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Stoney LaRue & Bleu Edmondson
with special guest, Randy Rogers
and Stephen Pointer
Sunday July 13th, 2003
If you were not in attendance and haven't heard "thru the grapevine", this past Sunday's Clubhouse show was like no other. We knew a few days before the show that it had the possibility of filling up fast, because we were having lots of inquiries about the show (and we knew that the musicians were plugging it at their shows all week) , but  we sure didn't expect it to be a sell-out so early in the evening! Stephen Pointer and Josh Davis had a great opening set. I was happy for them that we had a really big crowd to get to listen to them. By the end of their set, the room was just about full to capacity and people were still streaming in. Derek Dodd and his Johnny Carino's crew brought tons of great pasta, salad and bread, but some of the "late comers" missed out on it. Since the $10 cover always goes to the headlining musicians, the dinner is provided to us by very generous restaurants. They anticipated about 75 people, and actually brought enough food for many more, but did not expect such a huge crowd. If you missed out on the food, you need to come earlier next time!!
We had billed the show as "Stoney & Bleu", and were very excited to find out that Randy Rogers was going to sit in with them. Randy is one of our favorite Texas musicians, and many people in the crowd were not familiar with his music. The three guys did a "song swap" all evening. It was great! I only regret that none of them brought any merchandise with them, because there were lots of people wanting to buy cd's from all three of them. Maybe next time! The highlight of the evening, for me, was when they sang "The Weight", and Stoney broke into The Star Spangled Banner (
acoustic!) and everyone in the room stood up, took off their hats, and sang along. It was really cool! ( Stoney had commented earlier how the "feel" of the room was like a family reunion, and I had to agree... lots of familiar faces singing along with the guys was really neat!) I feel like I need to apologize to everyone in attendance about the air conditioning not working too well. Apparently, it froze up when it was turned down and as the evening wore on, the room got warmer. Also, I'm sorry there weren't enough seats for everyone (although it was kind of neat to get to sit on the floor at their feet ... talk about a one-one-one experience!).
We have learned alot from this show. From now on, we will limit attendance to 75 people. If you want to be assured of getting in, be there on time. We will not be able to let anyone in, once we are at capacity. It's hard to turn people away, especially the fans that have come to lots of our shows and have become our "friends", but we need to do the right thing, for everyone involved. Thanks again, to everyone that attended the show. We had a packed house and everyone was on their best behavior. It could have turned out alot different, with the air conditioning not working and people sitting all over the floor. We have a great "clientele" and we are very appreciative.
*** Don't forget, we video tape the shows, and this show is especially good! Let me know if you want a copy...$5, plus shipping/handling if we have to mail it to you.
Again, thanks Stoney, Bleu, Randy & Stephen for a great night of acoustic music...
.you guys rock!!!

~ Joni ~
Mike McClure & Travis Linville
with Camille Harp & Terry Ware opening
July 27th, 2003

On a scale of 1-10, I give the new and improved clubhouse concert series an 11 for Sunday evenings show!  It went off with out a hitch.  For those of you who were unable to make it to the inagural show at the Horseman, you just won't believe it.  Not only were we able to preserve the intimacy of the original clubhouse concert series, but it was even improved upon (check the photos to see what I mean).
We ( the clubhouse girls) didn't pull this one off on our own though.  Many thanks are in order for all of those who were gracious enough  to donate a couch,  to those of you who offered your advice and opinions, to the new and improved Horseman Club ( Rex, Polly & Drew... you've got a great place!) , Donovan Dodd & Russell Kirkpatrick, and Johnny Carino's for the fabulous food, (don't forget the chicken milano next time) Mike, and Travis, and of course all of you who were in attendance. 
The show began with the very  lovely and talented Camille Harp, and Terry Ware accompaning her on lead guitar.  This was my first time to see Camille, but had heard many great things about her already.  Wow, she lived up to all of the bragging.  I was very impressed, and we would love to have her back at any time.  Following Camille and Terry was the grand finalle, Mike McClure and Travis Linville.  Who could ask for two better guys to headline a show.  Although Mike had a cold, and felt that he wasn't 100%, he was.  He sounded great as did Travis.  The guys played until well after 11 o'clock, still not wanting the night to end.
All in all we couldn't have asked for a better evening of food, friends, and music.  Hope to see you all back for next week's show with Max Stalling.  Thanks again to everyone who helped pull off this weeks show.  There are even more improvements yet to come.  Until next time, have a great week.
Max Stalling & Adam Carroll
with Dusty Deaton
August 3rd, 2003

The second installment of the Clubhouse Concert Series "Live in the living room of the Horseman Club", did not go quite as smoothly as the first. Earlier in the day, as I was preparing things to take to the show, I had a little accident with my wild dogs. They were running  across my backyard, and ran smack into me, knocking me down and hurting my foot. Thank goodness Ali had spent the night at my house the night before, because she had to take me to the E.R. So...I ended up having to use crutches at the show, which was a real pain in the butt. The Horseman Club was having the first evening of dance lessons, which ran late starting, therefore, we ran late starting our show. We were all trying our best to get everyone in, fed and seated and by 7:45, Dusty Deaton was able to start his set. Dusty did a great job! Max, Adam and Dale Clark (Max's guitar player) started their set at around 8:30pm to a very attentive crowd. They did the usual "song swap", which I really like. (I love hearing one "upbeat song", followed by a "serious song" followed by a "funny song", etc) Drew and Rex did their best to keep the barbeque and all the side dishes flowing. They even made an unplanned run back to the restaurant for more food, when it looked like we might run out. We are learning as we go. Things are alot different than they were at the apartments, but all in all, the larger room works so much better. I think that the "smokers" appreciate the fact that they can stay inside (in the designated smoking area) and still listen to the music, and the "non" smokers appreciate not having to sit in the smokey area. Cori did a great job as "master of ceremonies" and it looks like she's gonna be doing it for every show. It helps to have someone up on stage, not only to introduce the musicians, but to remind everyone that it is a listening show. There are always new "fans" at the shows, and sometimes it helps to remind everyone that we like to be able to hear the music and lyrics, etc. Cori actually had to ask some people to be quiet and the guy told her "this isn't a library"....what a jerk! He just didn't get it. But after the "bouncer" reminded him again, they decided to shut up and listen to the music. Everyone around them was glad, I'm sure. We will continue to remind everyone that we do the shows because there are no other  "listening" type shows in this area and we feel that we aren't the only ones that appreciate it...we KNOW that the musicians appreciate it also. That is why they keep coming back. (*on that note, we don't expect the Randy Rogers show to be a "quiet" show...we are expecting Stoney, Wade & Bleu to show up. Randy will be coming directly over from his "Front Porch Show" appearance and will be bringing some special guests with him, also. - be listening to the Wolf to see who he is on the show with...then come to our show to see who tags along with him!!) As far as our other shows, though...thanks to everyone that comes to the shows and gives the musicians the respect that they deserve. We appreciate it and we know they appreciate it also! See you next Sunday, with Peter Dawson & Brandon Rhyder. Doors will open at 7:30 and The Paige-Foreman Band will play from 7:45-8:15. Peter & Brandon will start promptly after them!

Peter Dawson & Brandon Rhyder
with the Paige - Foreman Band
August 10th, 2003

Sunday night's show, although it turned out fine, did start out with a few small glitches-we apologize for there being no couches.   Even though we weren't able to use the couches on Sunday, the transition from the dance lessons to our show went much smoother than last week.  Therefore, hopefully, next week's show will go off without a hitch.  Enough of that, let me brag on the Paige - Foreman Band for a while.  Despite their very short career, they are wonderful.  I was very impressed with both lead singers, Marty Paige, and Matt Foreman, as well as their lead guitar player Jerod Moss.  These guys are up and coming, so if you ever have a chance to go see them you better take it.
After the Paige - Foreman band, Peter and Brandon had some rather large shoes to fill, but they did it. Peter and Brandon did a song swap that was just phenominal.  I had goosebumps for the entire evening.  I was especially impressed when Amanda Brown sang with Peter, I was in awe of her awesome talent.  Thanks to all of the musicians, and to all of you fans who were in attendance.  We hope to see you next week for Randy Rogers Birthday Bash.  Have a great week, see ya Sunday.


Randy Rogers' Birthday Party
August 17th, 2003

Due to my LONG journal entry regarding this show, we have decided to forgo a "review" of the show this time. If you want to hear "details" of the show, check out the journal entry. Otherwise, all we can say is:
Randy's birthday party was awesome!!!
We want to thank all of the musicians that showed up, including the ones that were just there to support (and party with) Randy.
Thanks also to the 250+ people that came to the show. Although there were alot of people at the show, it went smoothly. Thanks to Drew, Rex and the rest of the Horseman staff. Thanks to Derek Dodd & the Johnny Carino's gang. The food was delicious!
There won't be a show this upcoming Sunday (due to the huge show down at the stockyards...we'll be there, how 'bout you?)
and we're not sure yet about the Sunday before Labor day. As of now, our next show is Peter Dawson's cd release party, with Tommy Alverson on Sept. 7th.

See you there!


Sept.7th, 2003

Peter Dawson's cd release party
with Tommy Alverson

Stephen Pointer opened

This evening's edition of the clubhouse concert acoustic series was a great one! Stephen Pointer started the night out with a great set of original and a few covers. I especially like his reindition of Chris Knight's song, "It ain't easy bein' me". The guys from Johnny Carino's were right on time, and everyone was linig up early to get some delicious Italian cooking.  They have volunteered to cater so many times, I think some of our crowd has come to "expect" their great food at every show!
Peter Dawson had invited Tommy Alverson to the show to do a "song swap". Apparently,
it was very obvious, Peter is a huge fan of Tommy's. Peter couldn't stop smiling. I'm really not sure who enjoyed the show more, Peter, or the fans. Both Peter & Tommy put on great shows. Peter did lots of songs off of his new cd, "Coupland Live", and I noticed that after the show, he sold quite a few copies. If you don't have it yet, you should add it to your collection. It is very good.
Thanks to Peter, Tommy, and Stephen for a great night of music.
Thanks to the Carino's guys for a delicious always!!

Micky and the Motorcars
accompanied by Wille Braun
& George DeVore opening

What a show!  After taking a couple of weeks off, we needed a great night of music to get things started again, and we got it. Last night's show was incredible.  For those of you who weren't there you missed out.  The night kicked off with George DeVore.  I have heard the name George DeVore for years, but have never had the pleasure of listening to him.  He was wonderful.  It was nice to have a little change of pace at the clubhouse.  George has an alternative sound, with some Americana influences.  He was great and we will have him back as soon as we can fit him in.  Following George were Mickey and the Motorcars.  We had a full stage, with 5 musicians playing each song acoustic together. Braun brothers, Micky & Gary, were accompanied by Mark McCoy on bass & George DeVore on lead. Willie Braun (Micky & Gary's older brother, and a member of Reckless Kelly), on snare drum, rounded out the group of very talented musicians. They played lots of songs from their latest cd, "Which Way From Here", along with many others, including a few Gram Parson's tunes. We did not have as large of a crowd as we expected. Maybe it was because it was a beautiful day and the State Fair opened this weekend. Whatever the reason...if you missed this show, you really missed a great one. If you get another chance to see these guys in a listening, acoustic room, jump on it! You'll be glad you did.
Thanks to Derek Dodd...the dinner was delicious, as always!!!
Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen
with Jeff Posey
Sunday, October 5th, 2003

I think we finally have had the exact kind of show I have been looking for - an intimate show (albeit very amusing) in a quiet room, where you could listen to the words to the songs and the stories behind the songs.  Last night's "last minute" booking of Wade & Randy was great!! Jeff Posey started the evening off with a short, but entertaining set. Wade & Randy took the stage at 8:15, to a small but very attentive audience. As the evening got later, the crowd grew, but if you weren't there from the very first came too late! Both Randy & Wade have become favorites of the clubhouse shows. Randy explained (repeatedly!) to everyone last night that since they aren't booked by the same booking agent, they rarely get to do shows together, and it was obvious they were having as much fun as the audience. Everyone enjoyed all of the stories that the guys had to tell. Randy hates flying, but risked his life and took a plane from Houston to DFW just to make our show. Randy's story about his ex-girlfriend and the "journal" was very entertaining. Wade's band was in attendance, and Matt & Kevin sat in for a few songs. As the night rolled on, and the jaeger shots were being consumed on the stage, Randy got funnier. The video from the show is great! Randy and Wade played for 4 1/2 hours, nonstop. I do believe that is a Clubhouse Concert record. (Even as the show was winding down - at 12:45, they were still acting like they wanted to keep on playing!)  It was truly 4 1/2 hours of great music! Thanks, Randy & Wade for always putting on a great show for us. We can't wait to do it again. Things are going great with our move to The Horseman. Thanks to Drew and the Horseman staff for doing such an outstanding job for us! Thanks also to Cousin's Barbeque, for always making us a great deal on the food. It was delicious.
~ Joni ~
Ray Wylie Hubbard
with Mark Sanders

October 12th brought another great show to the Clubhouse Concert Series at the Horseman.  Opening the show was Mr. Mark Sanders.  Mark was excited and maybe a little bit nervous to be opening for Ray Wylie Hubbard.  Apparently he is a huge fan.  Mark's set was going along flawlessly until disaster struck, he broke a string.  With out much time left in his set he decided to call it quits.  Bad luck turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  Ray Wylie came to the rescue and let Mark finish out his set with one of his guitars.  Following Mark's exciting set was the GREAT Ray Wylie Hubbard.  As I was standing on the stage introducing Ray Wylie, I began to understand Mark's nervousness. After my ridiculous introduction, Ray Wylie proceeded to put on a great show. I never knew he was such a funny guy.  He had either a joke or a story to tell about just about every song.  It was a great show.
I also want to thank Russell and Jennifer Kirkpatrick for their time, energy, and great food.  We love to have the Johnny Carino's Crew out, Thanks so much.
Don't forget to come out next Sunday for more Johnny Carino's food, along with Mike McClure, Travis Linville, Rodney Pyeatt, and Tom Skinner.
See ya next week.

Tom Skinner, Travis Linville, Mike McClure, & Rodney Pyeatt

What a show!  Sunday evenings show brought a full stage and great music to The New Horseman.  Tom, Travis, Mike, and Rodney all did a song swap. All in all I think that there was more talent on the stage this past Sunday than has ever been at the clubhouse in one night.  All four guys are talented songwriters and musicians.  It was obvious that Mike, Travis and Rodney look up to Tom Skinner, and it was obvious why they do. He is a great songwriter. Mike's wife, Scottie Lyn, surprised Mike and came down from Ada, Okla. for the show. She had never been to a clubhouse show before, but Mike had told her all about them. You could tell how happy Mike was to have her in the audience. Mike's version of "Into The Mystic" was incredible - Rodney & Travis both did guitar solos, and Tom Skinner provided the harmony.
Added to a great night of music was fabulous food provided, once again, by Johnny Carino's  Italian Kitchen.  Derek Dodd surprised Mike & Travis with their very own JC's chef jackets. Thanks to Derek, Richard, and Patrick for the delicious food. 
Make sure to come out for Billy Joe Shaver next Sunday 10-26-2003.
Billy Joe Shaver
Ryan Bingham & Roger Ray
Oct.26th, '03

Well, it was another great show in the clubhouse concert series. When we got to The Horseman, Drew & Doug had everything set up for us. They had been to the store and had gotten all of the food for the evening. We are really pleased with how easy Drew & his staff are making it for us. Basically, all we have to do is show up and "hostess" the evening. Roger Ray was the first musician to get there, and Ryan Bingham wasn't far behind. As they were doing their sound check, Billy Joe Shaver and his band came in. They did a short sound check and the music began. Ryan & Roger were great together, as always. Apparently we forgot to tell Ryan that the opener only does a 30 minute set, because he played a little longer than 30 minutes. I think everyone in attendance agreed that it was a great set and no one seemed to care that it ran a little longer than usual. After a short break, Billy Joe & band hit the stage. They sang tons of originals, that even I was familiar with! There were lots of songs that they did, that I had no idea he had written. He is a great songwriter and a very entertaining person to listen to - and a very nice guy. After his set, he mingled with everyone in attendance and posed for pictures & signed autographs, even though they were driving back to Austin after the show. He is truly a Texas Music Legend!
Next Sunday, we are going to try something a little different. We will have two admission prices...$10 if you want to include dinner and soft drinks with the entertainment and $5 if you just want to see the show. If this works, we will plan to do more shows this way in the future.
We'll see you at the Randy Rogers, Adam Carroll, Jayson Bales show on Sunday,

coming soon
Cori's review of the Adam Carroll/Randy Rogers/Jayson Bales show

Cori's getting behind!
Coming soon, her review of the Ian Moore show
Houston Marchman & Matt Martindale
with Jared "Pete" Gile
Nov.16th, '03

by guest reviewer, Jonni Jewel from Decatur, Texas

Joni asked me to be a guest reviewer for the Matt Martindale, Houston Marchman show. Being as I am a HUGE fan of both of these great songwriters, I said "no problem". The evening started with a great meal provided by Joe's Pizza & Pasta (an Italian restaurant just down from The Horseman). Good stuff! Yumm!! For me, this was one of the highlight shows of the year to attend. Houston & Matt are probably my two favorite songwriters. It was a treat to be able to sit and listen to the songs in an intimate, "listening" type atmosphere.  Because we usually only get to hear Matt with the rest of Cooder Graw, he does not get to try out new songs at the shows. At last night's Clubhouse show, he shared many brand new songs with us, and true to his ability, the writing on them is top notch. Matt has an understanding of people in general, to be able to write about them in a way that we are taken inside the person, feeling what they feel. Some of these new songs are being worked up for a new CD the band is starting to work on, and I can't wait. Houston also shared some new work. A couple of the songs took us inside the musician, and what they deal with in this life they have chosen. So much emotion in some that at the end of the song, my husband and I just sat thaere and said "WOW". Great stuff, that I can't wait to see develop and get worked up into the final product. The added bonus to these two terrific songwriters was the fact that they can both play their guitars well beyond three chords. They accompanied each other on songs, swapping lead guitar licks. Watching these two artists on stage, listening and watching the other play the beginning of a song, then pick it up and play along in their own style added to the true meaning of these shows. Pete Gile had a great (although it was a little shorter than I had wanted) set of original tunes. He came all the way from Kansas to do the show with Houston and Matt, two musicians he really admires. Hopefully he will be playing at the Clubhouse again soon.
Thanks to the "Clubhouse girls" and The Horseman Club for a great evening of music!
~Jonni Jewel~
Stoney LaRue & Wade Bowen
with Jake Moffat
(and Bleu Edmondson)
Nov. 23rd, 2003

by guest reviewer, Ali Holder

From Stillwater, Ok., opener Jake Moffat surprised us all with his musical talents and left a smile on our face. A known regular down in the Red Dirt community, Jake proved his status. He had a very alt-country, indie sound. He also covered a Matt Powell song, but was not the only one to cover Matt throughout the night. Jake proved he could definitely hold his own with Stoney & Wade. I'm not sure whether Stoney & Wade (and Bleu when he was onstage) were more impressive with their musical talents or their comedic talents!! The guys had the crowd (which was quiet large) laughing 90% of the time. Stoney played alot of requests, from Woody Guthrie to his own "signature" song, Downtown. Wade rocked the place as well, playing a great set, although he wasn't feeling 100% (many people didn't even realize that he was a little under the weather). Bleu Edmondson came out to The Horseman to hang out with Stoney & Wade, and ended up playing several songs (including a Matt Powell song, too). Bleu's humor only added to the obviously close group of guys on the stage. The "pass out" routine by Wade & Bleu was classic, as well as the "Amy" jokes that went on all evening long. The atmosphere was great. It was definitely a listening crowd. By the end of the night, though, the guys definitely had the crowd going. The night was tied together by "The Weight", as usual when it comes to Stoney, and it was just as good this time as hundreds of times before! I can't forget to mention the Johnny Carino's dinner, YUM!!! The food was just as good as the show!
Thanks Jake, Stoney, Wade, Bleu, Clubhouse Girls and The Horseman staff for a great night of music and entertainment!
~*~ ALI ~*~
Phil Pritchett & special guests
with Mike Wynn
Nov.30th, '03

Maybe it was the Thanksgiving holiday, or maybe everyone had just partied too much the past few days, but this week's Clubhouse show had the smallest crowd yet. Mike Wynn started the night off with a really good set of originals and a few covers. Everyone knows Mike, but not too many people know that he plays guitar and sings. He and Phil Pritchett have gotten to be good friends, so Mike was happy to open for Phil. This was the first time I had ever heard Phil, except for one song at the Waylon Jennings tribute. He is really good!! Sort of reminds me of Bob Dylan, especially some of his songwriting. He brought out his good friends, Kurt South and Jordan Mycoskie, who each did a couple of songs. Unfortunately, since the crowd was small, not too many people were there to enjoy the evening of great music. Hopefully, we can get Phil back on an evening where more people come out. He deserves to be heard. Next Sunday brings Radney Foster...hopefully we'll have a bigger crowd.
Radney Foster
with Six Bridges
Dec.7th, 2003

by "guest reviewer" Dave Ray

The words "great songwriter" always accompany the mention of Radney Foster, and with good reason.  Learning the craft of constructing a great song takes years and Radney is a contractor of words. On December 7th, 2003, Clubhouse Concerts got to see and hear what "Godspeed" and "Raining on Sunday" sounded like when they were written in the living room of the Del Rio, Tx.  native. Here's a guy who has written songs covered by both The Dixie Chicks and Hootie and The Blowfish. I must confess I didn't realize he had written the hit "Nobody Wins" - (neither did Drew, so I was in good company!). It was an evening of learning, and I learned alot! If you weren't there, just know the metaphor is alive. "Texas in 1880" is not a song about cowboys and rodeos, it is about "dreams and the human condition". He writes comparisons and stories within stories while maintaining a protagonist with a clear conflict (sometimes both internal and external). Radney Foster writes the simile like a man possessed, and he tells a great story, too. There is nothing better than a great songwriter singing in a songwriter venue. Six Bridges ( B.J. and Brian) set the tone for the evening with their original music. They are currently a duo with a large fan base in College Station, TX. If you get the chance, check these guys out. I can't wait to hear them with a full band. They were the perfect opening act for a perfect show.

Matt Beard's 21st Birthday Bash!
with Randy Rogers, Travis Linville, Stoney LaRue, Jason Boland, Bleu Edmondson, Roger Ray & Mike Mancy
with Jared Pete Gile

Our last show of 2003, and what a great show it was! Since it was Matt's 21st birthday celebration, everyone came with the same, party, party!! Jared "Pete" Gile started the evening off with a great set. He has played at the Clubhouse before, and is quickly becoming a favorite of ours. Randy Rogers and Travis Linville took the stage next and began playing some of their best songs. It wasn't long before other musicians started showing up. Bleu was the first to get there. Stoney, Jason & Roger weren't far behind him. Mike Mancy showed up with guitar in tow. It was destined to be a great night of music. Although we had a large "partying" crowd, everyone around the stage was able to listen to the music without much distraction.  We still had a full house, when the music was finally over (at about 2:10am!!)
I want to thank everyone involved for making my son, Matt's 21st birthday one he won't forget (although he probably doesn't even remember most of it!). Jason Boland (and Kelly) had planned on going to Oklahoma that evening, but changed their plans and came to the show. Bleu was supposed to be on a plane for Austin, but changed his plans to make it, and Stoney came out of his way from Lubbock,
for Matt. I consider myself very fortunate to have become friends with this great group of guys. I am looking forward to 2004...if the last show of 2003 was so awesome, just think what's in store for us in '04!!
Thanks, also, to Drew and the gang at The Horseman for giving us a great new "home".
Have a safe and happy new year,
Bleu Edmondson & Matt Powell
with Mark Sanders

The show got off to a great start with Mark Sanders.We really enjoyed all of his music. He's a very talented young man with lots of good music. Being a big fan of Bleu's, I was really looking forward to the show and was definitely not disappointed. He played lots of old favorites as well as some new stuff. I had never seen Matt Powell before, but am a fan now. It was obvious how much the two of them enjoy working together. "Fifty Dollars and a Flask of Crown" is a really great song when Bleu is singing it alone (Matt Powell wrote it, you know!) , so when you put Matt Powell with Bleu, it is really a treat. Tonight was not one of the biggest turnouts that the Clubhouse has seen, but it was definitely one of the best shows yet! Anyone who missed this show really missed out!

~ Stephanie Dozier ~
guest reviewer
Mike McClure & Susan Gibson
with Ali Holder

Although I think this has become a little cliche on the review page, I'm going to say it anyway -- last night's show was incredible. I had to get out the thesaurus and look up "awesome" just to try and find the words to describe it.  Ali Holder began the night with her impressive songwriting abillity and beautiful voice. She had the large crowd hanging on her every word. Those who were familiar with Ali's music were impressed as usual, and those who weren't  were quickly drawn in. After her 45 minute set, she left the crowd wanting more. Next up was the phenomenal Mike McClure & Susan Gibson, and they definitely satisfied the crowd's want for more. Everyone knows that they are the best at what they do, and together they form a remarkable duo. They played everything from old favorites to new originals and even some gospel songs mixed in for the Sunday crowd. Not only was their music great, but so were their stories. Those that stayed late enough got to hear amusing and also very revealing stories from both Mike & Susan. Their interaction with the crowd and excellent tunes made for a perfect "intimate setting". If you missed last night's show, you should be kicking yourself - it was definitely one for the highlight reel.
Chris Hinojosa
guest reviewer
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