We picked up the RV in Cleburne around 6pm Wednesday. As we
got closer to Melody Mountain Ranch, the lightning and dark
clouds got worse. We pulled under a gas station cover just in
time... the hail started pelting the cars all around us. Thank
goodness the rented RV was under a cover!
It finally stopped hailing, so we got back on the
road, arriving at our campsite around 9pm. Our
friend, James, was already at the festival and
had taken cover under the acoustic tent with
the majority of the festival goers. He said that
although they were under the cover, the wind
was blowing so hard, even the people in the
middle were getting wet.
Len had promised to buy me a "birthday dinner" when we
got to the festival, but since most of the concession stands
closed during the storm, we ended up eating a birthday
dinner of "fritos and bean dip"!
As soon as we got moving the next morning, we set out to find the
"breakfast taco" vendor. Len & Dianne were enjoying their coffee
and talking to the vendor about the storm the night before.
These kids were having a blast playing in the mud under the
acoustic tent ----------------->
We wandered around soaking up the sunshine and visiting with
The guys from Randy Rogers Band found their way over to our
Brady & Geoffrey ended up playing washers with some young rodeo
Nathan Cross & his friend AJ came down from Oklahoma.
We had alot of fun hanging out with them.
We ran into Josh Grider & Drew Kennedy during Johnny
Cooper's set.
Thursday night's music lineup was
Johnny Cooper started the night out,
then Brandon Rhyder and Jason
Boland & The Stragglers.
Randy Rogers finished up the night
and by the end of his set, there were
some pretty rowdy drunks down front.
I braved the crowd long enough to
snap a picture of Randy on stage.
It is "tradition" that after the official music is over for the night, many of the musicians "travel" to campsites and jam.
We are very fortunate, because we have camped in the same spot for so many years, they all know where we are and
usually come by ( and stay and stay and stay!).
On Thursday night, we had a whole bunch of talented guys playing around the campfire- including The Straggles, South
Austin Jug Band and Deryl Dodd.
On Friday morning the music in the acoustic tent started off at the bright and early hour of 12 noon!
Josh Grider was first up and Drew Kennedy joined him for a song. After Josh's set, he sold cd's and signed autographs. I
heard that he SOLD OUT of his cd's at the show. Not surprised... it is a great cd!
Susan Gibson (with special guest Michael Hearne)
was up next. South Austin Jug Band followed
Susan's set.
After South Austin Jug Band's set, we
went to eat more junk food and
headed back to the campsite to get
ready for the evening's music.
Just as we were going down to the main stage area for The Band of Heathens, Wade Bowen
and friends showed up at the campsite.
Nathan says to these cute little "hippie" girls.... "Wanna be
I saw this girl (on the left) walking by and couldn't
believe she was wearing a Clubhouse shirt!
Home, Sweet Home
Friday night's lineup on the main stage was just as good as
Thursday's! Band of Heathens started things off, with Bart
Crow, No Justice, Wade Bowen, Stoney LaRue & Reckless
Kelly following them.
The crowd was having a great time!
Len & a security guard "messing" with the other security
guards in the area.
Nacho (aka the Clubhouse mascot) seems to have put
on a little weight :)
Cleaning out the trashcans before another night
of campfire partying.
These campers were sitting around their "burn ban" fire
Are there really aliens flying over
Stephenville? This guy thinks so!
Rick & Stephen Pointer swapping songs around the campfire.
I woke up Saturday morning and couldn't find a
complete pair of either shoe... so I put on the ones I
could find and headed out for a breakfast burrito.
I took some pictures of "the morning after" and we
packed our things and headed back home.
It was another great year at the Larry Joe
Taylor festival!
We always leave exhausted, but I am
ALWAYS glad I went.
Already looking forward to LJT '09.