Bonnie Bishop and Django Walker with Stephen Pointer
Nov. 12th, 2006
Our second show at Jacks found us a little more prepared!
We even remembered to take a few pictures...
thanks, again - to LeiLani for taking pictures, also!
This is the front room, where we set up the table for the Southern Thread "Big Ski Trip" giveaway.
That's Amy - taking cover!
This is a picture of the front patio with the fire pits
This is a shot of one of the interior walls... you can order your drink "off the wall" - they have over 250 different kinds of drinks painted on the walls!
hence, the name - "Jack's Off The Wall"
Jack & John were both working in the kitchen!
Jack, taking a rare break to enjoy the music
the view from inside the bar, looking into the "main" room
As always, we thank you for spending your Sunday evening with us!
See you next week!

Joni, Emily, Amy & Rachel Allene
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