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Jan. 25, '06  It's been a long time since I sat down at the computer to write my "journal". I was updating the website a few days ago, and stumbled across my old journal entries, which had been taken down off the website a while back (because I hadn't written anything since Nov. '04). I sat and read it all over again, and really enjoyed reading about my life and the Texas music "scene" in '03 and '04, thinking about how much has changed and how much is still the same. I decided to put the link back up in case anyone else wanted to "reminisce" with me. Lots has happened since Nov. '04 and I am not even going to try to catch up on everything ( I couldn't remember it all, if I had to!). We had just barely gotten settled in at The White Elephant in Nov. 04 and have had an awesome first year (plus a few months) since then. Kim Phillips pointed out how I had said (in the old journal) that practically every Clubhouse show was "the best one ever"!
I can't help it, that's how I feel. I've seen tons of Clubhouse shows in the past year that
were the best Clubhouse show ever!! It is really hard for me to believe that Emily and I have been doing the Clubhouse shows for 4 years now. This month marks the 4th anniversary of the very first Clubhouse show (Max Stalling). Again - alot has changed but so much has stayed the same. Although we are in a larger room than the apartments, we are still able to bring the listening environment to the fans that really care. Going back and reading the old journal entries made me remember how hard it was to haul the chairs over to the apartment complex and how often it seemed to rain on Sundays! Thank goodness we don't have to do that anymore. We've seen bands come and go (and band members come and go and switch bands, etc). In fact, right now I'm "mourning" the demise of one of my favorite bands "The Burtschi Brothers" and wondering what will happen to Travis and the other guys in the band. When Travis first played the Clubhouse (with Mike McClure many years ago), no one knew who he was. Now he has a huge Ft Worth following. We've seen Stoney with The Organic Boogie Band, then with just Jeremy, then with the new Stoney LaRue Band, now without Jeremy but looking to pick up a new band member. The first time I met Mike McClure was at Billy Bob's when he was with The Great Divide. Soon afterwards, he was one of our favorites at the Clubhouse, coming back on nearly a monthly basis there for a while. I am really looking forward to the show this Sunday with Mike and The Dedringers. It's been almost a year since Mike has graced our stage.
We've got alot of great shows coming up in the next few months and I am sure they will be
"the best Clubhouse show ever!"
This Friday night, Emily, Amy and I are going to see The Stragglers at Billy Bob's. Last Friday night, we went to see Stoney's band at The Horseman (where they had a record crowd!!) and then Saturday night we went to Billy Bob's to see Randy Rogers' Band (and they sold out the place!!!). Better catch a show by some of these guys while you can, because one of these days (probably in the very near future), it won't be as easy to see them in an "up close, personal" type show and you will be sitting back with us saying ... "remember when we used to go see them at the Clubhouse". Those were the days!
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January 28th 'o6 Went to Billy Bob's last night to see Jason Boland and The Stragglers. They put on a great show. The crowd was very enthusiastic, which always helps. Of course, an obnoxious drunk guy was sitting next to me, as usual. He kept yelling out to Jason "Sing it, Brothaaaaaa" and stood up most of the time, blocking mine and Kim's view. Highlight of the night - for me - was "Gallo Del Ciello" (the rooster song). I am so glad they are putting it in their set these days. Roger Ray tore it up on guitar. I could sit and watch him play guitar the whole night! Jason's voice sounded great and he looks great. He seems happy when he's on stage, so I am thinking all is going well with him. We ran into Casey Mack after the show. He is wanting the Clubhouse to do a benefit for Steve Berg. Steve is a member of Eleven Hundred Springs. A few weeks ago, he was riding his motorcylce in a rally and had a terrible accident. He broke his pelvis, among other injuries. I am hoping we can work out a date and get some musicians to come and play. Casey also invited us to Nashville on Feb.16th. They are having some sort of "previewing" of alot of bands and on the 16th, alot of our favorites are playing. I am really wanting to go... might be the first road trip in the new bug!! I need to get a little more info about it and see if I can talk Emily into going (and maybe Kim - she seemed interested).
We're finally getting some much needed rain. Not enough to break the "drought", but it is definitely wet outside.
I got up early this morning and headed over to Foley's to their Ticketmaster outlet. Van Morrison tickets went on sale at 10am!!!!! I haven't seen him in about 30 years, so I am really excited about going. I was the SECOND person in line and the best available tickets were in the top section @ Nokia. How can that be????? I guess the scalpers were on line buying them up before the first lady in line was done buying hers. Oh well, they say all of the seats at Nokia are good, so at least we'll be in the same room as Van.... I'm already planning on buying a t-shirt! Gotta feed the addiction! When I got home, Gypsy (the dog from HELL) had eaten two of my shoes. She also ate one yesterday, plus one of my favorite flip flops. I think she has figured out how to open my closet door, because I made sure it was closed before I left the house this morning. I am beginning to lose my patience with her. I beat her with whatever she chews on, and she just wags her tail like she hasn't got a brain in her head. Maybe I've caused brain damage (or baby shaking syndrome - can you do that to a dog??) Could be possible - she's been beaten with a bathroom plunger several times, as well as many shoes, pillows off the couch, newspapers, telephones, picture frames, remotes... just to name a few. I think she waits until I leave the house and she looks around and says "What can I chew up today?" Since I have a doggy door, she drags everything out into my backyard and I come home to a mess. And then she gets beat... and then we start all over the next time I leave her.
Guess I'll get started on my laundry and start getting stuff ready for tomorrow's Clubhouse show. I'm looking SO forward to Mike McClure & The Dedringers!!
Boland @ Billy Bob's
Roger "tearing it up!"
Gypsy chewing on one of her favorite "toys"... a rock!
The LabraDoodle from hell!
Saturday Feb.4th: Nothing much to say the past few days, but that my life pretty much sucks. On Wed., I was leaving for work and was walking down my front porch stairs, rolled my ankle...and fell down the stairs.... I called my friend Sandra (from work) and she came and got me (from the driveway, where I stayed until she came) and she took me to the emergency room. After many hours at the emergency room, they took xrays and turns out, my ankle is broken. I am now in a hard cast and having to walk on crutches and it sucks. I have been in a bad mood ever since. I really don't know how I am going to do much of anything, until I can walk on it.
Thank goodness for good friends. Shauna and Emily are coming by to get me this evening and we're going to Woody's for the Burtschi's last show.
Somehow, I am going to haul the stuff down to the Clubhouse show tomorrow and somehow, I am planning on working on Monday. Thank goodness it's my left leg. I should be able to drive.
And I'm not letting it keep me from going to Nashville on the 15th!! It may slow me down a little, but I'm going! We can't wait, in fact. We've been invited by Casey Mack (of Smith Music) to a Smith Music showcase on Thursday Feb. 16th, featuring many of the musicians we love so much (Stoney & band, Stragglers, Micky & The Motorcars - to name a few). I've never driven that direction, so am looking forward to the stop in Memphis to see Sun Records and maybe Graceland. Our hotel is on "Music Row" in Nashville. Hopefully I will be able to at least put some weight down on my foot by then and be able to walk around and see everything.
I am really lucky to have good friends and a good son.... thanks to Sandra for putting up with me for hours at the emergency room on Wed. and thanks to Matthew (who is sick and tired of my "whining") for everything you have done for me the past few days. I am an independant sort of person and I HATE having to ask for help. I don't know what I would have done without Matt's help ( I guess I probably would have just sat down and cried!). Slowly I am figuring out how to do stuff, while walking on crutches and by the time Nashville rolls around, I hope to be moving on it pretty good.
Looking forward to seeing Travis and the Burtschi boys tonight. Think I'll ask them to sign my cast!
Sunday Feb. 5th: The Burtschi Brothers show was great! Travis made the comment that they would be back again, so hopefully this wasn't their last show!
I'm a little unsure about how I'm going to handle the Clubhouse show tonight (on crutches). Thank goodness Shauna stayed in town and is going to drive me there and back. Also wondering how I am going to do at work tomorrow......
Tuesday night Feb.14th: Well, the ankle problem went from bad to worse. Turned out, I had a blood clot in my leg and was put in the hospital last Thursday. Just got out today. It sucked!! I'll write more later, when I'm in a better mood......
To say the least, we're not going to Nashville tomorrow. I've ruined the trip for Emily & Shauna and I am really bummed.
Saturday Feb. 18th: Well, I have basically been in a bad mood since Wed. Feb. 1st. I'm sick and tired of being in a bad mood, so this morning I woke up and told myself it is time to shape up. There is lot's worse in life than having a broken ankle. The blood clot in my leg definitely didn't help. It scared me to death! One minute I was at the orthopedic doctor's office (just went in for an Xray), next thing I know, he's ripping my cast off and telling me I need to get to the hospital asap or I could die. Gotta say, it helped put alot of things into perspective for me, though. I had six days of laying in the hospital bed, thinking about my life and what I have accomplished. There is still alot I would like to do. I know I'm not ready to die and I know what it would do to my son, Matt, if I died. Thank the Lord for Matt. He has helped me with everything around the house. I gripe at him alot and get mad if he blows me off, but he has a life, too, so I am going to stop giving him a hard time and just be happy that I'm alive and have such a great son. Who cares if my house is a mess ( it's been 18 days since I could walk on my foot to clean house, do laundry etc). I am getting a little case of cabin fever though. Glad it's 25 degrees outside and since I hate being cold, I'll be happy staying inside. Luckily, my brother and I hadn't sold the little "electric scooter" that was my mom's. Those crutches were really hard for me to navigate on and now I can just "scoot" around the house. This morning I figured out how to do the laundry by myself. I can drag it into the utility room in a trash bag, throw it into the washer and dryer and then throw it back into the trash bag and drag it onto the couch where I can fold it and then slowly take it from the living room into my room to put up. So far I've gotten two loads done today and I really feel like I accomplished something! Not sure if I can vacuum sitting down, so I will probably just live with the dog hair for a while longer. Speaking of dog hair, yesterday I had the "Aussie Pet Mobile Groomers" out to the house and got all three dogs bathed, They just pull up out front and take one dog at a time out to their "mobile bath tub" and give them baths, etc. Since Pepper and Abbey are turning 4 this month, I told them it was their "birthday party"!
It's apparently pretty icey out on the roads today - I wouldn't know since I am stuck in the house, but I'm glad I don't need to get out. We've decided to cancel the "4th Anniversary Clubhouse Show" tomorrow night. Several reasons, but the main one being that we (the "Clubhouse Girls") really don't want the responsibility of a bunch of drunks out on the icey roads. Also, Emily and Amy drive from Lewisville, Rachel Allene drives in from Denton and Shauna was even coming in from Oklahoma. I don't want them out on the roads, taking chances, either. I talked to Brandon Jenkins and he was in total agreement. We will reschedule him as soon as we can. So - should you decide to get out on the raods this weekend, we won't be responsible! ! Take your time and be VERY careful. It doesn't take but a split second to start sliding and end up in a bad situation.
Guess I'll go see if my third load of laundry is ready to drag into the living room.
Stay warm - and safe.
Friday, Feb. 24th: I rode through the Taco Bueno drive thru with Matt today..... what did you do????? I am going crazy!!!!!!!!!
Monday, Feb. 27th: Maybe things are starting to look a little better... I had my orthopedist appointment this morning and he said my ankle is beginning to heal. I had to go buy some prescription orthopedic socks (like an old lady wears!) and the doctor told me to start trying to put a little bit of weight down on my leg. I saw him about three hours ago and so far I haven't tried... I am so scared to put any weight on it. I still have to wear the walking boot all the time and keep my foot elevated when I am sitting down, but if I can just get around a little without crutches, I will be so happy! I called the Nokia Theater last week and asked them how I was going to be able to get to my seat for Van Morrison next Monday. They say they have an elevator that goes up most of the way, but I would have to walk up the last 24 steps!! NO WAY can I do that (especially coming down 24 steps... I would kill myself for sure!). Anyway, I think they are going to let me and Emily sit in the "handicapped" area, which would save me the steps and I assume, they will actually be better seats. I hope so. I can't wait for that show!!
I am so tired of not being able to do anything. I went grocery shopping by myself yesterday (used the crutches to get inside the store, then used the little electric cart, and one of the sacker ladies helped me put it in the car). Only problem... I couldn't carry it into my house while using the damn crutches!! So my non-perishable groceries are still out there, waiting for someone to come over and offer to carry them into the house. Hopefully by this evening I can find someone to help me. I was able to carry the smaller sacks inside, that had my yogurt and orange juice in them, thank goodness, or they would have all gone bad.
Well, after I update the website, I guess I'll go TRY and stand on my leg. Matthew just called! He's on his way over to help with my groceries and take my trash to the curb. YAY!!!! Thank goodness for him. Don't know what I would have done the past month without his help.
Saturday March 11: Well here it is, the night before the Rodney Branigan show at the Clubhouse, and I'm just wondering... will everyone come out to see this amazing guy or will they sit at home on their asses, missing a show that will most definitely be one of the most amazing acoustic shows they've ever seen?? I have tried SO HARD to get the word out about him, but not sure if it worked. Guess I'll know in less than 24 hours.
I worked this week... half days, Tuesday thru Thursday. Practically wore me out! I cannot wait to get the cast off my leg and off of the crutches. I have been "putting some weight" on my leg this week and am actually able to step down on it without it hurting and get around a little crutches-less. I don't want to push it and cause further damage, but I think I am beginning to see there is actually going to be an end to this nightmare!
Went to see Van Morrison on Monday night. My friend Sandy had borrowed a wheel chair for me, but at the last minute I decided to just use the crutches. Big mistake. There was a long ramp just to get up to the building and then a very long walk to the seats (thank goodness the management of Nokia took pity on me and let me and Emily sit on folding chairs in a "handicapped area"). I would have NEVER made it up the stairs to where our seats actually were. Van was great, but we were a little dissapointed in the length of the show (about 90 minutes) and the fact that he sang a bunch of songs we weren't familiar with. I had SO MANY songs I wanted to hear, but at least we got "Moondance" and "Brown Eyed Girl".
That night, when Emily got home, she got  on the internet and bought us tickets for Bob Dylan (at Nokia) on April 15th. She got good seats, too. He's touring with Merle Haggard (whom I've never seen) (and am not familiar with his songs - unless I've heard some of the Texas-Red Dirt guys sing them). BUT, I love Dylan, and I can't wait for the show!! Hope he plays longer than Van Morrison did.
Got my tickets in the mail this week for Stoney's "Live at Billy Bob's" CD recording show. He's there on April 28th (HIS BIRTHDAY!!). He's at the Larry Joe Taylor festival the night before, so I think a few of us are going to drive to Stephenville for the Thursday night show and then head back home so we can be ready for the Billy Bob's show the next night. I hope the LJT fest doesn't keep people from coming out to Stoney's recording. How many times have I said "I am so proud of Stoney and his band'???? This is definitely their year!!! Wonder how long it takes until the Live at Billy Bob's cd will actually come out? Too long... that's for sure :)
Another Saturday night, and here I sit, with my leg "elevated", watching TV. Guess I'll go feel sorry for myself and get ready for bed. After-all, it's almost 9pm..............
Monday Morning March 13: OH MY GOSH!!!! Rodney Branigan was truly unbelievable!!! We didn't have as big of a crowd as I had hoped for, but definitely one of the most appreciative crowds ever! How can you not stand up and cheer, after every song... He was so good. I'm gonna have to say it again (this is for Kim Phillips!) THAT WAS THE BEST CLUBHOUSE CONCERT EVER!!!
I am so excited, we got it on video tape. I can't wait to sit down and watch it. I also bought his "Live" cd. His wife said it is a compilation of three of his cd's, so I hope it had alot of the stuff he did last night. And, not only is he talented, but he was really funny! The covers were great (especially the Brady Bunch song!), but when he did Jimi Hendrix "Castles made of Sand"... wow! I could go on and on but I won't. I am actually fixing to leave for my doctor's appointment and then off to work. I'm starting to feel like a real person again.
If you missed the show last night, I made him PROMISE to come back soon and do another show. As of right now, we're looking at the end of May or June sometime. In the meantime, spread the word about this guy. Don't miss him next time!
Thursday March 16: Went to the doctor on Monday and the best news yet... don't have to use the crutches anymore! Still walking on the "walking boot cast", but things are much better without crutches!
I've been working on booking some Clubhouse shows. You may notice some new names on the calendar. I am really trying to get some new talent into the Clubhouse "mix". Obviously, it's alot harder these days to book Stoney or Randy, or a few of the other favorites. I have decided it's time to give some newer musicians a chance to be heard. I'm not sure that the "Clubhouse crowd" will be as willing to give some new people a chance, but I want to try, anyway. After the smaller than I thought would be there" crowd for Rodney Branigan, I realize it's going to be harder to get people out for musicians they aren't familiar with, but I think that I still want to try it.
I got an email from Rodney Branigan, and he's agreed to come back on May 28th. I'm excited. I really loved his show and hope that some more people will come out the next time. I'm sure everyone that was there will help get people out, too.
We've got a big chance of rain this weekend, starting tomorrow sometime. I hope they're right cause we sure need it, even though this would be the first weekend "sans crutches" that I can actually get out and do some stuff.
Monday 3/20/06: Well last night was a first for the Clubhouse. We canceled the show at the very last minute. North Texas got deluged with rain this weekend (I haven't heard the news today, but I think my area of town got around 4 inches of rain). We really need it around here, but maybe not in quite such a heavy dose. Anyway, Shauna came down from Oklahoma for the show, driving thru the torential rain and seeing alot of flooding along the way. She got here early enough to stop by my house so we went down to The White Elephant together. About a half hour before we left to head down there, the news was saying that there was alot of flooding in the area, so I called Emily, Amy & Allene and told them not to drive down here (they come from Lewisville & Denton). As it turned out, Emily & Amy were on their way and they said it was really bad out, so I think they were relieved to not have to drive in it. Anyway, when we got to the White Elephant, Jamie from The Sidehill Gougers had just called. She said they had decided to take the backroads from Austin and were having a tough time in the high water and rain making it up here. We had to make a call, so I chose to cancel the show. I didn't want anyone getting into a wreck or anything, just to come to the show. I think it was the right decision. As the evening went on, it rained more and more so by the time the show would have let out, it would have been pretty trecherous out there. Thanks to Brad Hines, who was already there to do our sound, for stepping up and playing to the few patrons that did come out (thanks to Kim and Roger, sorry we weren't able to let you know we had canceled the show).
It felt weird to be sitting at home on a Sunday night, watching TV, but I was glad that I was inside and not out on the roads.
Shauna spent the night, got up early and headed back to Oklahoma. We laughed that she drove all the way down here for dinner.  We were both disappointed that we didn't get to see The Sidehill Gougers, but I plan on re-booking them as soon as I can find an open Sunday.
I read today that Walt Wilkins and Brandon Rhyder are going to be on The Front Porch show this Sunday before Walt's Clubhouse show. (Think maybe he'll bring Brandon with him when he heads over from Dallas?) I can't wait to purchase Walt's new CD - Brad Hines says it's incredible!! Sunday is Emily's birthday celebration, too. What a great show for a birthday "present"! She's got a couple of roadtrips planned for Friday and Saturday night. Hopefully she'll still be standing by Sunday!
For whatever reason, Gypsy - the dog from Hell, is really wild tonight - maybe whe's got a touch of cabin fever from the rain. I think I'll go throw her toy to her for awhile and try to wear her out.....
Monday April 3rd: Well it's been over a week since I last posted anything here. Let's see, alot has happened.... the dog from hell has chewed up at least 4 or 5 more of my shoes and I still can't get up the nerve to put her in the kennel. She spent one night in it last Saturday night (when Matt dog sat at my house) and he said she actually was fine in it. I don't know what my problem is. I feel like it is sooo mean, but if she doesn't stop chewing up my shoes, I won't have any left.
I got a sonogram on my leg last Wed., to check and see what the status of the blood clot is and I got some great news. It is getting much smaller and hopefully will be basically dissolved in not too much longer. I feel like I have a new lease on life! I dodged the big bullet! So, I called up Emily and asked her if she would go with me to New Braunfels to see Stoney & Mike McClure on Saturday night, as sort of a celebration that I think I'm going to live! We left around 4pm on Saturday (from Lewisville) and got to Gruene Hall about 10 minutes before Stoney and his band started! The weather was perfect, there was a cool breeze blowing thru the dancehall and both Stoney & Mike were great! Cody Canada was in the house and sat in on some songs. Our friend Cori happened to be there, too, so it was sort of like old times. We got to visit with Ryan Bingham, who had a birthday the day before. I miss seeing him. He has spent alot of time lately in California and said he will be going back there in a couple of weeks.
Emily and I got up on Sunday morning and drove up to Gruene to take a picture of the new bug infront of "my favorite place in the whole world"... looks alot like my picture of the last bug in front of Gruene Hall but I think it came out good...
this is the "old" bug
...and here's the "new" bug!!
I got back to Fort Worth (after dropping Emily off at Grapevine Mills Mall - where Amy picked her up!), just in time to jump in the shower and head down to the Clubhouse show. Mike Graham did an awesome job - as always. He has been a favorite of ours ever since the old days at the apartments. He did a song swap with a guy named Briane Keane, who I had never met. He seemed to gain alot of fans, because I saw them selling quite a few cd's during the show.
This coming Sunday is our big 4th Anniversary show with Brandon Jenkins and Brad Hines. I just can't believe we are still "in business" four years later... what a great ride it has been. Hopefully we can ride this wave for a long time.
Emily and I talked alot on the trip about past shows and all of these great musicians that we have come to call our "friends". We are truly blessed. I couldn't ask for a better life. The past two months have really opened up my eyes. You never know when or where something might happen to turn your whole world upside down. Enjoy every day like it may be your last and most importantly, tell your friends and family how much they mean to you, while you can.
Friday night April 14th: It's been a busy week. The 4th Anniversary show last Sunday night was a great one! I was really dissapointed when Brad Hines told me that his recorder wasn't working (again) (we missed the show the week before, too). When I booked Brandon to play the anniversary show, we decided to do it with just him (not a song swap) because I thought it would be neat to get to hear lots of stories about the songs, why he wrote them, etc. and I was really hoping to get it on cd. It was a great show, even without being able to record it though. Brandon told lots of stories and I could tell everyone was enjoying getting to hear them. I bought a cake from Sam's (they have the best cakes!) and had the girl at the bakery write "Happy Anniversary" on it. It looked really bad! I got a #4 candle and put it on the crappy cake and I talked Emily & Amy into pretending to blow it out with me. They thought I was pretty dumb to make them do it, but they did! See picture.---------->
Thanks for being such good sports, you two!!
We were dissapointed that Allene couldn't be there, but since she works for Texas Motor Speedway, we knew ahead of time that she would be working. Shauna came down from Oklahoma with her friend Macy and they helped out with serving the food, etc.
Hopefully pictures will be posted soon. Jeff Coker has offered to post the last few shows, but is having some computer issues.

Things are going pretty well with my ankle. I haven't used the walking boot at all at work ALL WEEK! In fact, I haven't even used it at all the past two days ( I was sleeping with it just because I didn't want a dog jumping up on the bed and landing on my ankle). It is feeling pretty good. Now if I could just retrain my leg to walk straight! Matt told me the other day to put the boot back on because when I limped, people didn't know there was anything wrong with my ankle and I looked retarded. Such a sweet son...  Tomorrow night is Bob Dylan & Merle Haggard at Nokia. I am meeting Emily, Amy, Emily's dad & brother there. Can't wait!!
This morning at 8am (on my day off) the Aussie Mobile Pet Groomers came out and gave my babies baths. They smell so good! I took a few pictures of them during and after baths....
Gypsy getting a bath
We don't have a show this Sunday night, since it is Easter. I don't have to work on Monday, so I am looking forward to getting to sleep late the next few days. The next Sunday is my birthday show. I am really looking forward to it. I love all of the guys that are playing (big surprise, huh, since I am the one that does the booking and it's my birthday show!).
Monday April 24th: Well, here I go again, saying "That was the best Clubhouse show, ever"!!! Last night's installment of the Clubhouse Concerts Acoustic Series was awesomely unbelievably incredibally good! My day (my birthday day) started out great, as well. Stoney was playing at an RV/Boat show down the street  - literraly blocks - from my house in the afternoon. Len came over and rode with me and we met Emily & Amy at the show. It was pretty evident that Stoney had just woke up when he got there ( I think he forgot to comb his hair!) and he was pretty hungover acting, but he put on a great show/comedy act. I am assuming he figured it was easier to throw jokes and talking in, between songs, therefore not singing quite as much, but he was still really, really good. We got to throw out alot of requests and even got to hear a brand new song that he wrote with Mike McClure & Tom Skinner. He said he plans on singing it Friday night at the CD/DVD recording at Billy Bob's.
Sam, Jason, Ryan & Buck put on one hell of a great show at the Clubhouse. I went into the evening with the attitude "it's my birthday and if anybody gets loud and disturbs the show, they're out", but as it turned out, everyone was very attentive and appreciative. They got through a little after 11pm and I overheard several people make the comment "I can't believe Joni is still here"... There was no way I was leaving until they were through. I didn't want to miss any of it.
Last year, this week was the absolute worst week of my life. My mother was in the hospital and not expected to live and so I missed my "birthday show", with Sam, Walt, and Brandon Rhyder. A few minutes after I got home from the hospital, totally wrung out, my phone rang. It was Jeff Coker, holding the phone up as Sam sang "Happy Birthday" to me. My mom died three days later. Last night, the guys asked me up on stage and they sang to me, again. After giving them all a hug for being so sweet, I guess I just got totally overwhelmed and the tears started flowing. I miss my mom so much. In an instant, I was brought back to last year at this time. I hope it didn't make the guys uncomfortable (hopefully they didn't even notice). Thank goodness for my brother, Matt, Emily, Amy, Allene and Ali for being there to give me "emotional" support. Although it got a little bit "shakey" there for a minute, all in all, it was a great birthday and I want to thank my friends for sharing it with me.
Friday, April 28th: Well, the big day (for us and for Stoney) is finally here!!! Tonight is Stoney's Live CD recording at Billy Bob's! When we went to see him last Sunday, he said there were three things that he wanted to accomplish in his career. The first one (he was talking to Justin Frizzell at the time), was appearing on The Wolf's Front Porch show, which he has done many times. The second one was to record a Live CD at Billy Bob's which he is doing tonight and the third one is to play at Willie's picnic, which he is doing on July 4th! What a great year for him and his career! And tonight is his birthday, too. How cool is that?!!
We've got a huge group meeting at Mercado Juarez Restaurant for dinner and a "pre-party" around 8pm. Then, we will all head over to Billy Bob's for the show. I can't wait. I am always afraid I will be dissapointed when I am really looking forward to something, but I don't think there is any way I could be disappointed after tonight!
It has been stormy around here this afternoon, and expected to be severe by tonight, but even crappy weather can't dampen my mood! I had Margaret (my friend that works in my office building) make a cake for Stoney for his birthday. I picked it up from her a little while ago and dropped it off at Billy Bob's already.She did a great job! The only problem is that it has that icing "picture" on the top, that if the cake is tilted at all, the picture cracks. It had a few little cracks when I took it over there. Hopefully it will hold up for him to see it before it gets eaten backstage!

I took a picture of it ------->
Sunday May 14th: Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there! Mine started off the same way as every Sunday starts off... a trip to Sam's to buy stuff for tonight's show. It is a beautiful day, and with no rain in the forecast, I decided to run my car through the car wash on the way to Sam's. Ended up getting it hand waxed (after all, it is Mother's Day). It looks gorgeous!
Then, when I got home, I got a call from Matt (who slept through his alarm and got to work late) saying he was starving and since he got to work late, he doesn't get to leave to take a lunch today. So, off I go, again, this time to Wendy's to buy him something to eat and take it to him at work... after all,
I am his mother.
Tonight is going to be a fun Clubhouse show. It's been a while since we've had Peter Dawson, Drew Kennedy, Josh Grider or Ryan Bingham, grace our Clubhouse stage. Our biggest concern is getting past the "Drew Kennedy Curse"!!! Every time Drew plays a Clubhouse show, for one reason or another, the recorder doesn't work and we don't get it recorded for "posterity". It has almost become the big joke... "Drew's playing,  something is bound to go wrong." I talked to Allene earlier today and I could tell she is already stressing over it. Last week's Brandon Rhyder, Keith Davis show didn't come out very good (we had a last minute problem with the sound guy not showing up and having to use someone else's sound system - so I attribute it to that). Hopefully we'll get a good recording, especially on the duet by Peter & Drew "The house is on Fire". ( I think that's the name of the song. ) It is hilarious! It is also Allene's birthday, so it is going to be a special show. I think she has alot of friends coming out to help her celebrate.
Guess I'll start loading my stuff into the car. We're having spaghetti from Joe's Pizza & Pasta, so I have to leave a little earlier to run out and pick it up.
Emily is having surgery in the morning to have a cyst on her shoulder removed. I know we'll all be relieved when she's home and we know everything went OK. She's gonna be out from work for awhile, which probably couldn't come at a better time, since she is a florist and today was a busy day for her. If you want to wish her well,
click here and send her an email.
Matt, age 23
<~~~~~~ The best present a mom could ever ask for on Mother's Day!! He's a great kid!
Friday July 7, 2006: Haven't been updating my journal like I had planned. Not alot going on , I guess. Hard to believe it's been a year since the CCR Cruise. Two days after we got back, I worked the Willie's picnic show for 15 hours and two days after that was the private party at my house with Walt Wilkins and Sam Baker. Alot has changed in a year... I've slowed down quite a bit!!
I did, however, go to the White Elephant "pre-party" on Monday to see Travis Linville's set. He had a good crowd. Travis & Heather ended up spending the night at my house and we all got up the next day to head out to Willie's Picnic #3 ( #3 for Ft Worth, that is). I've worked a beer booth everytime they've done it up here ( this was the third time). I had a great time. The crowd was smaller than the past two years but much better behaved! It rained for a short period during the afternoon, which cooled it down alot and it never was hot, thank goodness. Of course, I think Stoney's set was the best of the day! Travis sat in on lead guitar, which made it even better! Bonnie Bishop Band & Randy Rogers Band's both had great sets, too and Leon Russell was one of my favorites. Saw alot more people I knew at it this year. Len, Lyric and Chrisha were there and when it was time for Stoney's set, I sent them up front to take some pictures for me. (see below).
Tommy Alverson sang along to "Forever Young"
Bonnie Bishop, Steve Rice & Stoney
Chrisha & Bonnie Bishop
After the downpour - looked alot like the Larry Joe Taylor fest a few years ago!
Terry, Stephanie & me - working hard in the beer booth!
I liked this lady's hat!