Rodney Branigan with Darrin Kobetich
November 26th, 2006
Our fourth show at Jack's brought back a Clubhouse favorite... Rodney Branigan (an Amarillo native, now living in Nashville). Although Rodney is living in Nashville, his music is in no way considered country, or even "Texas" music. He is an incredible guitar player (whether playing just one guitar, or his "signature" style - playing two guitars at once) and he has an awesome voice. Every time he plays, I love to look around at the audience and see the reaction on their faces - total awe. We can always count on a quiet crowd when Rodney is on stage - everyone sits there in complete silence listening to every note.
Fort Worth's own - Darrin Kobetich, started the night off with a great opening set.
Darrin is another great guitarist, and it was a beautiful acoustic set.
We look forward to having him back again.
Nathan Cross from Southern Thread attended the show and picked up the entries for the "Big Ski Trip" giveaway.
He's pictured with Clubhouse girl, Amy & Kim from MavRik Magazine
Rodney's dog, Asta, accompanies Rodney & his wife Erin on the road. Here he is, waiting patiently until the end of the show.
I think I caught Rodney a little offguard when I took a picture of him with a fan!
Asta sang for us also!
We want to thank Rodney and his band for driving many hours to come play for us!! As always, it was incredible. I had several people come up to me after the show and thank me for bringing Rodney to Fort Worth (one drove up from Houston for the show!).
We look forward to having him back again!
Thanks again for choosing Clubhouse Concerts and Jack's to spend your Sunday evening!
We'll see you next week!
Joni, Emily, Amy & Rachel Allene
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Thanks, again, to LeiLani Coker for the great pictures of the musicians!