Clubhouse Concert Reviews
"Our First 27 Shows"
Max Stalling
January 18, 2002

Our 2nd  Couch Concert last night was a huge success! Despite the "dreary" weather, we had a great turnout for an unbelievably great show. Rick Calvert started off the evening with an approximately 45 minute set of original songs and some "old favorites". Although we have seen Rick many times, playing bass guitar with Houston Marchman, we were totally blown away with his original music. He has a very good voice and is a very talented acoustic guitar player. He even received a "rousing" encore. After Rick's set, we took a short break while Max was setting up to play. The clubhouse was the perfect place for this kind of show. Everyone sat at "cafe" tables or brought their own chairs and although the room is quite large, it was packed! Max brought his lead guitar player, Dale Clark, along with him. Dale is a great guitar player and a really nice guy. MAX WAS AWESOME! His voice sounded great and I had no idea what a great sense of humor he has! He had some really great stories to tell, in between (and during!) the songs. He played every song that was requested, plus many more. He did two long sets and hung around and visited with all of the guests after the show. Max sold tons of CD's and Tshirts and Koozies and was gracious enough to sign autographs and have photos made with anyone who asked. Before the night was over, everyone was asking Jackie and myself when we were going to do the next one!

Jackie and I want to thank everyone who braved the crummy weather to be a part of this incredible night. We want to thank Rick, Dale and Max for doing such a wonderful job of entertaining everyone.
~*~ Joni ~*~
Owen Temple
February 22, 2002
Owen Temple played this month's Clubhouse Concert, what a great show! With so many other Texas Musicians in the area tonight, we still had a great turnout for the show! Rick Calvert opened the evening with a crowd pleasing set, as usual. Thanks Rick for the great music! After Rick played his approximately hour long set, we took a short break so Owen could set up and for the guests to grab some food. Owen sang many of his own songs from his first CD "General Store" and his second CD "Passing Through", several from the soon to be released CD and also a few from some greats such as Hank Williams Sr. and Merle Haggard. With Owen's style of music (like no other that you can hear on radio these days) it was nice to hear some good music for a change, like all the Texas Artists we all love and listen to! Owen's new CD is coming out in June or July, and I highly suggest going out and buying it when it hits stores! While you are there, go ahead and pick up one or both of his other CD's, you won't be sorry! The Owen Temple Clubhouse Concert was an energetic one! (though I love the acoustic guitar I never knew it could be so energetic) The last song was "Jaded Lover" and the entire audience sang along with him! During the break, Owen took time to pose for pictures with the fans and sign autographs. I heard Owen played with Cory Morrow at Billy Bob's (rumor is that he sang "Drink One More Round" with Cory on stage) after
he played for 2 hours or so at our 3rd Clubhouse Concert. Thank you Owen, again for a great show!!

Thank you all that came out and made this show possible and we are looking forward to seeing you at the next one!
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Mark David Manders
March 22, 2002

First of all, we want to thank everyone who made it out the the
SOLD OUT show!! It was a great performance by all! Thank you to Mark David Manders, Lance Smith, Jason Boland, Roger Ray and Jeremy Watkins for making this a Clubhouse Concert that will not be forgotten!! Jason, Roger and Jeremy made a special apperance before their show at Woody's that night.

This show was also a first for one of our opening acts, Ryan Hall. Ryan, you did a great job!! Keep it up! He and Rick Calvert opened for Mark David Manders and they were very much so the crowd pleasers! Ryan sang 'Highway Man' as well as some songs that he has written such as 'Truck Stop Romeo', 'Your Life', 'Hill Country Air' and 'Texas Radio.' The two did duets of 'Folsom Prison Blues' and 'Smoke That Cigarette'. We are looking forward to having these two back again.

If you had planned on coming out to this show and didn't..... shame on you!! You missed a great one! Not only did Ryan, Rick, Mark, Lance, Jason, Roger and Jeremy go over well with the crowd, so did the food!! Mark and Jason took turns singing their songs and playing guitar for each other, they all had a great time. The crowd enjoied hearing the stories these guys had to tell- they were quite the entertainers! Mark started off his set with a crowd pleasing Kool Aid, and also finished with a crowd pleasing Kool Aid! We had a few late coming fans show up for his second set! Mark and Jason played for about 2 hours before Jason and the Stragglers had to get to Woody's. Jason played some of his favorites and told the stories behind them (which is our favorite part of the shows) Before Jason and the guys left for Woody's, they took time to sign some autographs and take some pictures. (which we appreciate very much!) After taking a short break, it was back to the music! Mark with his guitar player, Lance, played for another hour and a half or so. They sang the crowd pleasing 'Big Johnson' that Mark and Max Stalling wrote that is hilarious. He also told the story behind the 'Telephone Song' and 'Crazy Mary!' All through Mark's second set, he had the giggles which made the show that much more enjoyable, I think! Thanks to Mark and Lance for making it out to this month's Clubhouse Concert it was one of the best. We are looking forward to having you back in the summer!! Also, let me add, if you have not met Mark David Manders you need to, he is very nice and also a hoot! Thanks again to everyone that came to the concert and we are looking forward to seeing you at the next one!
~*~EmiSue ~*~
Adam Carroll
April 20, 2002

Despite the threat of bad weather, what a turnout we had! Thanks to everyone that came out for the Clubhouse Concert! Including Ellen and her friend that drove up all the way from Houston for the show, and the couple that joined us from Paris, Texas. Also a big thanks to those that have been to all the concerts in the past, we appreciate you too! Thank you so much it means a great deal to us and the artist.

In this month's edition of the Clubhouse Concert series we had Ryan Hall and the two members of his band, Bill Howe (on guitar) and Drew Fairchild (on drums), open the concert. Ryan sang mostly originals and threw in some covers, including closing with an Adam Carroll song. Ryan was a real crowd pleaser. Thanks Ryan, Bill and Drew~ we'll see you down the road sometime!

For this months edition, the headliner was Adam Carroll. I personally had never heard any of Adam's songs, but after listening to him on Saturday night, he will be high on my recommendation list!

His music is what I would consider Americana Music! It's very entertaining and some of it is very comical. Some of his other songs were very deep, they really made you think about the meaning behind the song. Not only can he sing and play guitar, he can also play harmonica and is a great storyteller! That's my favorite thing about these Clubhouse Concerts, the story telling! Thanks again Adam and Amy (his Fiance) we appreciate ya'll making the drive to provide us with the music for this months Clubhouse Concert! Thank you so much!
Dub Miller
June 1, 2002

This month's installment of the Clubhouse Concert featured Dub Miller. What a show that was!! We also had a newcomer open for us. That is always exciting! Thanks to all that made it out to this sold out show, it was a great one! Also a HUGE thanks to Steve Raines and Bill Keeton for making their jambayla and gumbo-- It's always a treat when these guys join us at a show!

Curt Shannon was our opening act that evening. This is the first time we have heard Curt and we are looking forward to him joining us again! Curt and his wife have joined us in the audience but it was a treat hearing his songs at this show!

Now on to Dub's set!! One word can sum it all up..... WOW!!!! Dub sang many of his new songs, many older songs, as well as some great covers such as "Seven Spanish Angels", "Pancho and Lefty", and "Whiskey River" (a BIG crowd pleaser!!- especially to the front row full of TCU football players).
Dub was joined by his fiddle player, Brady Black, and lead guitar player, Josh Hamilton, which made for a very energetic show!

Even though we usually like to take breaks to change the tape in our video camera, Dub asked if he had to and Joni told him to play as long as he wanted to. We did have to take a break so we could give the front row a break in their talking!! All in all, the front row group made the show a little entertaining themselves with the dancing and singing along!

Thank you Dub, Josh, and Brady for the awesome show and we are already looking forward to you joining us again in the Clubhouse!!!
Mike Graham
June 15

This month's installment of the Clubhouse Concert was singer/songwriter Mike Graham. Casey Thompson, a singer/songwriter from Denton opened for Mike. This is the first time we have seen Casey, and we are looking forward to having him open for Max Stalling and Mark David Manders on July 5th.
If you have never seen Mike Graham do yourself a favor and go see him!! This guy puts on a great show!! Thanks to the co-operation from the audience we actually got to hear all of the concert!! Even though it was a little unnerving to Mike to play to such an attentive audience, it was a welcome sound to us! Everyone I talked with Saturday night had the same reaction to Mike, "Wow! He's
REALLY good!" He has a great voice and writes incredible songs. He also did a couple of covers, including a Townes Van Zandt song and one by Guy Clark. His version of "Atlantic City" by Bruce Springsteen was awesome! Mike brought Derek Groves, his electric guitar player. Derek added the right touch to this Clubhouse Concert. We have never experienced the electrical/acoustic sound at the Clubhouse before, but it sounded really good. I hope he brings him back for the September 21 show he will be playing with us!!

Thanks Casey, Mike and Derek for playing at the Clubhouse~ we really apprecite it! Also, thanks to Jennifer and Jason Lopez for the tamales and taquitos!
I can't wait till July 5th!!
Max Stalling and Mark David Manders
July 5th

This was our seventh "installment" in the Clubhouse Concert series and what a great show it was! While the guests were filling their plates with brisket, potato salad, etc., Casey Thompson started the evening off with a great set. Chris Zeig was the "chef" for this show, and his brisket was delicious! While Casey was entertaining the crowd, the room began filling to "capacity." Max and Mark "flipped a coin" and it was decided... Max would start off the "songwriter swap." During the first set, Max and Mark took turns singing and telling stories to "tell" on each other. It was very obvious to everyone that they are really great friends. As the evening went on, the stories got
longer and funnier! Mark's guitar player, Lance Smith, accompanied them on guitar and mandolin. Mark and Max were both very surprised when Jennifer Bryan showed up with her violin. Jennifer sat in on several songs, including a great accompaniment to Max's "Blue Eye's", which closed the first set.  After a break (a "2 cigarette and a beer" break, to quote Mark), they began playing "requests", which included several new songs from both Mark and Max, plus many old favorites such as "The Rodeo Song" and "Big Johnson".  Thanks to Steve Raines, who provided the "beverages" for Max, Mark and Lance, we were all very entertained (including Lance, who had trouble keeping a straight face most of the evening). Both Max and Mark are working on new CD's, which they played many songs from, and Max made the "official" announcement that his "street date" for the new CD will be September 17th. We can't wait!! As always, we had a great time at the show and can't wait to see these guys again!!!
Bleu Edmondson
July 12, 2002

Well, I was going to start this off with which show this was in the series but I don't remember! All I know is it's been a long and fun ride!!

This month's edition was awesome! I had been wanting Joni to get Bleu to the Clubhouse for a while and when she saw him im Meridian, she FINALLY was able to talk to him!

The opener for Bleu was Josh (not any relation to Jack) Ingram. Josh did an excellent job warming the crowd up for Bleu. This is the first time we've seen Josh as an opener, but he's been to the Clubhouse before. (Josh did an excellent job with the sound for Owen Temple in February). Josh is also in a band based in Denton called Project 1282 (I hope that is the right name!) We're looking forward to having Josh back to open for us soon!

On to the Bleu word.....WOW!!!! I have never seen Bleu before and this certainly won't be the last time either! Bleu played a lot of songs off his CD, Southland. He also played some new stuff from his soon to be released CD. The new songs he played for us were great and we are looking forward to hearing the entire new CD. The last song of the night, which I believe he called "Untitled" was one of my favorites of the night!  In an intimate, small venue like ours, when Bleu got stumped on the words a couple of times, several people in the audience were able to "help him out" by telling him the next line to the song. The audience "interaction" makes for a fun evening. Being as Bleu was playing at Woody's (with the full band) after the Clubhouse show, we had to stop a little earlier than usual. Bleu seemed like he didn't want to leave, but after two long sets, he posed for pictures and signed some autographs as he headed out the door. Thanks to Whitney and Everett for getting him back to Woody's in time for his show! We all had a great time and
who knows, maybe we can get him back to the Clubhouse again!!
EmiSue :)
Stoney LaRue and the Organic Boogie Band
August 9, 2002

I'm just going to jump into the review of the show right off the bat! What can I say about this show but... SPEECHLESS!! We have been waiting for this show since we first saw Stoney LaRue and the Organic Boogie band at Stubb's on July 4th (which was a surprise cause we were thinking we were just going to see Jason Boland and the Stragglers but S.L.O.B.B. was there too!)

Thank you to Andy Pate for opening the show for us~ it was great and we hope to have you back soon! Andy played many original tunes, all of which were very good. If you ever get the chance to see him play, you won't be disappointed.

Stoney and the band put on an incredible show! (Probably my favorite of all!) Stoney took a lot of requests, not only from Joni (what
didn't she request??), but from many others in the audience. One of my presonal favorites is a song that Stoney co-wrote with Jason Boland, "Shot Full of Holes" (which will be on their new album, COMING OUT SOON!) They also played "Jimmie and Annie" that Stoney co-wrote with Cody Canada, which was really good. I just happen to enjoy that song so much more now that I've heard it palyed acoustic! He and the band played many new songs that will be on their new cd and many off their Live at The Red Dirt cd. Having the entire band play was a new "experience" for the Clubhouse. It was so cool to have a piano, bass, snare and lead guitar accompany him. He played one song "Carolina" by himself and it was beautiful! We got to hear most of the songs that will be on the cd (which should be out in the next few weeks), including the title cut, "Downtown", and "Fine Lines."
He closed the first set with a really funny rendention of "Luckenbach, Texas" and he actually sounded like Willie and Waylon!

Stoney did an awesome cover of "Into the Mystic" by Van Morrison, which left Joni and I (along with most of the women in the room) in goose bumps. But what song didn't?! He also, by many requests, played "Melissa" by the Allman Brothers. I personally had never heard this song before, but it was awesome! I could go on and on about all the songs that they played because they all were absolutely wonderful!

We had a lot of fun with this show and hopefully we can have them back soon!
Thanks guys! It was an awesome evening!!

Tommy Alverson
September 13, 2002

Friday the 13th (of September) brought our next show in the Clubhouse Concert Series. And what a great show it was! People started showing up early... was it the barbeque dinner or the fact that Jay Johnson was opening for Tommy Alverson?? The barbeque dinner turned out to be delicious, but the opening act, Jay, was great! He played a long set of original songs, some of them being pretty funny. His wife, Rebecca, sang along on a copule of songs. After a short break, Tommy and Diamond Jim Richmond took the "stage." They played "song swaping" all evening, taking turns playing some great tunes. The crowd was a little smaller than usual. (We were very surprised with the size of the crowd - was it due to several high school football homecomings in the area, or the fact that it was a "bad luck" day, or maybe becuase there were some Texas musicians at Billy Bob's?) Whatever the reason, it was very apparent that everyone in the audience was a huge Tommy Alverson fan. Everyone in attendance seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves.
Tommy and Jim played the entire evening, never taking a break. They closed the show with a great version of "Una Mas Cervesza" and the entire room full of people sang along with them. We want to thank Jay, Jim and Tommy for playing at the clubhouse. Everyone that was there enjoyed it. Also, also BIG thanks to everyone that pitched in and brought food!!
Mike Graham
September 21, 2002

The September 21st Mike Graham and Ameila Blake show was great!! Everett Harper was celebrating his birthday at the show, and he and Whitney had invited a large group of friends to celebrate with them. They even had koozies made up for their guests that said "Happy 30th, Everett!" Ameila Blake and Mike Westerbrook started off the night with a great set of originals and a couple of covers thrown in. They drove in from Louisiana just to open for us. They were great! We can't wait to get them back again!! Mike Graham brought along two guitar players, Derek Groves and Tyler ? (We will fill in his last name when we get it!! Sorry Tyler!!) They did just about every song from both of Mike's CD's, plus several requested songs that are not on CD's (including "The Disease," which Everett requested several times through out the night, Mike finally gave in... as his last song!) We had some excitement at the show when Everett announced to the crowd that a "gray F150 pickup was being towed from the side of the street" and Tyler jumped up and said "That's MY truck!" and took off running to catch the tow truck driver. Mike announced that we would take a break for everyone to make sure their vehicles were still outside, and after Tyler paid the $40 to get his truck unhooked from the tow truck, they played another long set. We thoroughly enjoyed Mike and Amelia and look forward to having them both back to play at the Clubhouse again!!
Mike McClure & Travis Linville
October 6, 2002

With this being our first Sunday show, we were a bit nervous about how many people would show up for this concert (especially with the rain clouds that were getting increasingly threatening!) Were we surprised!!!! By six o'clock we almost had a full house. Thank you everyone!! Also, thank you to Bill and Steve, who provided another great Cajun feast for everyone.

To all of those that decided not to make this concert, you missed an incredible show! Mike and Travis were awesome! They played a lot of songs off Mike's new cd '12 Pieces' and various songs from the Great Divide cds. Mike started the night off with 'Haunt Me No More' and then right into the requests. Now we all know that Joni is full of requests and for that we thank her! Travis also played a few songs, including 'Night Life', which was great. Travis is a great guitar player, and we can see why everyone invites him to sit in with them (he plays a weekly show in Oklahoma with Stoney Larue, which I would love to se sometime!). They played two long sets, and stayed around after the show for pictures and autographs. They sure are nice guys! We were thrilled when Mike announced in between songs that he plans to come back "next month" and bring a conga player (he referred to him as "Rock and Roll Royalty!"). We can't wait!

Requests were coming from all over the crowd. Someone even requested Down At the Harbor (Mike wrote it with Cody Canada, I think), which Cross Canadian Ragweed recorded on their Live and Loud at the Wormy Dog. Mike didn't remember all the words... but the audience took over where he couldn't remember! Mike and Travis also played 'Seven Spanish Angels' which is one of my favorite songs of all time and by the reaction of the crowd it is one of their favorites also! I really don't know what else to say about this concert, it really did leave me speechless. I love shows like these, it makes me thank God everyday that I have a love for GREAT music and the perfect venue for listening to these talented musicians.... and my hearing!!!

See Ya At the Next Show!!
Nathan Hamilton
October 12, 2002

As expected, Nathan Hamilton provided an awesome evening of music and entertainment for the clubhouse. I don't think you could put a label on Nathan's music. He is a multi-faceted artist whose music explores folk, rockabilly, country, and some rock and roll. Each song is spellbound and captivating, touching each person in it's own unique way. The folks in the audience were feeling every song. Their emotions changed like waves flowing from happiness to sadness to rage to feelings of liberation. The audience was powerless to the music that dictated it. The Thrift Store Cowboys opened the evening. They were an excellent warm-up for the clubhouse's receptive audience. They are an excellent, young band and we look forward to hearing more from them in the future. Thank you to everyone who attended and stay tuned for more awesome Texas music as the Clubhouse Concert gals continue to deliver the greatest music the state of Texas can provide.

-Ryan Hall
                 Mike McClure & Travis Linville
                          with Thrift Store Cowboys
                       mber 24, 2002

Well, considering the unfortunate cancellation of the Texas Jack show, this was the first Clubhouse Concert in over a month. And what a show to end the dry spell! Mike and Travis put on a show that can only be said to outshine their previous appearance.
        The crowd was enjoying the music of the Thrift Store Cowboys, while they filled their plate with Jackie's birthday spaghetti dinner. This band was great, playing a set of songs from their CD, along with many new songs as well. They are a fantastic act and if you haven't seen them, try and make it to one of their shows. By the time they were finished, the Clubhouse was practically full.
        Mike and Travis opened their set with a spectacular rendition of Van Morrison's "Into the Mystic". The evening only got better. Mike and Travis fielded tons of requests. They played almost every song from Mike's "12 Pieces" CD, as well as numerous songs Mike had written or co-written with Scott Copeland, who was in the audience. They took a short break after playing for over an hour, so everyone could enjoy birthday cake (Happy Birthday, Jackie!).
        After the break, they played a few songs, and then asked Scott Copeland to come up and play a bit. Scott played a great song, "I Love Texas", which the crowd thoroughly enjoyed. Mike and Travis finished up a long and enjoyable set with a spiritual song, "Mr. Devil", which then lead into "May the Circle be Unbroken". Everyone that came out had a blast, and if you missed it, you really missed out on an amazing night.
                                                             ~ Joni, with a little help from Everett Harper ~

**On a side note, the Thrift Store Cowboys were involved in an accident on the way out of town. They clipped a car that ran a red light (the driver was on the phone). Everyone was OK. We just wanted to let them know that they are in our thoughts and we are glad no one was hurt.**
                                                                                    Stoney LaRue Benefit
                                                                                                                    December 1, 2002
        First off, I want to thank each and every one of you that came out and showed your support for Stoney and OBB. The benefit was a HUGE success and all your donations were greatly appreciated.
        The show started off with repeat performer, Ryan Hall, from south Texas. He sang his original song,
Butthole Burnin' Blues, much to the amusement of the crowd. Very funny Ryan, it was enjoyed by all.
        Andy Pate and Danny followed up Ryan's performance with a fantastic set of songs. Andy always puts on a great show, and this was no exception. If you enjoyed Andy, he plays regularly at the Thirsty Armadillo and Woody's. Go and watch a show, it is well worth the trip.
        Next up was Texas Jack from the Vernon, Texas area. If you remember back to the beginning of November, we were supposed to have these guys play for us. Keith, the lead singer, was involved in an auto accident and could not make it. The decision was made to cancel the show. Texas Jack thought the S.L.O.B.B. benefit would be the perfect time for us to hear them. I'm glad we did; they are great! If you haven't heard them, they are kind of country, kind of rock and a whole lot of fun!
        Now to the main event...Jason Boland and The Stragglers! The Stragglers arrived on time, but the main Straggler lagged behind. While waiting for Jason to arrive, we were treated to
Trouble in Mind from Jeremy Watkins, which is always good to hear. We also had some auction items in between Jeremy singing and Jason's arrival. One item was Jason's birthday banner from the Tumbleweed in Stillwater where he played the night before the benefit. We were also lucky enough to have all the members of the Organic Boogie Band present. At some point in the evening, all of them either sang or played some kind of instrument. Stoney and The Stragglers played Shot Full of Holes, which he and Jason wrote about his little brother.
        When Jason finally arrived, and while he was setting up, someone requested
Snowin' on Raton. Thanks, Monty! Snowin' on Raton is probably my favorite Townes Van Zandt song next to Poncho and Lefty. At some point before they started playing, someone decided to make the night all cover songs, which in my opinion was great! We all get to see these guys play so many of their songs, that a break from the routine was a welcomed treat. There were a few Straggler originals like Mexico or Crazy, Gear and Dust, and When I'm Stoned. One that I have never heard live before, and thank you to whoever requested it, is Backslider Blues.
        A Clubhouse show with a Red Dirt act would not be complete without a Waylon Jennings song. This show was no exception. Jason had Andy Pate come up and sing
Good Hearted Woman with them. Another song that has been sung by all the Red Dirt acts to grace our Clubhouse would be Train to Birmingham. The Stragglers added a little twist to the song by working Knockin' on Heavens's Door in between the second and third verses. Jason and Stoney also sang together on Dirty Fightin' Love, which they wrote a few years ago. You can find it on Stoney's latest CD, Downtown. Now, I know most of you have the new CD, and I don't know if it's one of your favorites or not. But, it is a good one and it just happens to be one of mine, then again, which one of his isn't a favorite of mine?!?!?
        The Clubhouse Girls were very pleased that we were able to bring this show to all of you; unfortunately, we had to bring it to you under these conditions. We were glad that we could help Stoney and his band replace some of the stolen equipment. Thank you to all that helped us set up for this show and all the previous ones. We couldn't do it without you. I know I just repeated myself, but we mean it!
                                                                                                                      See ya at the next show!
                                                                                                          Keep checking the
site for future shows.
                                                                    The Burtschi Brothers
                                                                                                          with Casey Thompson & T-Roy Miller
                                                                                                                         January 10, 2003

Our first show of 2003 proved to be a great one! Casey Thompson, who has opened for several of our shows, brought T-Roy Miller along with him this time. Casey and T-Roy did a crowd pleasing set, including their own songs and a few standards. T-Roy brought along his dobro, which added a lot to the set.
     After a short break, Travis Linville and his band, The Burtschi Brothers, took the "stage".  Emily, Whitney and I have seen them on a few occasions, so we knew what to expect...but a lot of the people in the audience had never seen them before. I have to tell you, the audience was blown away! These guys are awesome! Travis' lead guitar player, Kevin Webb, is unbelievable. Kevin plays both electric guitar and steel guitar (sometimes playing both during the same song). Mike Phenix is the bass player. He had several bass "solos" that were awesome. Chris Foreman, the drummer is great and in addition to being entertaining to watch! The band played many songs from their first CD,
Uncertain Texas, including Tulsa and 2009. As usual, I had several requests, which they graciously played. Travis' version of The Night Life (Willie Nelson) was so good. They also played several Merle Haggard songs (by request), and a really good version of the old Roger Miller hit King of the Road. One of my favorite songs from the second CD, Ain't Being Treated Right, is Casting My Shadow. They played it, along with You hold the whiskey, I'll hold the money (even though when I requested it, I got the song title wrong...which Travis pointed out to everyone!). Everyone in attendance thoroughly enjoyed the show (as was obvious with all of the CDs that were being purchased). We hope that we can get The Burtschi Brothers back to the Clubhouse sometime in the near future.
                                                                                                                                  ~*~   Joni  ~*~
                                                                                         Mike Graham                
                                                                                                                      with Jared Crump
January 31, 2003

The Clubhouse Concert Series 2003 welcomed Mike Graham back for a third time on Janury 31, 2003. Obviously, we are fans and you should be too! If you have not made it out to the Clubhouse to see Mike and his band, you are really missing out. Mike is an extremely talented performer and his band is great also. Catch a show near you and you will quickly become a fan.

      Jared Crump began the show for us around 8:00 P.M. The Clubhouse Girls had not heard Jared perform before in a live setting. We were introduced to his CD on our way home from the Texas Theater in Waxahachie one night. Funny story...we had driven one Sunday (December 29, 2002) to see Mike McClure and Cody Canada at the Texas Theater and while we were standing in line to enter, Jared walked up and began talking to us. He mentioned that he had heard about our little venue  and would be interested in opening. He gave Joni his CD and the rest was history. We were impressed on the way home from our Sunday show and decided he would be a great opener.
      During Jared's set he performed many original tunes as well as a few covers. He even threw in a few Great Divide songs. We were impressed. As he was playing, I mentioned the idea for him to play at our Anniversary show on February 16th since Simon Bruce had to cancel. Jared quickly accepted and we are really looking forward to hearing him entertain us again.

      Mike Graham opened the show with an original and played most of the songs off his two CDs. He brought along Derek Groves, on lead guitar and Bracken Hale on bass. What talented musicians they both are. Both guys sang back up on several songs adding a stong sound to Mike's incredible voice. We were also blessed to have Tyler Chandler  join us again. He, too, played several songs with MIke and did a fantastic job.  We were not sure Tyler would ever make it back since his truck was almost towed the last time he was at the Clubhouse. (We made sure he was in an appropriate parking place this trip.) I think the highlight of the evening was when Mike did his spectacular version of Bruce Springsteen's, "Atlantic City". Although a cover, Mike, Derek, and Bracken did such a great job on the vocals/harmonizing that it sent chills down my back. I had heard Mike perform this before at one of his previous Clubhouse shows, but Friday night was just awesome!
      Mike introduced us to many new songs that will be on his new CD. I am not sure at this time when it will be released, but we will keep you updated. Everett once again requested "The Disease" along with others in the crowd, but Mike was able to slip past them this go round.  Mike entertained us with tales of the origins of many of his original songs. Next time Mike visits the Clubhouse you should really try and make it. Mike is an amazing performer as well as an all around great guy. Thanks for coming out and playing, we'll see you soon!

                                                              Clubhouse Concerts First Anniversary Show
                                                                                         Mike McClure, Travis Linville, & Stoney LaRue
                                                                                                  with Mike Mancy Band & Jared Crump
                                                                                                           February 16, 2003
Our first anniversary show was held on Sunday, February 16th. The day started out as a very cold and windy one, but by the time we had hauled all of the chairs and other necessary items over to the Clubhouse, the sun had come out and it was a beautiful afternoon. The crowd started showing up as soon as the doors opened at 5:30pm. We weren't surprised...since we were serving an Italian dinner provided by Derek & Donovan Dodd of "Johnny Carino's Italian Kitchen". As everyone was filling their plates and finding a seat, The Mike Mancy Band got the evening off to a great start with a powerful set of original songs (and a few covers thrown in - including a great reindition of  "Amarillo Highway"!). After their set, Jared Crump (who came all the way from Whitesboro, Texas) entertained everyone with a short set. Jared opened for Mike Graham a few weeks ago, and, just as he did then, did a great job.
        By the time Mike McClure and Travis Linville took the "stage", the room was full! This was our very first "standing room only" show...and everyone in attendance would agree that it was probably the best show yet from the "Clubhouse Concert Series". This was the third time that Mike and Travis have played the Clubhouse. They make a great team. You can tell how much they enjoy playing together. The show was billed as "Mike, Travis and special guest, Stoney LaRue". When Stoney did not come in with Travis and Mike, everyone started wondering if he was going to make it. He had been in Tulsa the night before, and since Mike and Travis drove down from southern Oklahoma, it didn't look too good that Stoney was going to make it. Everyone was very happy when Stoney walked in with that "sheepish" grin of his, saying "what?????? Mike told me it started at 10:00. I'm early!" Jared played another short set, and then Stoney and Scott Copeland did a set of song swapping. I want to thank Stoney for playing my request..."Melissa". Thanks, was awesome!
        Mike, Travis and Stoney played a long set of originals and some old standards thrown in, and finished off the set with the "Red Dirt Finale"... "The Weight", which by the end of the song the entire room was singing along with them. We wouldn't let them stop with that, so they obliged and finished with a great "Mr. Devil" (including "Will the Circle be Unbroken").
        We have lots of people to thank for helping us make it to this one year mark: First of all, I would like to thank the "Clubhouse Girls", who, without their help, I couldn't pull this off. (Thanks Emily, Whitney and Jina (and Jackie in absentia). Also, thanks to the "unofficial" clubhouse girls...Abbi and Amy (Red Dirt Mama!). Thanks to everyone that always pitches in with the chairs and "stuff". Thanks to everyone at The Reserve at Oak Hill Apartments. Thanks to Derek & Donovan for all of their support and the great food.  THANKS TO THE MUSICIANS THAT MAKE IT ALL WORTH IT!!!! We love you all!
                                                                                                                                    ~*~ Joni ~*~
                                                                 Dave Millsap & Band
                                                                                                                  with Stephen Pointer
                                                                                                                      March 1, 2003
Saturday night, March 1st brought a first to the Clubhouse....blues, Texas style. Stephen Pointer got the night off to a great start. Stephen is a student at TCU and actually is a tenant in the apartment complex where we do our shows. He has been to a couple of shows (in the audience), but this was the first time that we got to hear him perform. He is really good! Stephen performed lots of songs from his upcoming cd, "Hooked". Unfortunately, the cd will not be released for about two more weeks. If he had had some copies, he probably would have sold them all! As it was, he sold lots of t-shirts and stickers.  Dave Millsap chose to have Stephen open because  Stephen had been a guitar student of Dave's. (Stephen's mom told me that Stephen started taking guitar lessons at the age of 7. No wonder he was so good!) After a short break, Dave Millsap played a set "solo, acoustic".  He started off the set with a great song, "Ashes to Ashes". During the set, he commented that although he had sung some pretty "sad" and serious songs, things would start rocking when the band came up to play with him in the second set. After about a one hour solo set, his drummer, Gunzy Trevino, joined Dave for one song, "Better word for Love", which was great. They took a very short break, and then the band joined them. Larry Bartula on bass, Lewis Stephens on piano, Gunzy on drums and Dave on electric guitar. If you have never seen Dave play guitar, you are really missing something. Dave has toured with "the best", including Delbert McClinton and Sonny Terry.  Dave & the band played lots of songs from his new blues cd, "Nothing but Troubles". It is hard to say which songs I liked best...they were all great., but if I had to pick a couple, I would have to say "I'm in Love" and "You don't have to say you love me" were two of my favorites. There were many new people in the audience tonight. Both Dave and Stephen have a very good "following" and we can only hope that everyone in attendance enjoyed the night as much as we did. Although this was our first "blues" show, I doubt it will be our last. Stay tuned for more Texas Blues at the Reserve.
                                                                                                                             ~*~ JONI ~*~
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Susan Gibson
with Heather Morgan & Ali Holder
March 22, 2003

     Saturday began wet and rainy and ended up to be not so bad. As Joni and I loaded the chairs into Everett's truck we discussed the reason why we always seem to have bad weather when the Clubhouse Shows roll around. This was not our first time to load the chairs in the rain, and I am sure not the last.

     The evening was a delight. With returning chefs Bill Keeton & Steve Raines, our Seafood Jambalaya and Shrimp Gumbo were delicious. With sides of rice and bread, the Clubhouse patrons ate heartily! Thanks to Bill & Steve who not only provide us with great food, but have always supported the Clubhouse and its efforts to bring you good quality music in an intimate, acoustic setting.

Heather Morgan took the stage about 8:10pm and the audience was amazed with her beautiful voice. Heather is a recent TCU graduate who is becoming well known quickly on the Texas Music circuit. She is going to Nashville sometime this summer, I believe, to do some touring there. She sang many songs off of her CD,
Six Strings and Slow Backroads, along with many other original tunes. Since I am a seasoned Heather Morgan fan, I found myself singing along with many of the songs. I was glad to hear some of her new songs as well. I think my favorites are "Penny", "Sweet Meredith", and her wonderful closer, "Amazing". If you have not made it out to see Heather Morgan, check her website at to find a venue near you. It is well worth it.

Between Heather's set and Susan Gibson's set an up and coming singer/songwriter, Ali Holder, performed. Ali, a 16 year old high school Senior from Wichita Falls, Texas, is making a name for herself. She has been playing out in Wichita Falls, and has recently taken the stage at the Thursday night New Artist Showcase at the Thirsty Armadillo here in Fort Worth. With many people impressed with her talent and heartfelt lyrics, I would definately watch for Ali in the future. She has been a fan of Texas music for a long time growing up with such icons as Jerry Jeff Walker and Willie Nelson.

I just want to start out with how amazing Susan Gibson is. I have not had the pleasure of seeing her perform before Saturday night, but I was awestruck! I have heard such great things about Susan from many people and have really enjoyed her CD,
Chin Up, but seeing her in person is well worth it.  Susan brought along Michael O'Connor,  lead guitar player, who definitely enhanced the show.  The beginning of the show was a bit comical...Susan broke a string on her guitar. Luckily our sound technician, Stephen Pointer, was there to the rescue. While Stephen changed Susan's string, Susan borrowed Heather Morgan's guitar. I was really impressed with Susan's ability to keep the show going with comic relief as well as storytelling. You can tell Susan is a natural performer and really keeps the audience attuned. Susan played two sets and was not finished until about midnight. I think she broke a record for the longest show. To see Susan at a venue near you visit It was a wonderful night and we cannot wait for Susan to come back to the Clubhouse.

Until the next show,
Houston Marchman & The Contraband
Mike Mancy
Saturday April 5th, 2003

I am really beginning to think that we have a curse on our Clubhouse shows! As the afternoon of the show wore on, the clouds started appearing in the sky. By showtime, lightning and thunder and high winds had rolled in. We had advertised that the doors would open at 7:30pm, but by about 7:00, people started coming in. I wasn't sure if they were there to get a good seat, make sure they were going to get dinner, or if they were trying to beat the impending bad weather (by this time, we were in a tornado warning!). Whatever the reason, the seats started filling earlier than usual. Everyone filled their plates with delicious "Cousin's Barbeque", potato salad, beans, etc. Thanks to Matt McClure and the "Cousin's Crew" for always giving us a great deal on their mouth watering barbeque. By the time Mike Mancy got there (making a "Stoney LaRue" entrance - except Mike wasn't
really late, just "right on time!"). Mike and his guitar player, Adam Heatley,  put on a great opening set, as usual. We love Mike and his band. They are a really talented group of guys and always do a great job of getting the crowd "into the show". After Mike played, we took our usual 15 minute break before Houston & his band took the stage. At this time, I started realizing just how many people that had either rsvp'd or told me they would be there - weren't. I guess the bad weather in the area really did make an impact on tonight's show. Two of our "very faithful" patrons even told me that they had started not to come, but wanted to see Houston so bad, they told their daughter to go into the closet if bad weather hit at their house, and they left her to come to the show!!!
Houston and the band started off the first set with the "proverbial set list". After the first song, Houston decided to "throw out the set list" and play requested songs. He explained that the band "loved this idea", as they had no idea of what song would be next until right before the song...keeping them on their toes! Now most everyone knows that I have been a huge Houston Marchman & The Contraband fan for a long time. I have to tell you...I loved this show!  They played tons of new and old songs. I can't even tell you which were my favorite, because they ALL ARE. Houston knows how to entertain the audience. He told stories in between every song, making for a much more personal show than you get when you go to see them in a "bar" setting. After the closing song "Adios Baby", Houston was "much obliged" to do a solo song from his "Tryin' For Home" cd, "Still Alone (in Amarillo)". It was
After a standing ovation (and a lot of whooping and hollering from the crowd), Houston brought the band back for one last song. After telling a very funny story about his owning a Jeep Wagoneer, they finished off the night with a great rendition of "South Texas Rain". I want to thank Houston, Roger Rowe (drums), Jerry Abrams (stand up bass) and John Layton (lead guitar) for coming out to the Clubhouse. Thanks to Mike Mancy and Adam, and thanks to everyone that braved the bad weather (which never happened, by the way!). We hope everyone got home safely and we look forward to seeing everyone at the next show.

Just an added thought: This was Houston's "cd release party" for his new cd, "Desperate Man". I usually sit near the front door, by the merch table. Houston's wife, Suzanne, was in charge of selling his merchandise and she was kept
very busy all evening!!! I saw several people buying ALL of his cd's and a lot of people that already own the previous cd's were updating their collection with the new one. I am sure everyone will enjoy their cd's as much as I have!
Ryan Bingham's cd release party
with PRAG opening
Saturday, April 12th, 2003

Maybe we don't have a curse over the clubhouse shows, afterall! We
finally had a show on a beautiful spring night! Derek Dodd, from Johnny Carino's arrived right on time and started dishing out some awesome Texas Italian cookin'. As PRAG got the evening started, (with guitarist Michael Penland accompanying him), Ryan's fans started coming in. We had never seen PRAG or Michael play before. They were very good. PRAG has a new cd, and he played many songs from it. We look forward to having them back out for a show. Adam Heatley (from Mike Mancy's band), was our "sound guy" for the show. Adam did a great job. After a short break, David Pritchard introduced Ryan to the crowd. Most everyone in the room was familiar with Ryan and his music. I had gotten a cd in the mail a few days earlier, so I had heard his songs. I knew he was good, but I didn't realize how really good he was.  He went to Tarleton in Stephenville for two years, and obviously built up quite a following. Although I don't really think they got the concept of a "listening" show, it was obvious from the first song Ryan sang, that they were there to support him and the release of "Wishbone Saloon". There was quite a bit of "whooping and hollering" between songs, which we are not really used to, but they were all having a great time and obviously enjoying the show. I'm sure Ryan got some new fans that night, as well. Ryan is the cutest, most polite 22 year old that I have had a pleasure to meet. His songs tell the stories of a boy that has been "on his own" since his early teenage years and his experiences. He has lived down in Laredo, where he learned to play guitar from a guy that was in a mariachi band. Ryan played us a song that he had written the day before the show, about a friend from Laredo. The song was called "Vato Joe", and was very entertaining. I like all of his songs, but have to say, my very favorite is "Long way from Georgia". He told a story about how someone told him his voice and "southern, soulful drawl" sounded like he could have come from Georgia, and he explained to us that growing up in West Texas was "a long way from Georgia". It's a great song. I was VERY impressed with him. I had heard from several musicians (Randy Rogers and Brady Black) how good Ryan was, and they were right. He is a great guitar player and I loved the fact that he could play harmonica, too.  After the show, Ryan and Holly (his girlfriend), and their friend Jason helped us load the chairs and take them to my house. (That was a first!) They ended up spending the night at my house. The next morning they were going to go to New Braunfels, as Ryan was playing at a benefit at River Road Ice House. I mentioned that I would have loved to be going, as many of my favorite musicians were playing. Well, to my surprise, they asked me to tag along. On a spur of the moment "whim", I went! I am so glad I did! It was a beautiful day and the music was great. Ryan got many new fans there also. There were a couple of guys sitting near me that were from California. They were so impressed with him, one of the guys bought his VERY FIRST Texas music cd...."Wishbone Saloon"! (*see photo, below!) I hated to have to drag Ryan away, but at about 10:00pm, he and I jumped back in the bug and headed back to Fort Worth. I had a great time, and want to thank them for inviting me to go. I am really looking forward to seeing Ryan's career get bigger and bigger. He is destined to go a long could anyone resist him? Not only is he a very good singer/songwriter, but he has to be one of the nicest guys I have ever met.
If you get the chance to go see him, do it! You'll be glad you did.
You can check out his website at and you can order his cd and t-shirts directly from him. He is playing at Adair's in Dallas on Easter Sunday night (I'll be there, for sure!) and you can watch our website for other places he will be playing at.

Looking forward to the Randy Rogers show on May 3rd (if we make it thru the Larry Joe Taylor fest!)


                                          <<<~~~~~~~~~ Ryan & a new fan with his very first Texas Music Cd...."Wishbone Saloon"!

Randy Rogers with Joey Green
Saturday, May 3rd, 2003

For my first Clubhouse Concerts show, I'd have to say it was great. I wasn't sure what to expect when I got there, but it far surpassed what I expected. The Clubhouse women were great hostesses and the show was great, too. Joey Green opened and he did pretty well. He's an all around nice guy who has an interesting sound. I got a copy of one of his cd's and it sounded pretty good.
After Joey, 3/5 of the Randy Rogers Band played. Usually at recent acoustic shows, it has just been Randy and Brady. However, Geoff, the lead guitarist for RRB, was there as well. This was the first acoustic show I got to see him play with the other two and they did a great job. As is a common and predictable occurance for any artist who plays guitar, strings will break. So, while Randy went to change a string, Geoff and Brady played a song together. Geoff sang "Peaceful Easy Feeling" by the Eagles. It was great and the crowd was all singing along to it. Randy came back near the end of the song and jumped right in to sing along as well. They played alot of their songs, but they also played their cover of "Oh My Sweet Carolina" by Ryan Adams. Not trying to dis on Ryan, (I have his cd's and they are all good),
but Randy's's just totally better in my opinion. The crowd seemed to agree.  Randy also played "Lay It All On You" and "Can't Slow Down", which are awesome "new" tunes. I say "new" because they aren't on any CD, but if you go to the shows, he plays them there. The "Lay It All On You" song is one he wrote with Wade Bowen. Randy will be back with Wade Bowen (with Mark Sanders and Mike Mancy opening) on June 8th. This should be a great show, so be sure to make it out. Since this was an acoustic show, Randy of course told lots of stories.  I found it interesting because I'd never hear some of the stories before. I go to many acoustic & full band shows of Randy's and he always has something new to add. Another story about the same song that I'd never heard before or maybe a slight change of lyrics of a song to get a crowd response or something. It just never gets boring.  I thought it was cool to kind of learn a little more about his music from his perspective from some of the new stories I heard. That's pretty much what I would have expected that you would get from most artists at a Clubhouse Concert. It's not a huge place. In fact, it's a small and intimate setting and you can actually sit and listen. This was my first time at the Clubhouse and after seeing how it went and how well these things are put together, I'd have to say I'll be coming back when I have the opportunity. It was worth the trip from my home in Austin.

~*~ Daniel a/k/a Blam-o ~*~

Mike McClure & Travis Linville
with Ryan Bingham & Kurt South
May 18, 2003

As Sunday, May 18th drew near, I found myself getting more and more excited about the return of Mike & Travis to the Clubhouse.
I know that everyone that has ever been to one of their clubhouse shows knows exactly what I am talking about. They always put on a great show. This time was no exception.
Since this was a Sunday show, we had to get ready a little earlier than usual. Matt, Jared and I  started loading up the chairs and everything into our cars and I noticed that there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Hallaleulah!! Maybe we would make it thru another show without the threat of bad weather! I got over to the Clubhouse at about 2:30 and Mike, Travis and Jimmy were already there, unloading the sound system. Lucky for me, they offered to help me unload everything from my car. (Thanks, guys!)
When we got there, Jessica Johnson and her staff were already there preparing dinner. These girls are pro's!! They served an outstanding "spread" of fajita meats and soft tacos. Although Mike was a little bit upset at first that Derek & Donovan Dodd were not catering with their Johnny Carino's buffet, I have to say I think he was very pleased with Jessica's dinner.
As Kurt South began his mini-set, people started coming in and picking the "perfect" seat. It's funny to see which seats get filled first...there is always the people who like to sit in the "comfy" chairs along the back, and there is always the ones that want to sit right in the front row so they can watch every note played. And then there are always the few that like to sit in the front so they can "heckle" the musicians...just kidding Cindy & Carmen! Usually when we serve a meal, the tables fill up quickly also. This night was no exception. By the time Ryan Bingham came on, the room was almost full to capacity! Everyone knows that I am Ryan's BIGGEST FAN. He is so very talented. I was really happy to see that he would have a large crowd to hear him perform. Ryan did a great job and by the time he finished, the line was already forming of people wanting to purchase his cd. Kurt played another "mini-set" before Mike & Travis took center stage. Kurt is coming back to the Clubhouse on June 14th for his CD release party. This is going to be a great show, so plan to be there. I found out at the show that Travis Linville is going to open for Kurt, so be sure to get there early enough to see Travis, too.
Mike and Travis did a "song swap" this time. Mike would play a song (with Travis accompanying him) and then Travis would do one (with Mike). It was a great format. Mike and Travis play so well together. I am not sure how long they have played together, but it is obvious that they know each other very well. They make a great "duo". As usual, I got to request several of my favorites. Everyone in the audience does a great job of requesting songs I always want to hear, so I can sit back and wait until I think they won't play something, and I can yell out my request. Travis' version of "The Night Life" is one of my favorites. From all of the cheering after the song, it was everyone's! They played a set and then while they took a break, Kurt played another "mini set". They came back and played another long set, and as they were finishing up, Stoney LaRue and Randy Rogers came in! They had been on the 99.5 The Wolf's Front Porch Show over in Dallas, and when the show was over, they came over to the clubhouse! (We had heard from Emily's sister that Stoney "plugged" the clubhouse shows on the air...thanks Stoney!) Stoney brought his guitar in, but Randy didn't have his. I was dissapointed, because Randy Rogers is one of my favorite musicians. He grabbed a beer and found a seat in the audience and Stoney grabbed his guitar and joined Mike and Travis for another set of "song swaps". Everyone knows that I absolutely adore Stoney! He has such a great voice. It was really cool that he came over and played for us. Even though it was a Sunday night, and everyone had to go to work in the morning, the room was still full when the show was over. I think everyone felt the same as I did...I was wishing they would play all night. But, all good things must come to an end eventually.  I have to put tonight's show up there on my "best of" list. It was truly a great night of music. I hope everyone else enjoyed Kurt, Ryan, Mike, Travis and Stoney as much as I did. I guess we'll just have to wait until June 8th to hear Randy Rogers...don't forget, he and Wade Bowen will be doing an acoustic song swap at the Clubhouse.
Thanks, also, to Ali Holder, who got up and played a few songs during a break. She is a very talented 16 year old, who, I am sure, is destined to go far in the music business. saw her at the Clubhouse first!

Until next time,

Wade Bowen & Randy Rogers
with Mark Sanders & Mike Mancy
June 8th, 2003

How lucky am I?  My first show as an "official clubhouse" girl, and performing are Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen!  Two of my favorite artists.  Although we were a little worried about the weather turning bad early on Sunday morning, the evening couldn't have turned out any more beautifully.  The light rain cooled the heat off just enough to make it a great day to carry chairs.  I'm sure that our friend Andrew, Wade, and his crew were very thankful for this because they also had the privelege of helping with the chair duties.
Once all of the chairs were in place we set out the food!  Thanks to Cousins Bar-BQ, we had some awesome chopped beef sandwiches with all the fixins( although I did make the excellent potatoe salad and beans myself).  Randy showed up and sound check was under way thanks to Steven Pointer.  The guys were already sounding phenominal, and I knew that we were going to have a great show.   As soon as the guys finished with their sound check they decided to head out for a few drinks before the big show. 
While Randy and Wade were out getting primed up for the show, Mark Sanders and Mike Mancy began playing to open the show.  Mike Mancy did a fantastic job as usual.  It was my first time to see Mark Sanders and was very impressed.  He has a very unique sound that is very difficult to find these days. 
Now on to the main event!  After Mark and Mike song swapped for about an hour it was time for Wade and Randy.  Wow, talk about a spectacular show!  It was a very special night for Wade, because he has nephews that aren't old enough to go to a bar and see him perform and the clubhouse provided the perfect atmosphere for his entire family to come support his music.  Wade told a very heart touching story about his sister and how much he loves her.  This was followed by a super sweet song that brought tears to everyone's eyes. Of course half of Randy's songs bring tears to your eyes.  He is so talented that you can't helped but be moved by every note that he sings.  Of course not all of his songs are sad, as a matter of fact, Sunday nights rendition of "Blow Up Plastic Girl" was funnier than ever when Randy noticed a hot girl on a stair stepper in the next room and decided to include her in the song.  ( "...she's a life size, wife size, full blown stair stepper girl").
Although the guys played for 5 hours, it seemed like it only lasted for a split second.  I didn't want it to end, but if it had to it couldn't have been done in a better way.  Wade sang a song called "Freedom".  The crowd sat silently in awe as he closed the show in wonderful style.
Thanks guys for a great night of laughter, tears, and music.  We hope to have you back soon.

***** Cori ***** 

Kurt South with Kenny Uptain,  Jordan Mycoskie,
& Travis Linville
June 13, 2003

Another clubhouse show, another rainy day.  Sunday started out with the threat of bad weather, so Joni and I decided to load the chairs and food early.  We started preparing for the show at about 1:00 on Sunday afternoon.  At the time it seemed pretty early, but it was awefully nice to have everything ready to go ahead of time so that all we had to do was to sit back and enjoy the show.
The show got started about thirty minutes early with Jordan Mycoskie.  I had never heard of him before, but thought that he did a great job.  He also played between sets along with Ali Holder, whom we are expecting great things from in years to come.
Next came the music stylings of Mr. Travis Linville,
a musical genius.  I can't say enough about this guy!  He is, in my opinion, one of the most talented musicians of today, but doesn't get the recognition that he deserves.  On top of the fact that Travis is such a great guitar player, he brought his girlfriend Heather, (who by the way seemed like a good catch)....he also got new shoes!  If you have ever seen Travis play, you probably saw him in a pair of brown New Balances.  Hold on to your hats because his new shoes are green!  Wow, way to go Travis!
Following an opening act like Travis Linville has got to put the pressure on any musician, but Kurt was fearless.  Kurt began singing songs from his newly released CD "Loaded", accompanied by the very talented Kenny Uptain..  Before the show, I was sort of wondering what the meaning of "Loaded" was.  Once I got there and had a chance to look at the CD, I was glad to know that it was a shotgun reference rather than other possibilities that had come to mind..  Kurt was able to play all of the songs off of his new album, and from what I heard, I would say buy it if you get the chance, you won't be sorry. We wish Kurt the best with the new album, and look forward to seeing him again soon.

Until the next show.
~ Cori~  

Ryan Bingham & Roger Ray
with Frank Neville & Seth Allen
Opening: Fifty-Nine South
June 22, 2003

If I had to choose one word to describe Sunday night's show, it would be
Wow!!  All in all, I would have to say that it  was the best night of music ever heard at the clubhouse.  The evening began with some newcomers to the clubhouse, Fifty-Nine South out of StillWell, Ok.  This father-son duo ( Michael and Kyle Brown) came a long way to play for us, and we were sure glad that they did.  Besides the fact that they brought lots of their fans, they were very talented.  It was nice to see some new faces, and hear a new style of music.
Following the evening's trend of new faces and new music, next in line to play was Frank Neville.  I had only seen Frank once before, and it was just for a split second, so I was anxious to get to see him again.  This was his first time at the clubhouse and he did a great job.  He also brought along a cello player, Seth Allen, from the group Riverside.  Man could this guy play.  The thought of using a cello with Texas music had never crossed my mind, but surprisingly it worked.  Frank & Seth, along with Roger Ray playing lead and the dobro, seemed as if the night was complete.  Boy was I wrong.  Still to come was everyone's favorite, Ryan Bingham.  Although Ryan is no newcomer to the clubhouse stage, I am always excited to see him.  As always, Ryan put on a fantastic show that just captivated the audience.  Ryan performing alone would have made for an unforgetable night of music, but with Roger Ray accompanying him on lead guitar and dobro, and Seth Allen sitting in on cello the night was amazing.  Thanks guys for a night cram packed with talent.
Now, I can't forget to mention the food.  Along with a great night of music came a phenominal night of food.  Thanks to Bill & Candy Keeton, and Steve Raines for the wonderful Cajun food.  I think that I gained at least 5lbs. last night going back for seconds and thirds.  Man can they cook!
Until next time.