at the show ended up buying Matt a "birthday shot"! Just kidding, but I'm sure he had more than he should have. I finally gave in and danced with him, because he wouldn't leave me alone until I did. I am working on recording the video tape and it is really good. I've been listening to it all afternoon. I believe it's about 6 hours long! Thanks to everyone that made the last clubhouse show of '03 a rousing success. Here's to lots more nights like last night in '04!! Merry Christmas everyone.
Saturday, Dec.27th: Well, I've felt like crap since Christmas eve, but I'm dragging my butt out of bed and heading to Denton tonight to see Stoney. I hated that I missed Mike last night at Woody's (and Jason & The Stragglers at Billy Bob's), but since I felt lousy, I didn't have to make a choice between Mike or Jason...the TV and my bed won out. I am getting a little tired of the Trading Spaces marathon, though, so I'm really looking forward to seeing Stoney tonight. Looks like we've had some pretty days, but I wouldn't know, I haven't even stepped foot out of the house for three days. I guess I can thank Cori for giving me whatever she had. We were both saying earlier today that we're glad there's not a Clubhouse show tomorrow. I think I had another "rodent" in my house. I called the pest control guy out and he put out new bait. That was about 2 weeks ago. As of yesterday, there is a really bad odor coming from under the house. Anybody know how long that'll last??? Anybody know what I can do about the smell????? Even with a stopped up nose, it's pretty bad.
New Years Eve, 9pm: Well, here it is, the end of another year. Time flies by so fast. This morning, Matthew and I took his dog, Abbey to the vet. Seems that she has gotten an abscess under her skin from a vaccination she got a few weeks ago. She had to have it opened and drained, and $159 later...here I sit, babysitting my grand dog, while Matt and his friends celebrate New Year's Eve at the lake. I'm not big on getting out on New Years Eve...in fact, I can't remember the last time I went somewhere to "celebrate". I am happy to be inside my house, with all the lights down low and watch all of the "revelry" on TV. I doubt I'll even stay up until midnight. The dogs are already asleep and I'm not far behind them. I talked to Stoney today. He is playing at Sangerhalle with Cross Canadian Ragweed and Wade Bowen tonight. Bet that'll be a great show. Then, he and Kandace are off for Colorado and the "big ski trip". I wish I were younger, I wouldn't be missing that one. It sounds like a fun four days (and nights). Although I really am not a cold weather person, and the cruise with Mike McClure sounds even better to me. I've never been on a cruise, and the idea of getting to listen to Texas Music at night, and "cruising" the caribbean during the day really appeals to me. (alot more than freezing my butt off and breaking a leg skiing!!) Well, I hope everyone that does get out tonight is extra specially careful out on the roads. I'll breathe a sigh of relief when I know that Matt and his friends get home safely tomorrow. Happy new years, everyone!!
Saturday Jan 10th, '04: Well, it looks like things are starting to settle down after the Christmas/New Years' holidays. Jackie got back to Wharton safely, Matt and his two friends made it to Las Vegas and back without a problem (unless you consider coming home broke a problem!), as far as I can tell, everyone had a great time on the "big ski trip" and the Larry Joe Taylor cruise, and it's back to business as usual. Even the "dead thing" that is smelling under my house is starting to go away...slowly. Tomorrow is our first show of '04. I am looking forward to hearing Matt Powell. I've heard so much good stuff about him. I hope we have a big crowd. Last night, Emily, Len, Mikey and I went to see Pat Green's "Guy Like Me" tour at the Granada Theater in Dallas.  Pros and cons are as follows: We had to stand outside in the cold for over an hour in line, because it was "general admission seating". That's a huge CON! Then, when we got inside, the theater had taken out all of the seats and it was standing room only...next huge CON!! It had been billed as "An evening with Pat Green" so when it was time for the show to start, we were under the understanding that there was no "opening act"...WRONG! Next huge CON: The two guys that play for "Anytown" opened and they weren't very entertaining. At all.  Pat finally came on at around 9:15 or so, and he sat on a stool and did about 5 songs acoustic. He did some old ones and a few newer ones, Then, the band (minus Brendan and Jon Dan) joined him for the rest of the set. I was very disappointed Brendan wasn't with them. (another "con").His fiddle makes such a difference in the music. Pat explained it to the crowd that they had decided to try a "guitars" only show (even though Justin was on drums with them). He called them "guitarded" (I thought that was pretty funny). All in all, it was a good show, though. I've decided that I like Pat better with the band. I've seen so many really good acoustic shows in the past coupla of years, his did not rank up there with some of them...such as Cody, Mike, Jason, Stoney & Travis in Lubbock last summer...now that was an awesome acoustic show! Funny thing...my favorite song that Pat did last night was a cover...Bruce Springsteen's "Atlantic City". I'm glad Pat's doing it at his shows, it's a great song and I'd be willing to bet that there are alot of younger fans that don't even realize it's a Bruce Springsteen song. Although it was a great show last night, I question the $30 charge. I find it hard to believe that the fans have to pay $30 for an "intimate" evening with a musician, and have to stand , packed in like sardines, the entire evening. Not my idea of "intimate". Sure wish we could talk Pat into coming out to a Clubhouse show, to see how "intimate shows" really can work Well, my Papa John's pizza just got delivered. Gonna go eat it while it's hot, then I've got work to do in the garage. Matt's friend, Kelsey, has asked to store a boat in my garage, and he and I are going to clean it out this afternoon, before he brings it over.
Friday eve. Jan 16th: It's raining cats and dogs outside. (Of course it is - it's the weekend). Tonight brings tons of music to the Fort Worth area. Reckless Kelly & Wade Bowen & West 84 are at Billy Bob's,  Leon Russell is at the Ridglea Theater,  and Stoney is at Woody's. I'll be at Woody's. Emily is driving over from Lewisville. I hope the rain slows up before she gets on I35. Jackie is going to see Leon Russell. I'll be interested in hearing her account of the show. I saw Leon Russell in the 70's at a Willie Nelson 4th of July Picnic (in Liberty Hill), as well as several more times during the 70's, but haven't heard him in many years. I saw a picture of him in the Star Time today...wonder how old he is???? I always loved his music (and his voice). Might just need to get my Leon Russell album out and give it a spin. I'm looking forward to the Mike McClure/Susan Gibson show on Sunday. Travis Linville called today from Mississippi. He said he is considering swinging thru town on his way home and going to the show on Sunday. Hope he does...I just love Travis. He has got to be one of the most talented guys around. One of these days, everyone is gonna catch on and Travis and The Burtschi Brothers won't be "our little secret" any more. I think we need to get them to the Clubhouse for an acoustic show again, before they're too big for us. We're getting some shows booked, and working on our "Anniversary show", which is going to be on Feb.15th this year (so mark your calendars now). Hopefully we can get everyone we are wanting to play. Tomorrow night, Peter Dawson & his band are at Woody's. Mark Sanders is opening. I am planning on going, if Stoney doesn't keep me out too late tonight!! I'm getting too old for these Friday,Saturday and SUNDAY music weekends. (Especially when you consider how late our Sunday shows have been going lately!). I come in dragging to work on Monday mornings, that's for sure. Have a safe weekend. The roads are pretty slick.
Thursday eve., Jan.22nd: This Saturday, Emily, Cori and I are going to Austin for The Gruene With Envy Awards on Sunday. Last year, Emily and I went with Whitney, Abbi Staats and Amy Hoppe. We had a great time (even if Amy might not remember!). So much has changed in a year...Whitney is now a mother, and Abbi is engaged!! We're going down on Saturday evening since the show starts at 1:30pm on Sunday. I'm looking forward to dinner on Sat. night, since we've already decided it's gonna be at Chuy's. I love that place. I wish we had one in Fort Worth. I got a call from Monty (of The Stragglers) and it looks like we may be getting them into the Clubhouse soon for an acoustic show! I hope it works out. Yesterday was a big day for booking on the anniversary show. So far we've got Wade Bowen, Randy Rogers, Matt Powell, Brandon Rhyder and Ryan Bingham confirmed, so mark your calendars, it's on Feb.15th. The next Saturday is the Mardi Gras show in Dallas and although I haven't gotten my ticket yet, I'm planning on going. Stoney plays early, so it looks like another "all day" show for me. Last year's Mardi Gras was really fun and I figure this year will be even better...have you seen the line-up??? Tomorrow night has lots of music to choose from. Right now, I'm leaning towards going to see Travis at Woody's. I got an email from a friend and he told me that Adam Carroll is playing an acoustic show at Pedro's Trailer Park on White Settlement. They have really good food and the cover is only $5. It's a pretty small place, so if you decide to go see Adam, get there early. I think he starts around 9 ish.
Tuesday Jan. 27th: Looks like we've got a problem with advertising for our anniversary show. Due to "contractual obligations", we are going to just have to "wait and see" who shows up...besides Wade Bowen and Ryan Bingham (who have already been booked). I'm sure it will be another great "jam" , just like Randy Rogers Birthday Bash and Matt's Birthday Party in Dec. Hopefully, you guys will trust me on this, and come out to the show, anyway. (And, heck, if only Ryan and Wade are there, it's gonna be a damned good show!!!)
We are working on the "After the Super Bowl" show, and I think we're going to do a benefit for Shy Blakeman. You might recall, he is the musician that was shot a few months ago, while sitting in his car outside of Poor David's Pub. They had a benefit for him at Gilley's a few weeks ago, but after the expenses for renting Gilley's were paid, there was hardly nothing left to give him. I'll let you know as soon as we have the commitments from the musicians. Hopefully, everyone will be ready to get out and enjoy some music, after being couch potatos all day long. We're working on lots of dates right now. We've got Brandon Jenkins booked. He's the guy that wrote "Feet dont touch the ground". He's another "Okie". He looks like a big biker kind of guy with tatoos covering both arms, and a bald head. We saw him at the Gruene With Envy awards and really enjoyed him. I think everyone up here will, too. He's coming in March and then he's coming back on May 2nd with Stoney. Wonder who will sing "Feet dont touch the ground"... I'm sure Brandon could woop Stoney with one hand tied behind his back if he wanted to...so it's probably gonna be up to Brandon!!
Thursday, Jan.29th: Well, if you've seen our calendar today, you already know the bad news...Jason Boland & The Stragglers had to cancel the acoustic show on Feb.22nd. No one is as bummed about it as we are. We were really looking forward to it. Apparently, it's that same problem as we've had before...contract rider (which states that they can't play within a certain mile radius a certain number of days before/after a gig). Since they are playing in Dallas the day before, they can't play in Fort Worth the day after. Dammit! Hopefully we can work it in sometime in the future (between their Billy Bob's gigs and their Dallas appearances). We've had alot of "changes" to our schedule recently, due to contract riders, and I apologize for it...ever since we've moved to The Horseman, things have gotten a little more "problematic". I would have thought that after 6 months of being there, things would get smoother. Between Drew and myself, we are trying to get the calendar "in order" and hopefully in the next few days, we will have Feb. & March booked. Keep checking back! And again, sorry about The Stragglers.
Thursday afternoon, Feb.12th: (OK, John, are you happy? I'm finally gonna update the journal!) Haven't been writing much lately, cause I haven't had much to say. Didn't figure anybody cares what a boring life I've been having! Last night was the first night (beside's our Sunday shows) that I have ventured out in a while. It was well worth it, though! Drew Brown held true to his promise of getting the show started "on time"! Matt Powell and his band came on at 9:30pm and had a great set. Everyone is starting to catch on to Matt and his talent. He has been "laying low" up until recently, and I sure am glad he has decided to hit the "circuit" so everyone can have an opportunity to hear him. I got all three of his cd's last night. I've had a chance to listen to a part of one, and it's great! Reminds me of the old days, when I use to go to listen to blues music around town. His latest cd, Dragonfly, was recorded in his house and is all acoustic. I know it's gonna be good, cause I know how much I love to listen to him acoustic. Stoney had members of The Red Dirt Rangers with him last night. He also brought along "Tic Tac", the percussion guy that plays with the Hosty Duo. It was awesome! The vocals were incredible. You could tell Stoney was having as much fun as anyone. He is really enjoying the "looseness" of playing with different musicians at every show. So am I. It was a late night for me ( I got home at 2:15am), so I took the day off of work and am trying to get some stuff done around my house today. Speaking of my house...I'm having it painted and it sure is stressful. I picked out a color that looked like "barn red" to me, but after it got on my house, it's more of a "clay" red (sort of "orange-ish looking) and I'm having a tough time deciding if I like it. I am getting the trim painted white, and am considering doing shutters and having them painted black. It's alot different than the dark green with yellow trim. It cost alot to have it done, and I am going to be sick if it looks bad when it's finished. Right now, I'm calling the color "red dirt" red, just cause it makes me feel better than calling it "reddish orange"!
Last night, everyone was asking me who all is coming to the anniversary show on Sunday. I wish I knew!! I guess we'll all have to wait and see. I think it's gonna be a great show, no matter what. It'd be a great show, if just Wade & Ryan were playing, so whoever else shows up is just icing on the cake. I think we're going to have a big crowd, though. We're serving Cousin's barbeque for dinner (lots of people were asking me that, too), so come hungry.
As of right now, I'm doubting I will go to see Bleu & Brandon on Friday and probably will stay home instead of seeing Randy on Saturday. I have lots to do to get ready for Sunday and plenty to do around my house. (Hopefully the weather will be good this weekend, so I can make some headway on the outside of the house).  I'm sure I will be missing some great shows.
Also, I guess it's not too early to remind everyone to get your camping spots and tickets for the Larry Joe Taylor festival in April. This year, my birthday is on the friday of the festival. I am soo excited...what better way to spend a birthday than with 20,000 of your closest friends and musicians. So far, I know Jason Boland and the Stragglers are playing on my birthday, and Mike McClure's website says they are booked for that day, too. I'm thinking it's gonna be a great birthday....if I survive it. See you Sunday!
Sunday Feb.15th: Today's the day!!! The big anniversary show is really turning into quite a party!! I've been working on copying video tapes from alot of the past shows, and we're going to be giving away lots of "door prizes"...the videos and also a cd recorded at Matt's 21st birthday Party. I've heard from alot of musicians that plan on being there. I think the weather isn't going to be a factor, now, so we should have a big turnout. Guess we'll see in a few hours...I can't wait!
Monday, Feb.16th: Whew!! What a party!! Thanks to everyone that came out to help us celebrate. We had a huge (but very attentive) audience and alot of our favorite musicians went out of their way to be a part of our big celebration!! If you stayed until the very end, I'm sure you're as tired as I am today. As I was getting ready to go home and crash, Matt Powell came up to me, wondering where everyone was going after the show.... do these guys EVER sleep????? I've got some good pictures and will have them posted later this afternoon. Rob Davis has graciously agreed to do the review of the show, so hopefully, once he recovers, I can get it from him and get it posted, also. Thanks again to everyone that has made these shows so much fun... here's to another great year of Clubhouse Concerts!!!!
Friday night, Feb 20th: Decided to stay in and take it easy tonight, since I know tomorrow is going to be one long day. I'm really looking forward to it, though. Last year's Mardi Gras DFW was alot of fun. I'm taking my camera and hope to get lots of pictures. The Larry Joe Taylor website has put up some more musicians for the festival and my birthday is looking really good!!! I'm so excited, Ryan Bingham, Randy Rogers, Jason Boland & The Stragglers, Max Stalling, Mike Graham, Cooder Graw, STEVE FROMHOLZ!!! .... I can't wait! We're camping in the same spot as last year. It was a great spot, close to the stages. The tickets go on sale next week. I usually buy ours at Record Town over by TCU. Guess that's where I'll be going next week. I think the Clubhouse show this week has a potential of being a really good show. Stephen Pointer is going to open, and Cast Iron Filter sounds like a really good "bluegrassy" kind of band. Something a little different, but different is good. Although we've had tons of great musicians, we are trying to bring in some new musicians that we've never had before. We've got Guy Forsyth and Brandon Jenkins on March 7th. I think that'll be a great show.
Have a safe and fun weekend!
Monday night, Feb.23rd: Been a busy past few days. The Mardi Gras show was alot of fun...best part for me was the "people watching". I could sit and watch people all day long...heck, that's mostly what we did. The music was good, too. Much larger crowd this year than last. Cast Iron Filter was awesome last night. They had a guy that played killer mandolin (have I said this before...the mandolin is my favorite musical instrument). They were so good. They sold tons of cd's, even though it wasn't a very large crowd. Hopefully we can have them play again and we can try to get more people out to hear them.
Just got thru watching the last "Sex and the City" episode. I'm gonna miss those girls. I've spent many nights watching them in the past 6 years.
It rained most of the day today. I hope Jackie and Ryan didn't get into alot of rain on their way back to Wharton this morning. They came into town to see Willie Nelson last night. I heard that Willie threw his cowboy hat out into the audience and Ryan caught it. How cool is that??? I heard the show was great. I haven't seen Willie in a few years, but he always puts on a great show. Gonna go get ready for bed. Being at work at 8am this morning wasn't easy.
Sunday Feb.29th: It's leap day (I think). It's also raining again...and it's Sunday. I should go back thru the diaries and show reviews to see how many Sunday's have been rainy days. Sometimes I get very nostalgic for the old days at the apartment clubhouse...and then we have a rainy Sunday and I don't mind being at The Horseman at all! This evening Max Stalling & Matt Martindale are gracing our stage. No doubt this will be a good show. I hope the Academy Awards don't cause people to stay home. (You can always see who won the next morning, anyway). I talked to Drew the other night. Seems as though the "boxing at the Horseman" on March 28th may not happen. That's Emily's birthday, and we have gone back and forth on when to celebrate it. We've decided to go to Ardmore, Oklahoma on the 27th and see The Stragglers and do a little gambling at the Indian reservation casino. We haven't booked anyone for the 28th yet, but I'm sure we can be back in plenty of time for the show. Since we gave away alot of our videos from previous shows at the Anniversary show, I have been wearing out my video recorders making replacements. I have really enjoyed watching the old shows, though. I think I've said it before, but if my house were to ever catch fire, I think the first thing (after grabbing my dogs and all of my photo albums) that I would try to save would be the videos. Three years of my life...and they've been a great three years. I've met so many new people and made myself a new "family" of Texas Music lovers. I keep checking the Larry Joe Taylor website to see if they've added anyone for my birthday ( hoping to see Stoney's name, but beginning to doubt that it will happen). I better go...got lots to do to get ready for this evening...but NO CHAIRS to haul...that's the best part!!
Tuesday night, March 2nd: It's raining...again. One of the girls that I work with keeps reminding me that the lakes around here need water really bad, but all I can think about is how hard it is to get Matt's dog, Abbey, to go outside when it's raining. She's such a little prima donna... hates to get her feet wet. This is the second night in a row that I have spent updating the website. Between Ali's journal entries and Rob's reviews... let's just say they've got lots to say!!!! Rob is quite the reviewer. I wish we had gotten his help a long time ago. You can read his reviews and really get a feel for the show, whether you were there or just wish you had been. We may have to put him on the payroll ...wait a minute, we don't make money, we just SPEND money. I'm still waiting for the day when we actually see some money come rolling in. Doubt it'll ever happen. Not when we try to give it all to the musicians. I've updated the calendar with alot of new information. Ryan Bingham is bringing Frank Neville up here with him on Easter Sunday. That'll be fun. We've also got shows booked for the Sunday before the LJT festival and the Sunday afterward. That's gonna be ONE LONG WEEK! We've also booked Maren Morris to open up for Matt Powell in May. She's 14 years old and I hear she is unbelievable! That reminds me, we've been kicking around an idea and I sure would like everyone's input. We are thinking that we might need to have our own "awards show" later this year. We could have a ballot on the website and everyone could have their say and then we could have a big awards show with lots of entertainment. So what do you think? Are there too many awards shows, already??? Email me and let me know. It's up to you... should we or shouldn't we?
So who's going to see Bleu Edmondson and Micky & The Motorcars at The Horseman tomorrow night. I doubt I'll make it. It's hard for me to do on a work night. I'm sure I'll be missing a great show.
I'm really looking forward to the show this Sunday. I hear Guy Forsyth is really good. I've only seen Brandon Jenkins once, but he was really good. We're doing Joe's Pizza & Pasta for dinner. They make the best pizza in town. Hope we have a good crowd.
Sunday March 7th: It's a beautiful day outside. A little breezy, but really nice. I washed my car a little while ago and before I could even finish drying it, a bird pooped on it. My kinda luck!
I talked to Stoney yesterday. He was heading to Adair's in Dallas. He asked if I was going and I said "no", and he said..."at least you're honest". I guess he has people telling him all the time that they'll be at a show and then they don't show up. He said he is hitching a ride with Ragweed today and heading up to Stillwater for Ragweed's cd release party. Then, he'll ride back down with them and he'll be at Billy Bob's with them on Tuesday. Emily, Amy and I got tickets last night (don't want to miss Stoney again). I didn't realize you had to get reserved seats. Ours are in row D. The cost of the cd plus the "service charge" was $18.50, but I figure I'd buy the cd anyway, so it'll be fun to get to hear some songs off of it. It's not a full blown show, and that's fine with me. Music starts at 8pm and since it's a work night, hopefully won't run too late.
Tonight's show at the Clubhouse is sounding like it's gonna be a good one. I've heard lots of good stuff about both Guy Forsyth and Brandon Jenkins... they are both Clubhouse virgins. Hope we have a good crowd to give them a proper welcome. Matt commented that tonight is the first "Sopranos" of the season and it might keep people at home. Just when we finally get thru football season, then the Sex and the City finale, and now we're up against the mob!!!! Will it ever end???
I know you can catch it on Monday night, so there's really no reason to not come out and have a great dinner and listen to some fine Texas music. I promise you, if you miss it, you WILL NOT be able to catch the rerun, and you never know what you might miss! Have a great week. Don't forget, Stoney is at Woody's on Saturday night. Travis Linville & The Burtschi Brothers are at The Clubhouse next Sunday, so maybe Stoney will hang around an extra day and come out to support Travis.
Monday 3/8/04: Well, regarding attendance at our show last night, I guess the mob won!!! It was absolutely the worst attendance ever. I can't believe that many people stayed home to see The Sopranos. I really think it was because both musicians are relatively unknown in this area and people chose to not come out and listen. I wish everyone was more willing to "expand" their musical horizons. That's what we are wanting to do... try to bring in some people that so far haven't had a chance to play around this area much and give them the exposure. Brandon Jenkins was awesome and we are really looking forward to him coming back on May 2nd with Stoney.
Tomorrow night is the Ragweed CD release party at Billy Bob's. I am really looking forward to hearing the new CD.
The Gallywinter website has been totally redone and looks great. They have lots of forums where fans can go and discuss their favorite musicians, etc. I think it is going to be the best website for Texas/Red dirt information. If you haven't checked it out, go to
www.galleywinter.com and see what I'm talking about. The only thing that surprises me is that I cant figure out how people can work all day and sit and talk back and forth on the forums. If I did it, I wouldn't have a job for too long. I have to wait and check it out when I get home in the evenings. It's alot more entertaining than some of the stuff on TV these days. If you haven't checked it out, you should. You can register to become a member and you, too, can spend your idle time chatting with other fans. Lots of musicians have also joined, and occasionally they post messages (Randy Rogers, Bleu, Django, Pat Green & Cody Canada to name a few).
Sat. March 13th: Another dreary weekend. YUK. Been trying to get some stuff done around the house, but so much of it is stuff outside, this weather makes it impossible to get anything done. Tonight Stoney is at Woody's and Randy Rogers is at Gilley's in Dallas. Tomorrow, Travis Linville & The Burtschi's are at The Clubhouse. I'm hearing rumors we may have some special guests... you figure it out!! Hopefully the rain will clear out. Now, if they'd just delay "The Sopranos" , we could look forward to a good crowd at the show! I've heard that the opener is awesome... Drew says he plays two guitars at one time. I'm looking forward to seeing that.
Sunday March 14th: Stoney put on a great show last night... any doubts??? He had The Red Dirt Rangers, Jeremy Watkins and Bob Childers with him, so it was a pretty full stage. I was yelling out lots of requests, and he sang every one of them. THANKS STONEY! As always, Woody's was packed and the smoke was really bad. I wish they would invest in a better air purifying system (if they have one at all).
Joey Green opened for Stoney. He's gotten alot more "rock" sounding than he used to be. His brother, Bubba, mustv'e drank too much, because he got into a "scuffle" in the back and had to be dragged out of Woody's by the bouncers. Joey just sat and watched... and laughed. Guess he's use to it!
It's a dreary day, but not really raining outside. I've got lots to do to get ready for this evening, so I guess I'm gonna head out.
Tuesday morning March 16th: I had an email when I got up this morning from Bubba Green. Apparently I upset him when I posted the entry below. I meant NOTHING against Bubba. He is a great guy and a good friend of mine. He explained to me that there was no "scuffle". He got pushed and it was so crowded in Woody's, it appeared like a fight. If you know Bubba, you know he isn't a little guy. I'm sure the bouncer guys assumed Bubba was fighting. If they knew him, they'd know he is just a big teddy bear... one of the nicest guys I know. He comes from a great family, too. Both of his parents are very supportive of Bubba and Joey. They're lucky to have such great parents. Anyway, I just wanted to let anyone reading this (if anyone does), that Bubba didn't start anything (in fact, in a way, I guess I did)...sorry Bubba! I love you, you know that!
Tuesday eve. March 16th: The email from Bubba got me to thinkin'. I write these journal entries and really doubt anybody is reading them. Then I say something that upsets a friend of mine and I realize... somebody must have read it. I hope I haven't said anything to upset anyone else. I really hate it when I think someone is mad at me. It's bothered me all day. I especially hate it if I made Bubba mad. (Not cause he's bigger than me and he could whoop up on me really easy if he wanted, but because he is such a nice guy). Bubba and I have had some fun times together. He and my niece Jackie (the 4th Clubhouse Girl, although she is away at school right now) go waaay back (maybe all the way to elementary school). Jackie introduced me to him and I immediately liked him. When we decided to go to Willie's 4th of July picnic several years ago, we invited Bubba. Imagine Bubba, riding shotgun in my beetle!!! It was the only time the glove box didn't rattle and that's cause his knees were crammed up against it!! We had so much fun. Lot's of "famous" Joni quotes came from that two day event (in other words, some really stupid things were said, and Jackie and Bubba never let me forget it!) Then, when Jackie and I decided to go to the first "Greenfest" back in '02, Bubba went with us again. Different beetle, but same situation...Bubba riding shotgun. Another great roadtrip. That's where we met Emily, the 3rd Clubhouse Girl. She came to the first clubhouse show, as a fan and ended up being put to work (and she's still working her butt off for the clubouse shows to this day). I don't get to see Bubba much these days (heck, I don't get to see Jackie much these days), but I've got lots of great memories of road trips and just "hanging out" with both of them.
On another note... anybody got plans for St. Patrick's Day??? I do! I'm working! But I'm gonna wear my green scrubs to work... don't want to get pinched! I heard that The Horseman is having a St. Patty's party tomorrow but they don't have live music. Don't know of anything else going on around town, but that's fine with me. This weekend there is lots of good music to choose from. Will it be Gary P. Nunn at The Horseman on Friday night or The Mike McClure Band at Woody's??? Then, The Burtschi Brothers & One Light Town are at Woody's on Sat. With the BIG Larry Joe Taylor festival PRE-PARTY on Sunday, I'm not sure how much other stuff I'll be doing so if I end up going out, it'll most likely be a last minute decision. Sometimes it's easier to stay home than decide who to go see... or who NOT to go see.
Sunday March 21st: It's a beautiful day ( a little cool for me, but I like it when it's HOT outside). Just talked to Len and he says he thinks we've got alot of people coming to the show tonight. It's a great line-up. I'm also hoping that it will get everyone fired up about the Larry Joe Taylor festival. We always have so much fun. There is always alot of griping about the drunks, etc, but there is so much music going on in the acoustic tent, as well as the main stage area and at all of the campsites, it is really very easy to ignore the drunks and have a great time. I can't wait!! We're gonna cook out our dinner for tonight. I'm waiting for Cori to come over now, and we're gonna go out on my deck and grill the hot dogs. We're doing a "camping" theme for dinner tonight. "Gourmet" hot dogs is what Drew called 'em. I call em "chili-cheese dogs with all the trimmings". Probably more than we cooked in four days last year at the festival... and probably more than we'll be cooking this year! Oh well, thank goodness for the food stands at the festival. That's where we ate breakfast, lunch and dinner every day last year!!
Friday, March 26th: Got an email from Kandace (Stoney's wife) this morning. She and Stoney are expecting a baby!! She said Stoney is very excited. Their daughter is a little over two years old, so I'm sure she'll love being a "big sister".
I've been out and about all day, getting ready for a little "party" I'm having on Thursday. Since we're going to Ardmore tomorrow to see The Stragglers for Emily's birthday, I don't have much time this weekend to get ready and Thursday'll be here before you know it. Hope the weather is nice, cause it's
supposed to be an outdoor party. If I have to move it indoors, it's gonna be a little crowded.  Duane and Len just called. Len's going to Cleburne to "The Monkey" to see Randy Rogers tonight. Duane's going to Woody's to see Macon Greyson. I'm sitting at home. My feet hurt. They said they're going to the Brazos River Fest tomorrow. I hadn't even heard about it. They said Charlie Robison, Jack Ingram plus lots more are playing. Sounds like a good time. I'm excited about going to The Straggler show. It's been awhile since we've seen them. The last time was at the Mardi Gras show in Dallas. Jason was sick. Hope he's feeling better tomorrow. I'm sure it'll be a great time, no matter what.
Looks like we're not having a show this Sunday. Drew told me he would call me and let me know if he was able to book someone, but with so many people playing down in Luling for that benefit, I guess it was just too late to find someone - so, don't come up to The Horseman expecting live music and dinner. They're still gonna be open though, if you just want to go up there and hang out. I doubt we'll be up there though... so, see ya next Sunday. Bleu Edmondson & Matt Powell!! Can't wait!!
Good friday, April 9th: Been living a relatively boring life lately. Matt got a job working at The Horseman and it sounds like his life is alot more exciting than mine these days...the stories he has to tell (especially from ladies night). Not so sure I want my son working there!! He's having a good time, though. We're going to see Ragweed tonight at Billy Bob's. Hate missing Ryan Bingham at The Horseman, but I've had these tickets a long time and I guess I'll see Ryan on Sunday, anyway. They're saying we are supposed to have stormy weather tonight. Hope so, my yard can use the water. Just got thru reading Mike McClure's rambles for today. He's got info up regarding the float trip in June. Sounds like a great lineup. If I make it thru the LJT fest, I may have to consider going. Haven't heard from Ali all week. Hope everything's OK with her. Have a safe Easter weekend!
Wed. April 28th: Long time with no journal entries. Didn't seem to have much to say, but now I do... everybody's getting the word out regarding the sale of The Horseman and the impending "doom" of no more Clubhouse shows there. When Drew called me and told me about it, I got really worried. Could it possibly be the end of a great thing?? The more I think about it... I don't think so. I have gotten lots of phone calls and emails from friends of the clubhouse, and I'm beginning to feel like things WILL work out for the best. Last summer (after our HUGE show at the apartments), when Drew offered The Horseman to us, there were lots of skeptics. As it turned out, it was great. Nine months more of Clubhouse shows... and at the time, we thought we were gonna have to stop doing them. We actually ended up doing lots more than our original one or two a month, since The Horseman guys wanted to do it every single Sunday. There are LOTS of places around town that would work. Some have outside patios, some have "smaller" more intimate rooms, some are even larger than The Horseman ( probably not a good option, while wanting to keep the shows intimate, listening shows, however).  My mother had surgery yesterday and I have been busy with her, so I've decided to just not stress about it, and I really feel like it will all work out in the end. After our show this Sunday, we have two weeks before we have a show booked. I feel like (even if we can use a room on a temporary basis), we'll be able to have the show on the 16th. We've got some great shows booked already for the summer (the Matt Powell "extravaganza" on May 23rd, Wade Bowen on June 13th, Stoney & Travis on August 1st, and Randy Roger's second annual birthday bash on August 15th) and I guarantee everyone that I will do everything in my power to have every single show. (How does my back yard sound???) (Not really, we'd have to limit attendance and I don't want to have to turn anyone away). I will do my best (between tending to my mom, working my full time job, and dealing with the clubhouse stuff) to keep everyone up to date on any changes in venue, etc. If you have any rich relatives that are looking to invest some money, send 'em my way. I'm not opposed to trying to do this on my own... I just don't have the funds to get it done. Also, if you have any suggestions of where we might move, let me know. I am not above begging someone to let us use their room, if it's the right place. Obviously, we want to keep the shows in Fort Worth.
I also wanted to take this time to thank EVERYONE that has been instrumental in making our shows a success. Obviously I couldn't have done it on my own. Thanks to Jackie for helping me get these shows started in the first place. Thanks to Emily for stepping in and helping Jackie and me when it got to be a little too much work. And thanks to Cori for stepping in when Jackie left for school. (Also, Whitney, thanks for everything you did to help). I have worked for the same doctor for the past 19 years. It is my "job", the clubhouse shows and Texas music in general is my "passion".  I am not about to let that part of my life end now. What would I do?? I have made SO MANY friends during the past 3 1/2 years of doing the clubhouse shows. Many musicians that I started out to be their fan, I now call some of my best friends. Especially Stoney, Travis, Randy, Mike McClure. These guys have NEVER turned me down when I've asked them to play. They've even come out on their evenings off and hung out with us, just because it's a great place to kick back and listen to the music. I'm feeling really nostalgic, and a little bit sad that things are going to change, but I have to keep telling myself... things change but sometimes they get even better than they were. This is what I am hoping for. For me and everyone else that has supported the Clubhouse Concerts Acoustic Series for the past 3 1/2 years. Thanks again. WE WILL BE BACK... that I promise you.
Sat. May1st: What a week. First we had the news of the Horseman sale, then my mom's surgery, then on Thursday, Jackie's grandmother died suddenly. Don't even want to think what may happen next. Oh, and one more thing, I forgot... I've got rats living under my house again!
Tomorrow is the visitation for Margaret (Jackie's mema) and the funeral is Monday. She was absolutely one of the greatest women I've known. She will make a great angel in heaven. I know it is really tough for Jackie. They were very close.
Tomorrow's Clubhouse show is going to be bittersweet. Who better to close out our run at The Horseman than Stoney. I think we'll have a big crowd. We usually do when he's playing, and especially since it may be our last show
for a while. I am hoping I don't get emotional. It would be easier if I knew for sure where the Clubhouse series is headed. Haven't heard from Drew all week. He assured me he was going to help us find a new place, so hopefully he'll be at the show tomorrow with some news. Although today was really cool and windy, I've heard that tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful, although a little cooler than it should be for a day in May. As I promised, I will keep everyone abreast of what happens with the venue change.
Ali gets home on Monday. I'm sure she'll be down here sometime during the week. I don't even know who's playing around town this week but hopefully she can get a fix of some good Texas music. I'm sure she's gone thru withdrawals by now. I know her mom & dad will be happy to have her home. So will we.
Mon, May3rd: I only have a few minutes before I need to head out for the day, but I promised to keep everyone up to date on what is going to happen with the shows. Last night, at what we thought was our final Horseman show, when we got there, everyone that worked there kept asking us why we were stopping them. We told them we were told that the new owners weren't wanting to do them and they said that the information was wrong. It looks like we can continue them, and hopefully we will even regain a little of the "being in charge" that we felt we had lost recently. I need to run, but I'll write more when I have a little more information. The Clubhouse lives....yeah!!!!!!!
Tues. May 4th: Been a busy evening... if you check the calendar out, you will see that I'm working on filling up your Sundays this summer. Since the "song-swap" shows have seemed to work so well, I am trying to book two musicians per show, and as you can see, I'm half way there on a few more shows. I'm excited about doing the booking again. Drew was great. He has alot of expertise and knows alot of people, but I've found that everyone is really nice and they are all willing to work with me to get their musicians booked into the shows. I've got a couple of offers out, and I hope they get accepted. I can tell you now that the OKIE show is gonna be an awesome one, no doubt. I've got several more red dirt musicians I am talking to, and Stoney, Travis & Tom Skinner are all definites. Steve, from 1100 Springs, helped me with booking an opener for their show. He called Mo Robson today, and Mo accepted. He's gonna do a solo, acoustic set. I hear he is very good.
I had a long talk with Chris, the manager at The Horseman, last night. I feel really good about the agreement we've made with them. I think it's going to work out even better than it had been. We'll see, I guess.
Sat. May 15th: Well, I finally got off my ass and went out last night, instead of vegging on the couch watching re-runs on the Home & Garden channel. Glad I did, too! I met Len, Duane & Mikey for dinner at Cousins's. Great food. Then we headed over to Woody's to see Randy Rogers. I had emailed Bryan earlier in the week and asked if he would hold me my regular table, and had an email back, saying yes. I knew it was going to be a full house, but had no idea just how full! When we got there, the front tables had all been moved out to allow for standing in front of the stage. The table that was "mine" was a large, round table that seats alot of people, only problem was, it was right in the pathway of everyone coming in and going to the bar. It got really crowded, really fast. Thank goodness Dwayne & Catherine Hitt had staked out a good spot to the side of the stage and so Emily and I squeezed in with them and had a great spot for Randy's set. It was a great set. They played lots of my favorites, lots of new stuff from the new cd that is due out Aug.24th and quite a few covers. Drew was up there, hanging out. Hadn't seen him in a few weeks and it was good to see him. He is staying really busy - on the road with The Lost Trailers. He said they did 23 shows in 25 days, all over the east coast. Wow! That's alot of miles. I've yet to hear a Lost Trailers cd, and am wondering which one I should go buy. I wish I had asked Drew last night. He said he is flying out on Sunday for New York City. Busy guy!
The weather is sure weird today. It's almost noon, and it's only 58 degrees outside. I am sitting here with a sweater on. Not how it's supposed to be in mid-May. If I was smart, but I'm not - I'm lazy, I would go mow my yard while it's so cool outside.
Jackie and Ryan are packing up their stuff in Wharton today and moving up here tomorrow. I'll be glad to have Jackie back in town. I miss her alot. Hopefully she's going to start helping with the Clubhouse shows again. I know she is coming tomorrow night because she is a HUGE Eleven Hundred Springs fan. I'm hoping for a good attendance, since it's our first show after the ownership change. We're doing Cousin's Barbque for dinner.
The Grapevine Main Street Days is this weekend. They've got lots of Texas Music all weekend. The Burtschi Brothers are playing at 3:30pm today. Wish I could find someone to ride all the way out there with me... I'd love to go support Travis & the guys. Hopefully they will have enough "support" without me. Bleu plays tonight and I think Max Stalling is tomorrow. Wish I lived closer to Grapevine... no, not really. I love the west side of town. Only takes me 5 minutes to get to work every morning. And I've gotten so lazy, I sleep until the very last minute. I would hate it if I had to drive a long way to work.
Have a good Saturday and come out to the Clubhouse show tomorrow!
Sat. June 5th: Been some crazy weather 'round here this past week. Last weekend was Memorial Day weekend, and I did alot of yard work and much needed housework. After a LONG 4-day weekend, I went back to work on Tuesday and it was a super busy day at the doctor's office (after being closed for a few days). Anyway, that evening, I was vegging in front of the TV when one hellacious thunder storm hit the area. My electricity went out early into the storm and my dogs were totally freaking out. I had Abbey in my lap (she weighs about 50 - 60 pounds) and Pepper under neath my feet. Since we were just sitting in the dark anyway, listening to the storm, we went ahead and went to bed early. The power was restored about 6am, so I got up and started to get ready for work. That's when Cori called and said "Don't bother going into work today". Apparently the roof of our medical building leaked badly, causing flooding in many of the offices. They have been trying to dry everything out the rest of this week, and we haven't been to work since Tuesday. We are supposed to be able to start seeing patients on Monday and I guarantee you, it'll be a hellacious day. UGH. I missed Billy Joe Shaver & Mike McClure at 8.0 because round two of the storms was rolling into town about the time I was preparing to leave. I've heard some talk that Mike was on the Ranch doing an interview and it apparently didn't go too well. I don't know who is upset with who, but it sounds like the Ranch wasn't too happy with the way the interview went. Would love to hear the rest of that story! Last night we went to see Wade & Randy at Billy Bob's. They did great! Not too bad of a crowd, I'm sure it gets larger everytime they play there. Tonight, Stoney is at Woody's. Mark Sanders is opening, so it'll be another good night of music. Then, tomorrow, Macon Greyson is playing at The Clubhouse. I've never heard them, but I've heard from LOTS of people that it's gonna be really good.
Next Thursday, my friend, Sandra, and I are taking a little "jaunt" to Las Vegas. We leave on Thursday evening and come back on Saturday night. Just long enough to check out the strip, lose a little money and then I'm sure we'll be ready to get home. The Clubhouse show the next day (on the 13th) is looking like it may turn into a big one. Seems as though Stoney is supposed to be in town, doing a radio show on The Ranch, and Wade, Randy & Bleu are on the Front Porch Show, before Wade heads over to the Clubhouse to play with Django. I'm hoping he'll drag the other two guys along. If any of you see any of them, tell them to come to the show. We always have a great time when we get all of those guys on the stage together.
I heard that we may have another round of storms tonight and into tomorrow... of course, tomorrow is a Clubhouse show! Keep your fingers and toes crossed that the storms hold off (or blow over) before showtime.

Sat. Nov.22nd: It's hard to believe that JFK died 4o years ago. I can still remember...I was in the 3rd grade, and all of the teachers were in the hallway, crying. I remember sitting at home and watching the funeral on TV. It doesn't seem like it was that long ago. Cori talked to Randy Rogers earlier today. He is going to play the "birthday show"!!! His family lives in Cleburne, so he will plan to come up here on the 21st and then just head to Cleburne for Christmas. I know Matt is really happy to have Randy play. He said he has been listening to Randy's cd a whole lot lately. Me too.
I just got thru mowing my front yard (before the cold weather hits, later tonight). I traded my crummy new lawn mower in last week, and had to pay an extra $100, but I got one that starts easily with a key. It's worth the extra money, to not have to wait until someone comes over to start the lawnmower. I had a ton of leaves in my yard, but now they're all "mulched" up. It looks alot better.
Len, my brother Rick, and I are going to Gilley's this evening to see Randy & his band. I hope the cold weather holds off a while
Friday, Nov.21st: I got an email from Mike McClure this morning. He had to cancel doing Matt's birthday party on Dec. 21st. He says he just can't work it into his schedule. I admit, I'm disappointed. I understand that it's hard to work out the logistics but I sure was looking forward to having him play. Cori got on the phone and called Randy Rogers. I think we are going to be able to work it where he will play, instead. We'll still have Travis and the "annonymous special guest", as far as I can tell. There may also be a chance of a few more musicians that will be in the area stopping by...we'll just have to see how it goes. Tomorrow night, Randy is at the new "Gilley's" in Dallas. I think Len and I may go. Hopefully the really cold weather will hold off until after the show on Sunday. Since it's Stoney & Wade playing, I think we will have a pretty good crowd, no matter what, but I sure am sick and tired of having to compete with those damn Cowboys. I think the game on Sunday starts at 3:00pm (that's what somebody told me), so I guess that means it should be over before showtime, anyway. I think that some people just get comfortable, sitting in their easy chairs, and decide not to get out and come to the show on Sunday evenings, sometimes. The hardest part for me is having to be at work at 8am on Mondays. It always surprises me to see how many people are still up at The Horseman, sitting at the bar, when I leave to go home. Either they don't have the problem getting up like I do, or there's alot of people that don't have to work on Monday mornings.
Jackie should be home on Wed., for the Thanksgiving holiday. Her birthday actually falls on Thanksgiving day this year. Saturday night, we're planning on going to see Brandon Rhyder at Woody's for her "birthday party". I'm looking forward to seeing his band play. I've only seen him acoustic, but I hear his band is really good, too.
I talked to a guy at Miller Lite today. I think we're gonna do a toy drive with them. We are supposed to be getting a bunch of 12 man jam tickets and for every toy donated, you will get a ticket to the show. I should know for sure in a day or so. When it has been confirmed, I'll stick a notice on the website.
Sunday morning, Nov.23rd: Looks like the cold front blew in sometime in the night last night.It's pretty chilly outside and I think it's supposed to keep getting colder as the day goes on. YUK, I hate to be cold. The dogs are loving it though. They're running around outside wrestling together. Gilley's was interesting, to say the least. They had those "disco balls" hanging from the ceiling and it was hard to walk thru the room, because it almost made you feel dizzy. They should leave those in the disco's, not in a country nightclub. Randy & band did great however. There was a good crowd of people sitting right in the front, that were obviously there to see them. We talked to Randy for a minute after the show. I didn't realize that they are opening up for Cross Canadian Ragweed the day after Thanksgiving at Billy Bob's. Wish I had gotten a ticket. I would really like to be there for Randy's Billy Bob's debut. I'm gonna start looking for a ticket, somewhere,and hope I can go. Only 8 or so more hours until Stoney & Wade take the stage tonight....can't wait, it's been too long since I've seen either of them.
Sunday June 6th: Went to see Stoney last night. As usual, he didn't dissapoint! Cody & Shannon Canada showed up around midnight and Cody got up on stage with Jeremy & Stoney and rocked the place! Didn't seem like quite as big of a crowd as usual for a Stoney show, but everyone seemed to be enjoying it.
Just got thru mowing my yard. I am DIEING! It's pretty humid outside. I don't think there is rain in the forecast for today, now,. Now it's time to switch into "clubhouse mode" and start getting ready for tonight's show. I've run into quite a few people in the last few days that said they are planning to be there. Everyone raves about Buddy Huffman & Macon Greyson. I'm looking forward to hearing them.
Monday June 7th: Spread the word... Wade Bowen says he'll be bringing some very special guests with him on Sunday.... Randy Rogers, Bleu Edmondson & Stoney!!!! Wade, Randy & Bleu will be the musical guests on The Front Porch show on Sunday, and Wade says he's bringing Randy & Bleu back with him to the Clubhouse, and since Stoney is doing an "in studio" interview on The Ranch in downtown Fort Worth, Wade says to expect Stoney at the Clubhouse, too!! Woo hoo!!! Get there early... it's gonna be a great show!
Wed. June 9th: Sandra and I leave for Vegas tomorrow! Can't wait! Won't be back until early Sunday morning and then it'll be Clubhouse mode again. Hope I don't come back TOO broke!
We really enjoyed the trip to the top of the Eiffel Tower (located at The Paris Hotel- which is a beautiful place, looks like the streets of Paris and has clouds on the ceiling). We had some great burgers at Fatburger and even ate at The Chipotle on the strip ( I tell you - we're addicted to that place!) We didn't enjoy the flight home too much, being as we flew through a really bad thunderstorm and the turbulents were SCARY, but it was soooo good to be able to rest our feet for awhile. If you've never been to Vegas, you need to go. We had so much fun and are looking forward to doing it again sometime.
I even came home with money in my pocket! Didn't expect that. Especially since I told Sandra on the flight out there to NOT let me buy any t-shirts (you all know I have a t-shirt addiction), and she failed me... I ended up with TWO!

Monday, June 14th: Well, here it is, 6pm on Monday and I am just beginning to think that I'm almost recovered from the past few days and I've got to go out and mow my yard this evening... does it ever end???
Last night was a great night at The Clubhouse! All "my guys" showed up and were in rare form. Stephen Pointer ended up getting to play a little longer of an opening set, being as everyone was on the Wolf radio show until 8pm and then had to head over from Dallas. Stephen did a great job, though. Even if we did have to keep telling him to "keep playing a little longer"! We had tons of people at the show. I always have to remind myself that if we were still at the apartments, we would have gotten in "maybe" 1/4 of the people that were there last night. I think we had around 235 people!!!
Wade & Django went on around 9:30pm, with Stoney, Randy and Bleu taking turns sitting in all evening long. I am working on taping the video right now, and listening to Stoney sing "Dance With The Gypsies". Great song. I posted the photos to the website a little while ago. Then I went to the bank to make a deposit in my account via the ATM machine. Got to Petsmart to buy dog food and realized I'd left my card in the machine at the bank (sucks...), so, I went back to the bank and they said it hadn't been returned. This was at about 3:45pm, and the bank closes at 4pm. Had to go thru this whole big mess of closing out my debit account and now I've got to wait until I get my new card in the mail to be able to use it. Long story short... I get home from buying dog food and there is a message on my machine. It was the bank and they were calling to say someone turned my card in and I could come pick it up. TIME OF CALL ..... 3:25pm!!!!! They had it all along, but I have now closed the account and it's too late to activate it again so I'm SOL. Will have to wait until the new card comes in the mail. I hate inept people.
I think I'll sit and watch a little more of last night's show before I go out and mow. The good thing about all the rain lately is that I haven't had to water... the bad thing about the rain is that my grass is growing WAY TOO FAST! This is when I wish I had a man around the house.... nah.... rather just go mow the yard myself!
Sat. June 19th (Juneteenth) : A landscaper, I am not! I have spent the majority of the entire day today working in the yard. Yes, it was 95 degrees out and humid! I had to get up this morning and go into work for a few hours. We were moving old charts from our office to the public storage building. That was enough manual labor for one day, but then, since I was already hot and sweaty, I decided to mow the yard when I got home. I had asked a yard guy that does alot of the yards in my neighborhood if he would trim my shrubs a few weeks ago. He said "OK", but apparently, since he only speaks Spanish, he didn't understand me, because he still hasn't done it, so after I mowed the yard, I decided to go ahead and trim them myself. BIG MISTAKE! I am about to die, and I can only imagine how sore I am going to be tomorrow. Peter Dawson is at Woody's tonight, and I would have loved to go see him play, but I am way too tired. Apparently, rumor is that Coby Weir has quit Bleu Edmondson's band, and I heard he is going to play with Peter. I am wondering what is going to happen to Josh Hamilton (Peter's lead guitar player). I am curious enough, I would get cleaned up and go find out, but since Peter won't even go on until after 11pm, I think I'll just wait and find out from someone who was there. I'll be in bed before 11pm!
Last night, Len, my brother Rick and myself met Emily and her friend Christine at Lone Star Park. Jason Boland & The Stragglers played after the races. We got there really early and had to sit thru alot of BORING horse races. Could be they were boring because I never quite understood how people know who to bet on. I like the slot machines in Vegas better... we never quite fingured them out either, but we would still win occasionally. The sound wasn't very good and it was so crowded, I had to stand on a chair just to see the stage. Talked to Monty about the shirts Emily is "embellishing" for The Stragglers. He says they will be for sale on the website as soon as he can figure out how to get a good picture of them (he can't get the rhinestones to show up). They are neat shirts and I bet they will sell alot when they finally start advertising them. She made me one and it is one of my favorite "band" t-shirts.
I think I'm gonna go sit in a hot bath and hope that my muscles will stop hurting.
Tomorrow is Amy Laws' birthday, so we're going to celebrate it at the Clubhouse show. Come out and buy Amy a drink and wish her happy birthday.
Monday June 28th: Sitting here at my desk at lunch, looking out at some really scary dark clouds. Sick and tired of all the rain, that's for sure. Last night's Clubhouse show turned out to be one of the best shows we've ever had. When I booked Aaron & Pete, a month or so ago, I was not familiar with either of them. I had since gotten some emails and a few phone calls from different "fans" that were excited to see that they were going to be playing, so I had an idea that it could possibly turn into a bigger show than I expected. Originally, we had tried to reschedule the show, due to the Waylon Jennings tribute cd release in New Braunfels, but it didn't work out, so we ended up staying here and having the show. Pete & Aaron played "song swap style" and it was great. They both have such great personalities, they had the crowd rolling in the aisles several times during the show. They had a great repoirt with the audience and told some great stories (they also sang alot of really good songs - in between all the stories!). I am really looking forward to having them back in the fall. If you missed the show, you need to make it the next time. I also taped it, so if you were there, and want a copy, let me know. It's going to be a classic!! Guess I'll get back to work. I'll have the pictures up later this evening.
Tuesday June 29th: Will the rain ever stop???? They said on the weather tonight that we are just an inch from breaking the record for the most rain ever in June and they expect to surpass it by tomorrow. Probably in a month or so, we'll be wishing for rain, but for now...enough is enough! I am going to be working at the Willie Nelson Picnic on Sunday (if you need a beer... buy it from me!) and am already wondering what will happen if this rain continues. I talked to Monty tonight (Jason Boland's road manager/ merch guy) and they are trying to work out a benefit for the guys from The Red Dirt Rangers that were in the helicopter accident last Saturday. Sounds like it will be in a couple of weeks, and I'll post the details as soon as Monty gives them to me. I am hoping we can put together a benefit also. None of them have medical insurance, and I am sure their bills will be high. I wonder if the helicopter company had insurance. Seems like they should be able to collect from that.
Jackie, Ryan and Jessica got home safely from their trip to Cancun. Sounds like they had a great time. Jackie tells me she had NINE rolls of film to develop. I'm looking forward to seeing the pics.
Cori is having her tonsils out tomorrow. I had mine out about 15 years ago (actually I've had mine out TWICE, but that's another story), and it wasn't fun. Her mom is coming into town to help out for a day or two, but I expect I'll be helping her as much as possible. Glad she only lives a few blocks up the street. We're supposed to be going to a private party in Wills Point on Saturday night. Stoney & Wade are playing at it. Emily isn't sure she can get off work, and I'm sure Cori will be in no shape for a road trip, so we may not go after all. I don't know my schedule for working the picnic yet, either, and that might make a difference on whether Emily and I go or not. I'm really looking forward to the picnic. I've been to several of Willie's 4th of July picnics (the most memorable one was in the 70's and I hate to admit it, but it's all kind of a blur, if you know what I mean!). Jackie, Bubba and I went four years ago and then Jackie and I flew to San Antonio for the one three summers ago. I'm curious how they will pull it off, being behind Billy Bob's and all. No trees for shade, so hopefully they will have plenty of tents set up. The fireworks display is supposed to be HUGE. I live just down the street from the Botanic Gardens, and I hear the fireworks every night during this time of year and sometimes I go out in my front yard and watch them.
Tomorrow night is Larry Joe Taylor & Mike Graham, at 8.0's. I hope the weather doesn't mess it up for them. It is alot of fun down there on Wed. nights. I am looking forward to July 14th when Stoney plays after Chris Knight. They've got lots of good shows lined up this summer.
midnight on Thursday. (Which was 2am "Texas" time). We checked into our room and decided to check out the strip. We got back to our room around 2:15 am ( 4:15am Texas time) and we were pooped. Slept until about 8am the next morning and hit the strip again. This time, with the plan to gamble at every casino on the strip! We took the "city bus" to the opposite end of the strip and started at The Mandalay Bay and worked our way down. We had a blast! New York New York was one of our favorite casinos, but we learned that $5 nickle slots could actually last quite a while and we actually ended up spending an hour or two in some of the casinos (winning and losing our $5!).
Sunday, June 13th: Well, we made it back safely from Vegas!! Thank goodness... no terrorists on the plane, in the airport or in the casinos! That was a running joke, from the time we got to the airport to the time we landed... guess we were just a little paranoid!
We had such a great time! The weather was beautiful... not too hot. We did so much walking (from one end of the strip to the other) hitting every hotel casino! We had a plan when we got there. We decided that we would go into every casino and spend five dollars on the nickle slots and then, when we lost it, we would move on to the next casino. We got into Vegas at about
Sat. July 3rd: Went out to my car a little while ago and the thermometor said 117 degrees!!! Even if it's 20 degrees off (sitting in the sun has to make it read wrong... doesn't it?) it's still really, really hot outside! I went down to Billy Bob's earlier to pick up my arm band for tomorrow. They're getting it together. I can't imagine how much work goes in to getting something like that ready. Marty told me they are expecting at least 25,000 people and probably more like 30,000. That's alot of beer! I am going to be at the east side of the field, between two food booths, so hopefully everyone will find me and buy from me! One thing about being on the east side- by afternoon, the western sun is going to be beating down, directly in my face. I hope I survive! I think it's going to be alot of fun, though. I think that the beer stand I am at will be a great spot to hear the music from both stages. I was wanting to go down to The White Elephant today for the "Willie's pre-party", but I blew it off. We're not going to the party in Wills Point tonight. Emily had to work and since I have to be up bright and early, it just didn't work out. I am planning on going to bed early tonight so I can get up and head down there around 9am in the morning. If I survive, I'll write about it on Monday. Have a safe 4th!!
Monday, July 5th, '04: I survived the Willie Nelson picnic, and had a great time doing it!!! Final count was over 20,000 people. Heat index: over 100 degrees. Thank goodness the beer booth was in a covered tent. I got there at 9:30am and except for running over to the "private" porta potty occasionally, I never left the beer booth until I left to go home... at 11:30pm last night! I had so much fun. I love to people watch (and there were plenty of people to entertain me all day!).Funny thing is, out of 20,000 people - in the town I was raised in, and where we do our Texas music shows every single Sunday - I only saw about 5 people that I know! Our beer booth was not one of the busiest. We had a steady stream of people, but never had lines to get beer. We heard that the booths on the west side had lines most of the day. Couldn't ever figure out why people would go stand in lines when they didn't have to on our side. Also, not as many people were tipping as we thought. We worked for "tips", but in the end, I would have been happy to have gotten in for free and gotten to listen to the great music all day and work the booth for nothing. I had THAT MUCH FUN! (AND, I got a free Willie Nelson 4th of July t-shirt to add to my t-shirt collection!)
Highlights of the music for me: As always... Jason Boland & The Stragglers! Great set (even though it was way too short). Billy Joe Shaver got up and sang Thunderbird with them. Ragweed had a great set, too. I was singing along to Boys from Oklahoma and realized that Ryan Bingham was up on stage with them, playing harmonica & singing a verse! How cool for him... 24 years old and singing on stage at a Willie picnic! I bet it won't be the last time! Leon Russell was great. I was a huge fan... way back in the day. It was great to hear alot of his old hits again. The Los Loney Boys were really good, too. The fireworks at the end of the night (during Willie & Kris Kristofferson) were awesome. We had heard that they cost $1,000 per minute and it was about a 30 minute display. Can't think of a better way to end a great 4th of July holiday.
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