"No Booze for Boland until 7pm...signed God"
June was the winning bidder for the Waylon woodcarving that Doug Moreland carved... $600 !!!
Gary P. Nunn sang "Amanda"
singing "The Weight" at the end of the show
Mike McClure & Susan Gibson singing "Wicked Game of Hearts"
Rusty Weir was a surprise guest
Fred from Honeybrowne
Django & Jerry Jeff sang "Luckenbach Texas"
Eleven Hundred Springs
Joni & Dub Miller
Micky & The Motorcars w/Reckless Kelly did "Good Hearted Woman"
Cody introducing
Susan Gibson
I love this picture!
Cory, Mike, Leslie, Emily, Cori & Megan
Mike & Cody
Matt Martindale & Cooder Graw sang "Rainy Day Woman"
Joni, Frank Neville & Emily
Shooter Jennings (Waylon's son)
Wayne ( with rain spots all over his shirt!)
Derinda, Christy & Joni
Cody lighting Jason's butt!
Willy T's awesome poster!
Jessie Colter thanking everyone
Ryan Bingham
Emily, Cori & Travis Linville
I taught my dog to say "I love you"
(Jalapeno singing with Doug Moreland)
Cody was given a Ted Nugent pinball game!!!
Dub Miller sang "Just To Satisfy You"
Phil Pritchett & Cody sang the Dukes of Hazzard song
Rodney Pyeatt, Eric Hanson, Mike McClure & Cody
Cody introducing Jason Boland (The Stragglers sang "Slow Rollin' Low")
Wade Bowen &
West 84 sang "Cause You Asked Me To"
Crystal, Cory, Leslie & Emily
Thanks to Cody Canada & Cross Canadian Ragweed,
36D Management and Saengerhalle
for two incredible days of music.
God Bless Waylon Jennings.
Doug Moreland sang "Clean Shirt"
The Burtschi Brothers sang "Wurlitzerprize" ------>
Ryan sang the song "Like a d.o.g." (I don't know the name of the song...sorry Ryan..and Waylon!)
Randy Rogers sang "Black Rose"
Joni with Johney & Derinda Larned
<--- Seth James did "Whatever Happened To The Blues" (he was awesome!!!)
"Mama's Don't Let your Babies Grow up to be Cowboys"
MMB sang "Lucille"
SLOBB sang "Honky Tonk Heroes"
Susan sang "Sally Was A Good Girl"
Frank sang "Ramblin Man"
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