"Miss Joni's Journal"
Sunday night, Sept. 21st: We got back a few hours ago from the best weekend I have had in ages! The Waylon Jennings Tribute
in New Braunfels was incredible. Cody Canada and the rest of Cross Canadian Ragweed, plus everyone at 36D Management did an
outstanding job of pulling the whole thing off. Even the "drizzle" all day yesterday didn't dampen the spirits of everyone involved. I have
been working on the website this evening (with thanks to Matt's roommate, Andrew) and tomorrow night he is going to help me put the
pictures on the website from this weekend. He showed me how to upload the pictures to make them more "user friendly". Hopefully, they
will load alot faster, so that even people with slow modems will be able to view the pictures. I guess we'll see tomorrow!! I was going to go to
bed early, since we didn't get alot of sleep the past two days, but I got busy with resizing some big pictures and can't believe how much
space I have gained on the site. Just when I thought I was figuring it all out, Andrew had to come over and set me straight. Looks like it's
gonna cost me a few beers, but I sure can use the help! Check back in a day or so, the pictures from the tribute came out good...can't wait to
share them with everyone.
Ginger, Cori, Emily & me...on our way to New
Tuesday, Sept. 23rd: After having a few days to recover from the weekend, and finally getting the pictures posted to the website, I was thinking I would have nothing to do this
evening but sit and watch T.V.....here it is 9:25pm and I haven't sat down long enough to see any of the new shows. Oh well, another evening blown. Where does the time go???? Cori came
over and tried to help me start my new lawnmower, but we never got it started. I'm sure my neighbors think I'm just being lazy and not mowing. Hopefully tomorrow evening I can get some
help starting it and get the yard mowed.
I have a couple of pictures from the weekend that I didn't want to post to the Waylon Tribute page (but I think they are funny...so see below!)
Cori & Ginger neither one brought their driver's license to New Braunfels. Ginger had planned to rent a car on Friday
morning and drive to San Antonio to attend a seminar and visit with her family. They realized they didn't have their
licenses when we stopped in Waco at George's Bar for dinner and they were "carded" when they ordered drinks. Since
Ginger couldn't rent a car without her license and Cori was concerned she couldn't get into Saengerhalle, we set the
alarm for 7:30am on Friday morning and I took them to the DMV in New Braunfels. The photos tell the rest of the story!!!
Saturday morning, Sept. 27th: Cori just called me. She went with some friends last night to The Horseman to see Reckless Kelly. Since Dameon Aranda had to cancel his
"opening slot" for the clubhouse show tomorrow, Cori talked to Micky Braun and Micky suggested George DeVore. I am not really familiar with him, but have heard his name in the "music
circles" for years. Anyway, we are really excited to have him opening for Micky & The Motorcars tomorrow at the clubhouse show. Also, Drew told Cori that both Cody & Willie Braun will
be sitting in with their little brothers for the show! How awesome is that!!!?? I have heard that Reckless Kelly puts on the best acoustic show of anybody! I am really excited and can't wait to
see how it goes! I got up early this morning because my house is a mess and it looks like the Mike McClure Band will be staying at "Joni's Bed & No Breakfast" tonight. Cori, Emily and I
will be going to Woody's to see them play tonight. They get better and better every time I see them...which says alot, since they were awesome from the very first time they played together. I
can't wait for the Clubhouse show on Oct.19th, to hear some of Rodney Pyeatt's stuff, as well as Tom Skinner ( I've never seen him, but I think he wrote the song "Use to Be" and I love that
song). If you're reading this, get the word out about tomorrow night's show...I think it's gonna be one to go down in the "Clubhouse history book". Also, be sure to get there a little early...I'd
be willing to bet that we will have a good crowd.
Sunday afternoon, Sept.28th: Just got the MMB on the road and am starting to gear up for this evening's show.  I made a comment to Mike before the show at Woody's last
night, that starting at 11pm was "a little late for me"....so Mike called me "too old to Rock and Roll". I'm happy to say...
I made it til the end of the show and I'm glad I did! It was very good. The
sound was pretty crummy during Magee Payne's set, but when Jimmy got there, he got it all worked out and the MMB sounded great! It's a beautiful day today (of course it is, we don't have to
haul chairs to the shows anymore!). I tried to talk them into staying and going to the show this evening, but everyone had places to be later. Jaymie has a new baby girl, and I'm sure he was
ready to get home with her.
Quote of the day: (we were sitting in my living room chatting) me: Hey, Mike, how do you like my new living room paint? mike: I knew it looked different in here,
I just thought it was clean.  
Thanks, Mike. Glad you noticed :)
Friday afternoon, Oct, 3rd: Just got home from helping my friend Ginger paint a wall in their office. It's a beautiful day...77 degrees outside. I called Woody's to find out what
time Ryan Bingham would be starting tonight and they told me that the calendar on the website was wrong and Ryan isn't playing there. I am so dissapointed. It's been way to long since we've
seen Ryan play and I know of alot of people that were planning on going up there to see him. Also, looks like the Brandon Rhyder show tomorrow night isn't going to start until around
midnight (something to do with the televised A&M game) and so that may mean I won't be going to see him either. I am disapponted...I was looking forward to both shows. I sent out a ton of
emails about both shows. I try to get as many people as I can to go out and support the guys I really like and it sucks when things get changed and ruin not only my plans but everyone elses
that I had told about it. Looks like I'll just be going to the Chris Knight show at The Horseman tonight. The original plan was to go see Ryan and then go around the corner to The Horseman
for the Chris Knight show. I'm looking forward to the Wade Bowen/Randy Rogers clubhouse show on Sunday. Since it was a last minute show, I hope the word gets out and we have a good
crowd. We're doing Cousin's barbeque for the meal. Jeff Posey is opening. I don't know much about him, but I've heard he is very good. He plays up at The Reata on the roof top sometimes,
and he "opened" for Pat Green when he was there in August. (He, John Greenberg and Mike Blakely played outside most of the afternoon of Pat's show, until the rain cancelled the rest of
their show). Think I'll get out and run a few errands...it's a beautiful day to put the top down on the bug and
just drive.
Saturday, Oct 4th: Another beautiful Saturday. I could get used to this weather! We've decided to take my couch out of my bedroom and use it at the Clubhouse shows, so I am on a
quest, looking for a chair for my dog "Pepper" to sleep in. I have been to several garage sales this morning with no luck. We went to The Horseman last night to see Chris Knight. It was
freezing in there! Kurt South & Kenny Uptain opened and Chris didn't come on until pretty late so I didn't stay for the whole show. I had at least fifteen people come up to me complaining
about Ryan Bingham being bumped from opening up at Woody's. Apparently, they all went to The Horseman when they found out he'd been cancelled. The Horseman had a great crowd.
Chris Knight was really good, sure would like to get him to the Clubhouse
acoustic. Lot's of talk going on at The Horseman among the crowd about Woody's. One guy made the comment
that Woody's needs to decide if they are a sports bar or a Texas music venue...looks like they are having trouble doing both. I hate to see people stop going up there, but I have to agree about
the TV's and live music. I've said it before...it's hard to listen to the music when you have alot of people all around you yelling over the music and watching sports on TV. One of these days, I
am going to find a rich "backer" and open a Texas Music (acoustic) venue. We need one around here really bad.  I'm so glad that Drew & Rex came to our rescue (from The Horseman). We
had outgrown the apartment clubhouse, but there is still a huge need for a "listening" type room. Although the club is large, with the candles on the tables, and the couches and tables/stools
gathered close around the stage, I think we're pulling it off as well as possible. Last week's Micky & The Motorcars show didn't seem like a very big crowd, but if that many people had been
in the apartment clubhouse room, it would have been packed. I had several people come up to me last night, saying they were really looking forward to Wade & Randy tomorrow. Me too!! I
love both those guys! They have been really good friends to "the clubhouse girls". I heard this morning that it is supposed to rain Sunday, so head over to The Horseman and stay dry. I'll
even ask Drew and Rex to turn the air not quite so cold.....doubt it'll help...better wear a sweatshirt, like we've started doing!!! Hey, speaking of sweatshirts...we are going to make up a few
"clubhouse concert" t-shirts and sell them (hopefully at the show tomorrow). If people are interested, maybe we can make up an order and have some silk screened. Don't forget, Brandon
Rhyder is playing at Woody's after the A&M game tonight. It's a late start for a show...but he's worth it. His latest cd is great! Everyone that rides in my car with me is probably getting tired
of hearing it. I just can't seem to take it out of my cd player for long...I always put it back in. Guess I'll go see if I can find any more garage sales. See ya tomorrow at the Randy Rogers/Wade
Bowen show. Come hungry...Cousin's Barbeque is
the best barbeque in town!!
Sunday afternoon, Oct.5th: Well, it's raining outside and today's a clubhouse show...feels like old times! Thanks goodness we don't have to haul those chairs anymore! I found
a chair for Pepper, so Mike & Eric are coming by before the show to get my couch. As big a pain as hauling the couches must be...at least we aren't the ones doing it. The guys at The
Horseman are storing them in their storage building and they pick them up for us and deliver them back to the building every week. I really like having the couches at the shows, gives it
that "living room" feeling. Usually, the couch seats are the first to fill up. I think the Cowboys won today. That should put people in good moods. Since it's wet outside, hopefully people will
venture out this evening and come see Randy & Wade. I've talked to quite a few people that said they are coming.
Monday Oct.6th: All I can say about last night's show is WOW!!! Wade & Randy played nonstop for 4 and 1/2 hours!!! I'll post the pictures this evening.
Monday evening, Oct. 6th: Whew...just got thru posting all of the pictures and the review of the Randy/ Wade show last night. It was a GREAT show. When you can tell how much
fun the musicians are having, it just makes it that much better. Randy was in rare form last night. He told some really funny stories and after he'd had more than enough to drink, it got a
little "R-rated". I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. I have been working on copying  the video of the show this evening, also ( isn't that called "multi-tasking?!) and it is great! Haven't
heard from Cori since she got off work...think she's catching up on her sleep. She said she got about 9 hours sleep
all weekend. I was going to get her to write the review for the show, but I
figured I'd leave her alone and do it myself. Tomorrow my brother is moving into a new house, so I am going to take off work and help him. He's been in an apartment for the past 4 1/2 years
and I'm sure he is ready to get out of it and into something of his own. Wednesday, Stoney is at the State Fair three times. I'm not sure if it is acoustic or full band, but I hope he has alot of
fans show up for it. Hopefully the weather will be nice. My dog's are barking at something outside, think I'll go get them and bring 'em into the house. It's getting late, and I don't want the
neighbor's getting mad at them.
Saturday afternoon, Oct.11th: Another week, gone by fast. Sitting here watching OU beat the pants off of
UT. It's an overcast day out with rain in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow (of course it's supposed to rain tomorrow...we
have a show). Last Wed. evening, Cori, Ginger and I went over to the Sate Fair in Dallas to see Stoney & the O.B.B. They
played three different times, and we made it over there just in time for the last song of the 2nd set. We ate way too much
junk food- I got some fried tamales that were really good and the homemade lemonade had so much sugar in it, you could
still taste the sugar granules when you were drinking it (I drank two of 'em!). After Stoney's last set, Ginger, Cori and I
headed over to the rides and rode the "crazy mouse" roller coaster. It was so much fun, when we were getting off of it, the
carney guys asked us if we wanted to ride again, so we got to ride a second time for free. Just as we were getting off of it the
second time, it started to sprinkle. By the time we got in the car, it was raining and it rained all the way home. Glad it
waited until after Stoney's last set. I think Ginger is becoming a fan of Stoney! When she and Dr. Fewins moved to Ft.
Worth, they didn't know who Pat Green was, much less the red dirt guys we listen to. Now that Cori is working for them, I
think she is "force feeding" it down their throats...they have no choice but to like it! Ginger was even wanting to buy a
"Stoney t-shirt" at the show, but they didn't have their merchandise out to sell...she said she'd get one "next time" they
played around here....so it sounds like they will be going to see him again. Jackie called this afternoon. She went to see
Brandon Rhyder last night in Wharton (at The Innkeeper). She said it was a great show. I am really looking forward to the
acoustic show at Woody's on Tuesday - Brandon Rhyder and Randy Rogers. They are two of my favorite musicians.
Tomorrow brings Ray Wylie Hubbard to the Clubhouse acoustic series. I hope we have a good crowd. Russell Kirkpatrick is
bringing the Johnny Carino's food this time. I'm hungry right now...wish I had some tonight. Cori went with some friends
to Acuna, Mexico to see Cross Canadian Ragweed. Ryan Bingham is opening for them. I'll be anxious to hear about it.
Hope she makes it back in time for the clubhouse show tomorrow. Emily isn't coming, so if Cori doesn't make it back, I'll
be "hostessing" it on my own. Glad we've got Drew and the rest of the Horseman gang to help. It's alot easier than it used
to be, that's for sure. Speaking of the "old days at the clubhouse", Whitney & Everett's baby is due in the next few weeks. I
haven't heard much from her in the past few months ( I'm sure they are busy with "baby stuff". ) Maybe after they have it,
they will be able to get a babysitter occasionally and come to some shows and everyone can catch up with them.
(eating a turkey leg)
and Stoney
"I'm a corny man"....
Sunday night, late, Oct.12th: Just one thing to say...Ray Wylie Hubbard was great!!! goin' to bed now. It's late & I've gotta be at work early in the morning.
Sunday, Oct.19th: Sitting here, waiting on time to leave for this evening's show. It's so weird, in the old days (back when we used the apartment clubhouse), I'd have to spend all day
(sometimes Saturday, too),getting ready for a show. Now, All I do is load up stuff in my car and go. I'm really looking forward to the show. I have heard great things about Tom Skinner. I got a
"little fix" of Mike and Travis on Wed. night when they played the first "95.9 The Ranch Texas Music Series" at the Horseman. Not a huge crowd, but that is how the 8.0 shows started out.
After a few shows, they were packed. I am betting that the crowd gets bigger as word gets out about them. We went to see Brandon Rhyder & Randy Rogers at Woody's on Tuesday night. It was
an acoustic songwriter's swap. They had 3 guys opening and 3 guys "headlining". Too many, if you ask me. Then, they got Phil Pritchett up to do 2 songs (which were very good, by the way)
and another friend did a song, so all in all, I think they had way too many guys in one show. (Especially when it was billed to start at 8:30pm and didn't even start until nearly 9:30pm...on a
work night no less). Brandon, Randy & Kurt South didn't even start until almost 11:00pm. Sometimes I don't think that the bars that book Texas Music realize that most of the customers
have jobs and have to go to work the next day. That is one thing I like (and want to continue) about our Clubhouse shows...start on time and finish at a reasonable hour for people that have to
get up and go to work on Monday mornings...like me, Cori and Emily.
I ended up hanging around the house most of the weekend. Got alot done, it's definitely cleaner. I'm looking forward to "Johnny Carino's" dinner tonight. Those guys from Johnny Carino's
(Derek, Donovan and Russell) have gone way beyond what we expected. We met them thru the "Texas music community" and because they are such big fans of the guys that play at the
Clubhouse shows, they have donated the food for all of the shows.  I know everyone appreciates it, but I'm not sure that everybody knows that they've done it for free. If you are ever in a town
that has a Johnny Carino's, be sure and give them your business...especially Derek at the Grand Prairie restaurant, and Donovan in Lewisville and Russell in Denton. They are great guys
and we appreciate the delicious food they bring. Wonder if Derek's bringing Mike's favorite "Chicken Milano" tonight. I'm hungry...can't wait!!!!!
12:17am Monday morning, Oct. 20th: To quote Roger Ray..."That was the best Clubhouse show, ever"....if you missed it, it's your loss. It
was awesome.
Wed.Oct.22nd, 11pm: Went up to The Horseman for the Ranch's FREE show. Ray Wylie Hubbard and Susan Gibson were both really good. They had a little bit bigger crowd than
last Wed. Ran into Roger Ray and talked him into coming to the clubhouse show on Sunday and sitting in with Ryan Bingham. Those two are great together. Talked to Stoney today. He's
sick and needed some medicine. He said he was going to cancel his show this evening but plans on feeling better by Friday. He better get well...there will be some dissapointed fans at
Woody's on Friday if he can't make it. Guess I better get to bed...haven't been sleeping too well lately...not sure if it's all the talk about ghosts or whether the "house guest" that I caught last
week is making me uneasy at night.
Sat.evening, Oct.25th: Spent all day working on getting stuff together for a garage sale. I think I'll do it next weekend. I have alot of stuff, and Whitney had left a bunch of stuff
over here after her last garage sale, so between the two of us, I think we'll have alot of junk for sale. Their baby is due next week, so I don't think I'll make her sit over here and help me with
the sale, though. The weather cooled off considerably this afternoon. I am planning to keep an eye on the upcoming week's temperatures and will make my final decision about having the
sale towards the end of the week. Sure am looking forward to getting some more room in the garage. I talked to Stoney last night and he said he would come over and do another "Stoney at
Joni's" show. Last year's show in my garage was absolutely my favorite acoustic show...ever! I've had lots of people that attended last year's party asking if he's gonna do it again. Hopefully we
can schedule it for soon, or we'll have to wait until spring time, since we do it outside. Now that we have Clubhouse shows every Sunday, it's going to be difficult to find a good day, between
Stoney's and my schedule. Sine we have shows already scheduled until the end of Dec., I am thinking spring time will work the best. Emily & I went to Woody's last night to see SLOBB.  
They put on a great show (as always!). Peter Dawson & Band opened for Mark David Manders at The Horseman so after their set, they came down and enjoyed Stoney's show, too. Amanda
Brown got up and sang "Downtown" with Stoney. I'm glad Stoney was feeling better. He even did a little bit of a Dave Matthews song, and sounded just like him..he said it was because his
voice was a little "off" due to his being sick earlier in the week. His voice sounded great to me. Got home about 1:30am, so am looking forward to getting some sleep tonight. Don't forget to
turn your clocks back one hour.
Monday evening, Oct.27th: Just got the photos and review posted from last night's Billy Joe Shaver show. It was a great show! Ryan Bingham & Roger Ray wowed the audience.
There were alot of people there that had never been to a clubhouse show, so they weren't familiar with Ryan. I know he had lots of new fans after his set. It was great to see him, too. Things
are really going good for him. He has a new sponsor and he's even driving a new truck that they have provided him. Billy Joe Shaver was awesome. He's a really nice guy, too. Last night
Drew proposed to us an idea that he was thinking might help us boost our attendance a little. We've decided to try it this next Sunday. We're going to offer a $10 ticket (and include dinner &
soft drinks) or a $5 ticket, which will just pay for the entertainment. That way, if you've already eaten or your just trying to save a few bucks, you can still come to the show and get an
evening's worth of entertainment for only $5. I think it's a great idea. Spread the word and I guess we'll see how it goes Sunday. I talked to Stoney earlier today. He's still feeling crummy. I
think that those guys just get so run down, playing night after night, that it makes it harder to fight germs.
It was a beautiful day today. I hope the weather stays good through the end of the week so I can go ahead with the garage sale plans. I'm gonna take off work Wed. & Thurs. (I am off already
on Friday), and I'm thinking I will probably have the sale Thursday & Friday. Wednesday night is Seth James & Macon Grayson at The Ranch's Free Show @ The Horseman. Seth James
plays first and then MG. Thursday night is The Ranch's party at their new digs in downtown Ft. Worth. Jack Ingram is playing. We're still undecided about Halloween night. There's alot
going on that night. Guess we'll make that decision when it gets a little closer.
I've been watching the Gruene With Envy awards site. Looks like Pat Green & Mike McClure are neck and neck for songwriter of the year. Everybody knows how much I love Pat, but I have
to say, I hope Mike gets it. He is absolutely
the best songwriter around. So...cast your vote, if you haven't already!! Have a great week and maybe we'll see ya around on Halloween!
Saturday night, Nov.1st: The garage sale is finally over!!! I am so tired. Three days of haggling with people over 25 cent items. What is the matter with people anyway??? I even
had one man ask me to give him a quarter item for free. But I have to say...my garage is alot emptier now than it was three days ago. It is even cleaned out and ready to have another
"Stoney" party in it. Now, I just have to pin Stoney down. I ended up staying home and giving out candy last night. I would have loved to see Randy Rogers at Woody's, but I was tired and
dirty from sitting outside all day and didn't have the energy to get cleaned up and go out. Cori and I went to "Wing Stop" for dinner this evening. The manager cut us a good deal on
chicken wings so tomorrow night, we're gonna be picking up an assortment of flavors for the Clubhouse show. The guys around the corner from the Horseman, at "Coolenjoys" are going to
be bringing the dessert...awesome ice cream! We've gotten ice cream from them several times lately and it is delicious. I got an email from Whitney yesterday...still no baby, but she's
betting it'll be next week. I'll let everyone know, as soon as I know something. I think I'm gonna go to bed early tonight. I'm pooped.
Monday, Nov.3rd: I have to agree with RandyRogers...Adam Carroll really is "the schizzle"!!! Great show last night. Great crowd. Great food.
Tuesday, Nov.4th: Just got off the phone from Jackie. She was telling me what a great time they had in Terlingua. This is the third year in a row that she and Ryan have gone.
Sounds like lots of fun. She said she took 5 rolls of pictures, so I told her to pick out 10 - 15 of the best ones and I will make a "Jackie's trip to Terlingua" page for everyone to see. Hopefully,
she'll email them to me in the next few days. She'll be home for Thanksgiving (and her birthday). We're planning to go see Brandon Rhyder on the Sat. after Thanksgiving (at Woody's) for
her birthday, so if you're reading this...you're invited to help her celebrate. Cori & Emily went to Denton this evening to see Mike McClure (acoustic). I would have loved to have gone, but I
had things I needed to do and since I have to be at work in the morning, I decided to stay home. I needed to. I got lots done, but I missed Mike. Bet it was good...but I'm sure I'll hear all about it
:) I got an email from Whitney today. Still no baby but for sure by next week. We were talking about Radney Foster today at work. I can't wait for his Clubhouse show. I am a huge fan. I was
telling Tom (the audiologist in our office) about how many songs Radney has written that he would recognize, and it made me want to get out my "Are you ready for the big show?" cd and
listen to it. That's a great cd. His latest one is good, also (it's the one with "Everyday Angel" on it). A few years ago, Jackie and I went to Borders Books on Hulen for his cd release party and
there were about 10 people there. I couldn't believe it. He is awesome. Hopefully we'll have lots more people at the Horseman show. I've been working on booking the musicians for Matt's
birthday party on Dec.21st. I hope we can work it out. Either way, we'll have good entertainment and I'm sure Matthew will have a good time. He'll have lots of friends in town for the
Christmas holidays and he says he's already spreading the word about the party. I'm not sure I'm gonna like the fact that he'll be 21 and can drink legally...actually I guess it's better than
being under age and
drinking illegally!!! He's a good kid, though. I'm lucky. Oh well, enough of that...think I'll get ready for bed....I bet Cori and Emily are really enjoying Mike's music about
now...I should have gone.
Friday, Nov.7th: It's cold and rainy outside. How quickly this Texas weather changes! I'm glad I had my garage sale last weekend. Last night, Matthew and I went to The Jubilee
Theater downtown to see a play called "Flyin' West". Matt is taking an "Afro-American Drama" class at UTA and it was required, so I went with him. It was a great play. I had never been
there before, but on the way home we were talking about how much we had enjoyed it, and I think we may go to see another play sometime. Think I'll stay home this evening and wash a few
loads of clothes. Hope it doesn't rain all weekend. I'm already sick and tired of the cold weather and it isn't even winter yet.
Sunday night (almost Monday morning) Nov.9th: Drew wasn't kidding, Ian Moore was awesome. He is such a talented guy. He said he had a bit of a cold, but I sure
couldn't tell it in his voice. He has such range. And his guitar playing is great, too. We had a great crowd, most everyone that had come to see him had never been to a clubhouse show before,
but they were very attentive and quiet during the music. The food was great and the show was over at a "decent" hour.  We've decided to do something a little different for next week's show.
We are going to try a canned food drive, so if you want to get in for just $5 (and that includes your dinner)...bring 5 canned food items with you and you can get in for $5 & 5 -
cans, that is.. If
not, it'll cost you $10 for the dinner and show. Hopefully we can collect some cans for the Tarrant County Food Bank. It's gonna be a great show...Houston Marchman AND Matt Martindale
on one stage!
Thursday Nov.13th: It's cold outside...ugh! I came home and turned on the "electric" logs in my fireplace...makes me "think" it's getting warmer in here, anyway. Last night,
Sandy (from my office) and I went down to 8.0 to listen to Mike McClure & Susan Gibson. Jordan Mycoskie started the show off. It was a fairly full room, but I have to "vent" my usual
complaint...too much talking going on during the songs. Even people at my table (that I thought would be respectful and listen) were talking. I get so tired of loud smokey bars. I just wish
there were places to go (other than just our shows on Sundays) to listen to these talented musicians in a quiet atmosphere. After their break, Mike got up and started singing "Break in the
Storm" and he actually had to stop and ask the staff to turn off the overhead music. After the break, the room cleared out alot (people left and went to The Horseman to see Randy Rogers &
Wade Bowen). Sandy & I stayed until the end. It was a great show. Mike and Susan are really good together. The highlight of the evening was "Wicked game of Hearts." Ali & her mom were
there from Wichita Falls. They will be moving to Fort Worth in the spring. That's a good thing, being as Ali is here about 2 days (nights, I should say) a week anyway. She is going to Europe
in the spring for a semester of school and I think they will move here after she gets back. Len just called. He said I missed a great night at The Horseman last night. He said it was really
crowded. Randy Rogers called me this evening and said he is sick. We called him out some medicine so hopefully he will be able to play tomorrow night. He had to cancel this evening's show
in Nacadoches. Gotta run...Cori and I are going to Target in a few minutes.