6/23/03  Monday Had a little trouble getting up for work this morning. Last night's clubhouse show with Ryan Bingham and Roger Ray was unbelievable!  Ryan and
Roger play so well together. Seth Allen (from the band, Riverside) sat in on cello. It was a really neat sound, alot like a fiddle, but different (?). I really enjoyed hearing Michael
and Kyle Brown. They play in a band called Fifty-Nine South (from Oklahoma). I am betting we hear lots more from them around here. They were really nice guys and brought
an entire "fan club" with them. It was great to see lots of new faces in the crowd. Ryan, Roger, Frank and Seth were a little late arriving for Frank to open the show, so Michael
and Kyle  began their set a little early, and then Frank, Roger and Seth played a mini set before Ryan & Roger played. Roger didn't take a break almost the entire night. You can
tell how much he enjoys playing with Ryan. They played lots of "Ryan Bingham originals" as well as quite a few covers. Bill Keeton & Steve Raines outdid themselves (as usual)
with the cajun food. Josh Johnson had a hard time pulling himself away from the food long enough to listen to the music in the other room! It was a great night, except for the
little "problem" Cori had when it was time to leave. Seems as though she was in such a hurry to get to the clubhouse on time, she didn't stop for gas in her car, so when we went
out to leave, her car wouldn't start. Thanks to Eric & Mike for the use of their gas can!!! They saved the day...again!! I worked on the website tonight, adding photos from the
show, while Cori wrote her review. I am having trouble adding some pictures that are "sideways" on my disc, and as soon as I figure out what I am doing wrong, I will finish
adding them to the website. Have a great week!!!
"Miss Joni's Journal"
Friday June 27th I went to Best Buy (where Matt works) last night, and bought a new printer, scanner, fax machine for my computer. Matt hooked it up for me this
afternoon, but I don't know how to work it yet. I am hoping that I will be able to scan in photos and add them to the website. Hopefully, they will come out less "grainy"
looking. I haven't quite gotten down all of this "computer stuff", but am slowly teaching myself. Tonight, a bunch of us are going to El Rancho Grande for dinner before the
Mike McClure Band/ Jason Boland & the Stragglers show at Billy Bob's. Ryan Bingham and Holly are coming up from New Braunfels for it. I spoke to Ryan on the phone a
little while ago. They were in Stephenville last night and he was at "City Limits". He had left Tasha (his Blue Heeler) out on the front porch, where some girls were
entertaining her with throwing sticks. (She loves to have you throw toys and she will run and pick them up and bring them back to you
for hours!). Anyway, apparently some
guys thought she was a neat dog, so they loaded her up in their truck and took her with them! Ryan has been trying all day to find out who the guy was and get Tasha back. I
don't understand how someone could steal someone else's pet. Hopefully they will find her soon. If you are in Stephenville, or know anyone who lives there, spread the word
for Ryan & Holly.
Saturday June 28th The show last night was great! Mike McClure's band came on first. I love them. They are alot more "rock" than The Great Divide ever was. Mike
seems so happy with the new sound. You can tell when he's up on stage that he is really doing what he wants to be doing. They played lots of new songs (including the 4 songs
from "el EP" as Mike has started calling it). They were selling it at the merch table for the first time tonight, so I made sure to get one. I am proud to say I haven't bought a
T-shirt in at least the past two or three shows I have attended. Everyone that knows me knows I have a weakness for t-shirts. I have a closet full of them. Most of them are XL's,
since that is usually the only size anyone has, so I have a large collection of "sleep shirts"! Anyway, the rest of the show was great. Jason wasn't drinking much at all tonight, and
sounded great. He looked really good, too. Roger was tearing it up on lead guitar (as usual!) and they had a guy sitting in on steel and a guy from George Strait's band sitting in
on keyboards. Jason invited his "musician friends" up on stage at the end of the show to sing "For What It's Worth". Ryan Bingham, Tommy Alverson and Andy Pate went up to
join in. Where was Mike???? It was fun to see Ryan on the Billy Bob's stage. I am sure that one of these days, we will be watching him do an entire show up there. We took lots of
pictures at the show and I will post some when I get the scanner figured out. Tonight is Stoney and band at Woody's. I'm looking forward to it. Haven't seen Stoney in a few weeks
and haven't seen the rest of the band in over a month. Ali Holder is coming into town and going to play between sets tonight.
*** at 3:45pm, after working on it
for hours, I have figured out the scannner!! Check out the pictures on the Ryan Bingham/Roger Ray Photo page!!!
Sunday June 29th Stoney's show last night was so good!! It was obvious he was in a really good mood, which showed in how intense he was in one song and then funny
and animated he would be in the next one! He is such a great singer and all around entertainer. He sang almost every song I wanted to hear...but didn't sing the one I requested
("Melissa", the old Allman Brothers tune.) Maybe next time...which will be this coming Saturday in Stephenville! He did sing "Crystal Eyes" which he doesn't do too often. No
Justice was really good, too. If I wasn't on a budget, I would have bought their cd, but I am hoping I can get it in the near future. Ali got up and sang 3 songs between No Justice
and Stoney's sets. She did a great job. There were lots of SLOBB fans in the audience. It was good to see Sandra Mormon (congratulations on the new job, Sandra!). Before the
show, Cori, Emily and I got an "adult snowcone" at the drive thru snowcone place. If you haven't gotten one yet, you should check it out. They are really good!I just got thru
adding the photos from the MMB/JBS show at Billy Bob's. I love my new scanner!!! Have a good week and a happy 4th of July holiday. We will be heading to Stephenville this
weekend. Randy Rogers is playing on Friday night with Roger Creager  and Mike McClure ( & band) , Stoney (&SLOBB), and Frank Neville are there on Saturday night.
Sunday July 6th Hope everyone had an enjoyable 4th of July weekend. I know I did!! Friday night, Cori went to Stephenville to see Randy Rogers at the City Limits
dance Day Jam. Emily watched fireworks with her family and I stayed home and watched the fireworks down the street from my house. I knew I needed to be rested up for
Saturday night's show in Stephenville. Boy, was I right!! Although it wasn't a very hot night, the weather had the possibility of getting bad, so the people at City Limits decided to
move everything inside. Len, Emily and I got there just as "Back 40" was going on. They are a local band from Tarleton. They had a great set of both originals and covers. Cori got
there at the end of Back 40's set. Frank Neville was up next. Frank had a great "back up band" tonight!! The Stragglers weren't playing anywhere, so they came and sat in with
him. This was the fourth time to see Frank play and I enjoy him more everytime. He's really talented and such a great guy! Micky and the Motorcars were up next. They were
really good!! So good, in fact, Len & I both bought their cd and my t-shirt weakness got to me, and I bought a M&Mcar t-shirt, too!! I am really looking forward to them playing at
the Clubhouse in September. Back Porch Mary was next to play. These guys are out of Austin and they were incredible. I have never seen such energy on stage! They are alot of
rock with a little bit of country thrown in. I thoroughly enjoyed them. When the bass player laid his standup bass on it's side and played it (laying on top of it) and then the lead
singer jumped up next to him on it and played, the crowd went crazy. Stoney & guys were up next. This 4th of July weekend marks one year since Emily & I met Stoney. Last year
we went to Stubb's in Austin to see SLOBB & JB & The Stragglers play, so it seemed appropriate that we were watching all of them on stage again this year. Roger & Jeremy sat
in on SLOBB's set, and Jason got up and sang "Shot Full of Holes" and "Dirty Fightin' Love" with them. They ended their set with "The Weight", which had the entire club up
on it's feet singing along. The Mike McClure band didn't dissapoint us AT ALL! Mike's birthday is today (Sunday), so Emily, Cori and I took him a giant chocolate chip cookie for
a birthday present. Mike is one of my favorite guys in the whole world, and I am so proud of his new band. They are great! It was great to see so many of my new friends out there,
including Heather, Kyle and Amanda. I finally got to meet Stoney's
adorable wife, Kandice. After the show, everyone was heading over to the hotel to continue the "party", but
Len, Emily and I still had a long drive back to Ft. Worth (via Crowley), so we headed on home. Emily & I got to my house at 3:00am...Hope everyone else made it home safely!
Wed. July 9th Went to the Texas Music Series at 8.0's tonight in Sundance Square to see Bleu Edmondson. Three Fools On Stools started the night off with a great set.
Bleu sounded great, as always. Had a great time visiting with everybody at our table...Tracy, JP, Heather, Shawn and of course Cori, Jackie and Rick. Saw a couple of friends
from high school, too! One Light Town came on after Bleu, but didn't stay too long for them. Have to get up early in the morning. Starting to get ready for the Stoney/Bleu show
on Sunday. Looks like we're gonna have a big crowd. Bleu even announced to the crowd tonight to come see them on Sunday. Hope we have enough chairs!
Sunday morning, July 14th  Woody's was great last night. Got up early to start getting ready for tonight's show...can't wait...I think we're
gonna have a big crowd! Heading to Sam's to pick up last minute stuff. It's HOT outside...I'm dreading hauling the cha irs. I also added some more
pictures to the Independance day photos...check 'em out!
Monday Morning, July 14th 12:41am Just got home from one of the most incredible night's of music I can remember!!! Stoney, Bleu & Randy rocked the
clubhouse. We have never had so many people attend a show (in all of our past 27 shows), and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves as much as we did. After the show, we loaded
up all of the stuff, as usual. Eric ran out of gas in his truck, so we had to get him the gas can that Cori used at the last show (don't they realize when they need gas?!) and unload
the chairs and stuff at my house and we headed over to Woody's, where everyone just decided to continue the party. Stoney, Bleu, Randy, Roger Ray, Coby Weir,Monty, Drew,
Bryan, Wayne, Mike Mancy & Amy, Kurt South, Heather, Chrisha and all of her friends, Wayne, Kyle Brown and Amanda, Cori and her brother, Josh & his two friends,
Tiffany, my "new friend" Eric and his friend from OSU, Derek Dodd and Russell Kirkpatrick, Derek's dad and Robin.....heck....half of the people that had attended the
clubhouse show...were all there! Doesn't anyone have to work on Monday mornings????????  I really had a great time tonight. This Clubhouse thing has really gotten crazy! I
really think we are going to have to find a bigger place. If anyone knows anyone with some extra money...send them my way! We're looking for investors! Gotta go to bed. We'll
write the review and put pictures up, hopefully, tomorrow. If you are reading this, and attended tonight's show...thanks for coming!!! Can't wait for the Mike McClure/Travis
Linville show in two weeks.
Friday night 12:51am (OK, early Saturday morning!) Today has been a very exciting day. If you are reading this, you have probably already heard our exciting news!
After the show last Sunday, we have been pretty stressed out, worrying about what the next Clubhouse show might bring. There is only so much room in the clubhouse. Drew
Brown from The Horseman Club had approached me on Sunday evening and wanted to discuss the possibility of moving the shows over to The Horseman Club. Cori & I went over
there on Tuesday evening and after a 1 1/2 hour meeting, we left feeling very good about the possibility of having the shows there. It is a very nice "classy" nightclub.
They have a large "dance floor" area in front of a small raised stage. We are planning on getting some used couches and setting them up in a semi circle around the front of the
stage, and putting tables and chairs behind the couches. We will leave "low lights" and possibly candles on the tables and keep it as "intimate" as possible. The shows will
continue to be "listening" shows and if we have people that want to disrupt or talk loudly, they will be asked to leave. I know that may sound harsh, but that is the way we
intended the shows all along, and we are not going to change that now.  We will have a smoking area near the bar, but there will be no smoking in the "living room" area. This
should please everyone! Drew has tons of experience booking Texas/Red Dirt artists and we look forward to his input. We will continue to book guys like Stoney, Mike, Travis,
Randy Wade, etc.as we always have, but hope to throw in some names like "Radney", "Cory", "Matt", "Billy Joe"...to name a few. Stay tuned...you haven't seen nothin'
Cori, Emily, Heather and I went over to Adair's this evening to see Ryan Bingham and Wade Bowen & West 84. The place was packed but it was a great show. After we left Adair's,
Cori & I went over to The Horseman's & Woody's and stuck flyers on every car in the lot! We hope to have a big crowd for our "inaugural show" on Sunday the 27th!!!
Sunday July 20th : Went over to The Horseman Club today and took pictures of the outside so I could put them up on our directions page. After writing out the
directions, I really think it will be easier for everyone to find. I am getting really excited about having the shows there. I talked to Len last night. He and Duane went to see Kevin
Fowler there on Friday night and he said there was lots of talk going on about the move. All in all, I think just about everyone is happy and excited for us. There are a few people
that are questioning if we will be able to keep it a "listening" intimate, type show. I am
the most concerned about this probably more than anyone, I would imagine. We (the
clubhouse girls) have worked VERY hard to mantain the "listening atmosphere".We do not want anything (or anyone)to change that. I know that Drew (and Rex, the owner)
understand this, and I am certain that they will do everything they can to keep it the way we want it. I am getting a little concerned that we won't have as many couches as we
were wanting, by Sunday's show, but am keeping my fingers crossed that a couple more will get donated before then. If not, we will do the best we can. I've talked to Mike
(McClure) several times this past week about the changes. He has been very supportive of what we are doing. He says that the "atmosphere" is what's important, not the location.
I agree, although I have to say, the new location is great, too!!! Can't wait to see what everyone else thinks about it, next Sunday...less than a week until then...I'm getting
Monday night, July 21st: This is gonna be a long week! Can't wait to see what Sunday brings. I've had lots of emails about the new location. Everyone seems really
excited about it. Still looking for a few good couches. Hope we find some before Sunday.
Saturday night, July 26th: I spent most of the afternoon in my garage, going thru all of the clubhouse stuff, organizing it and putting everything we need to take
tomorrow into
one little box!! I can't believe how much easier it is going to be...not having to haul chairs, etc. Jackie came over this evening and we made up new "business" cards,
for the new location. I am excited but a little bit anxious of how the "inaugural show" will go. We went to The Horseman last night to see Cooder Graw, and it
really is a very nice
place. The show was great. I talked to Matt Martindale about doing an acoustic show and he gave me his number and said to call him...that he really wants to do one soon. He
wrote it on a napkin, and this morning I nearly used it to blow my nose on, and then I realized what it was. Whew! Close call! I would have hated to lose his number! Hopefully,
some time next week, I can get in touch with him and get a date worked out. Randy Rogers is at Adair's tonight. Len & Duane were going and asked if I wanted to go. I would have
loved to, but decided to stay home and get some stuff done around here. I bet I missed a great show.
Very Early Monday Morning, July 28th: I think the show went great!!! Am anxious to hear feedback from others! Goin' to bed...gotta be at work in a few hours.
Tuesday July 29th: Got the pictures and review posted. We met with Drew and Rex at the Horseman this evening. We're working out a few of the "business details", but
we are getting much better organized and hopefully this will bring bigger and better things to everyone that has been coming to the shows, supporting our love for the music, as
well as supporting the musicians we have come to love!! We are learning there is alot more to bringing these shows to the fans, than we thought. We have won a few
"battles"...the soft drinks and water will be free as before...but there are more important, legal concerns, that we were unaware of, and had to be addressed. We are very much
wanting to allow 18-20 year olds into our shows and do not want them to have to be accompanied by a parent if they want to come alone. BUT, due to the huge liability involved
(due to underage drinking laws), we have "conceeded" with Rex and Drew, and agreed that if you are between the ages of 18 - 20, without a parent, you will pay a little steeper
cover charge (to cover their liabilities, I guess). Therefore, if you are not accompanied by a parent, you can still come to the shows, but will pay a $15 cover and be given an
"underage" wrist band. No alcohol consumption will be tolerated. Apparently, by law, if you are
with your parent, and they buy you the alcohol, it is OK. The bottom line is... if
you care enough about listening to the music, and are underage, you are welcome to come to the shows, just don't drink. If you are with a parent, you are welcome, no matter your
age and you will pay the $10 cover. Thanks to Dwayne H. for all of your input!! You are a great friend and truly appreciated by all of us "clubhouse girls". We are very excited
about the musicians that Drew has been in contact with about doing our shows...wish we could give you some names but you'll just have to wait and see....you're gonna be as
excited as we are, I'm sure! Randy Rogers Birthday Bash is gonna be awesome...sounds like Stoney, Wade, Bleu, Roger Ray, Ryan Bingham and lots more may come "stragglin"
in.  This has the possibility of becoming an all out
crazy party...may have to make the first set "a listening set" cause I have a feeling this could get a little rowdy!!! I've already
scheduled myself off work the next morning. Maybe you should do the same!! Also, The August 24th show is coming together nicely...can't wait to make THAT BIG
ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! (I probably better go ahead and schedule myself off work that Monday, too!!) guess I need to get my "vacation time left" book out and see how many
Mondays I can take off between now and the end of the year!!!
Saturday morning (very early) August 1st: Cori & I went to see The Peter Dawson Band & MMB @ Woody's tonight. We got in trouble for taking our
"snowcones" in, and had to drink them outside before we could go in!! Peter Dawson was great! Josh Hamilton (Dub Miller's old guitar player) is playing with Peter. It was
great to see him. Amanda is now singing "full time" (I think) with them. She is really talented. We met Peter's girlfriend, Elizabeth. She is so pretty! I bought a Peter Dawson
t-shirt ( had to feed the addiction, you know!) and he gave us a copy of his brand new cd, which will be released next week.  Can't wait for his show @ the Clubhouse. He says
he's bringing along some special guests! Mike McClure & Band were great as always. We left before their set was over. Cori's been up since 5 this morning so we called it a
night. Abbi was there with Randy and her brother. It was his 21st birthday. Jeremy Raines was there, celebrating his 21st birthday also.He says his dad has a love seat to
contribute to the clubhouse. Hope he brings it Sunday. Goin' to bed now, it's really late. Got Mike McClure's music "in my ears"...hope I can sleep.
Monday evening August 4th: I'm sitting here writing this with an ice pack on my foot. I have had such a bad week. Last Wed., Matt was re-hooking up my direct TV
(the box had been in the shop) and when he went to plug it in, it shocked the
crap out of him. Turns out I have 200 volts coming thru my cable outlet, and it shouldn't have any.
Looks like I've got to have ALOT of electrical work done and it's gonna cost me a pretty penny. I'm just glad Matthew wasn't really hurt. He was mad at me for a few days, though!
Then, yesterday, as I was getting stuff ready for the show, my dogs came running around the corner of my garage and levelled me! Ended up in the emergency room with a
"sprained" foot. I figured it was broken (as Emily said..."Dont think I'm being mean, but when you get
older, your bones get brittle"...didn't need her reminding me...I already
know how old I am!!) (Just kidding Emily, I love ya, you know that!). Anyway, had to go to last night's show on crutches...which really sucked (the crutches, not the show!). The
show started off with some real problems, being as the Horseman is having dance lessons on Sunday afternoon and they ran late. Drew and Rex ASSURE me that this won't
happen again. I hope not, as we have tried very hard to make a good name for ourselves and the Clubhouse shows, and we wouldn't want anyone being upset with us, when it was
beyond our control. Thank goodness for Max & Adam (and Dusty Deaton) for saving the night! The show was great. I will take the pictures to get developed in the next day or so. I
apologize for being a little slower than usual, it's not so easy getting around with a sore foot. I hope this week doesn't go like last week, or no telling what kind of shape I'll be in
by next week's show. I am really looking forward to Peter Dawson
acoustic. He gave us a copy of the brand new cd and it is great! I've never heard Brandon Rhyder, but I've heard
really good things about him. I think we're gonna open the doors at 7:30pm and music will start at 7:45 from now on. The opener will do a short 30 minute set and the headliners
will start at around 8:15pm. I know that one of the reasons our shows have been succesfull is because they allow people to make it to bed early enough on a "work night'. We won't
change that. Hopefully things will go smoother on next Sunday.
Wed. August 6th: I talked to Drew this afternoon. He has some AWESOME acoustic shows in the works!!! Can't wait to tell everyone the exciting news! I'll let everyone
know just as soon as all of the details are worked out. Even though we have had a few "kinks" involved with the move, I know we did the right thing. I am really excited that we
can bring these really talented musicians to the clubhouse shows.
Sat. August 9th: Cori, Emily & I went with Jackie & Rick last night to see Jason Boland & The Stragglers and Reckless Kelly @ Billy Bob's.  Ran into lots of friends
there. It was a great night of music. I read on one of the egroups that Jason Boland had 3 different major labels there, checking him out. He did a great job...can't wait to hear the
outcome. Kelly is now his "fiance"...congrats to Jason & Kelly. Cori and I left the Billy Bob's show before RK was thru and headed over to The Horseman to catch the end of
Houston Marchman's set. We got there for about 5 or 6 songs. It was really good to see him. He's got a new band and they sound really good. He played one song I had never heard,
that I really liked. Can't remember the name of it, though. We got home at 3am and I had to be up at 7am for the electrician. I am sooo tired!  I can't believe it's almost Sunday
again...doing the Clubhouse shows every week makes the weeks go by fast. I hope we have a good crowd tomorrow. I'm sure it's gonna be a great show.
Friday, August 15th: Emily and I just got back from a 24 hour road trip to Luckenbach to see Pat Green. Everyone said we were crazy to go to Luckenbach in mid-August
because it was going to be so unbearably hot...ha!! The temperature last night was 78 degrees! The nice thing about the Luckenbach dance hall and surrounding grounds is that it
never gets too crowded inside. Even though it was sold out, we had the perfect place to see the show from. We stood on a bench at the edge of the dance hall and with the breeze
coming in from outside, it was very pleasant (in fact, we put the top down on the bug, for the drive back to our "cabin" at the KOA, and got COLD!!!!)  Pat and band put on a great
show. The crowd was really into it. After the show, I had a chance to say "hey" to him, and he told us how really tired he was and that he hadn't been home for two months. Even
though this is the life he has worked so hard for, I am sure that sometimes he wishes he could just sit back with Kori and watch TV or something. She was at the show, and she
looked great! I think their baby is due in October. We are getting ready to head out to Billy Bob's for the "Farewell to Sanity" show with Stoney, Wade & Django (and their
bands). Cori is bringing her new boss and his wife (they are new to Fort Worth) and we're really looking forward to seeing what they think about "our guys"! Then, starting
tomorrow, we start the countdown for the party of the year!! Got lots to do to get ready for it. I think we'll have a big crowd. We're really looking forward to seeing Ryan Bingham
& Roger Ray play together again. There are alot of "rumors" going around about which musicians will be at the party...guess we're all gonna have to wait until Sunday to see for
Saturday, August 16th: Just got thru saying my goodbye's to Stoney & Kandice, and the rest of the band.  After the show
last night, the band divided up and crashed at Cori's and my house. Once they got over here, I sat up and talked to Stoney, Kandice &
James until after 4am. (Donnie was asleep in the van...turned out, when he woke up he didn't know which house was mine, so he was
stuck out there all night!) They set their alarms for 9:30am, because they have 7 hours on the road before tonight's "Farewell to
Sanity" show in Fayetville. Stoney says he is going to do everything he can to make it back down here for Randy's birthday party. I
know it's hard for these guys to be everywhere they want to be, especially on their "day off", but I sure do hope he can make it back. I
talked to Wade last night and he says he's gonna try to be here too. Also, last night (this morning) when we were sitting around
talking, Brandon Rhyder called Stoney and he says he will for sure be at the party. I have become a big fan of his! I have listened to
his new cd non-stop since I got it. The Billy Bob's show last night was really good. It was the first time for me to hear Wade's band.
Django had a good crowd of young girls singing along with his songs. Stoney & his guys were awesome!!! I am waiting for the day that
Stoney gets to do a full set at Billy Bob's. After last night, I'd be willing to bet it'll be real soon! Gotta start getting my stuff together
for tomorrow's party. I think Ryan Bingham may be coming into town later this evening, so I probably should wash the sheets on the
spare bed...this'll be the third night in a row that we've had company (and I expect there will be several guys needing a place to crash
tomorrow night, too!). Thinking about getting a neon sign that says "vacancy"/"no vacancy" and putting it on my front porch!!
Michelle, Cori,
Dr. Fewins &
Ginger ~>
Monday, August 18th ...the day after!!! What an incredible show we had last night! When we got to the club, Rex and Drew (and their staff) had all of the
couches set up in front of the stage and were wating for the dance lessons to finish so they could put out all of the tables and chairs. By 7:15, the people were flooding in the door
and getting settled. Derek Dodd ( & his Johnny Carino's crew) came in right on time and started serving their delicious food. By the time that Ryan Bingham & Roger Ray got
started (at about 7:45pm) we could tell this was gonna be the largest clubhouse show ever! There had been lots of rumors flying about who was going to show up for Randy's
birthday party, so everyone was looking forward to see who was coming thru the front doors. Brandon Rhyder was first, followed by Wade Bowen a few minutes later. Mike Mancy
& Kurt South  weren't far behind. Ryan & Roger had a great set (they have only played together a few times, but sound like they do it all the time! They were awesome!). Doug
Moreland came in at about 9pm and Randy, Jason Boland and Brady Black were right behind him. After a short break, we put candles on the birthday cake and everyone sang
happy birthday to Randy and he blew them out (took a few tries but he finally got all 25 of them!) Randy, Brady & Doug started things off, and then everyone took turns sitting in
"song swappping".   Somewhere late in the evening, I gave in to "peer pressure" (Matt and Andrew...you guys are in trouble) and things got a little "blurry" for me for a little
while. I sure was having fun though!!! It gets pretty stressful, week after week, trying to put on the best shows we possibly can, and so all I can say is...thanks to Drew, Rex and the
Horseman staff and thanks to Emily & Cori for all you guys do. Everything went really smoothly last night and it's definitely a "group" undertaking. Lots of times, I am the one
that everyone is "thanking", and I just hope everyone knows how hard Emily & Cori work, too. We do it cause we love it! We do it cause we love the musicians and the music they
are putting out. There's been alot of discussion about whether our move to the Horseman was the right move. I don't really know, either. It's different. But sometimes different is
better. Last night we could NEVER have accomodated 250 people in the apartment setting. And the great thing about the Horseman was that 250 people still didn't seem too
crowded. It amazed me that we could get 250 people out on a Sunday night...but this Texas Music acoustic showcase is something that this town needs, and we are glad we can do
it. Hopefully, we will be able to continue them for a long time. Last night's show is going to be hard to beat though! It just raised the "bar" a little bit more. I hope everyone else
had as much fun as I did last night and that everyone got home safely. Most all of the musicians that came to Randy's party still had some traveling to do today to get back home. I
know Randy appreciates it as much as we did. Thanks to all of the musicians that were there....it was a BAD ASS show, for sure!!!
Sunday, August 31st: Sitting here, updating the website on an overcast, rainy Sunday. Thinkin' how nice it is to not be hauling chairs to the apartments in this
weather. This is the second Sunday in a row that we haven't had a Clubhouse show. We've gotten alot of good shows booked (thanks to Drew's help), for most of the rest of the
year. We are wanting to hold the shows to about two a month, but when you have a chance to book the quality musicians that we have booked, it is very hard to say "not right now,
maybe later". Therefore, October and November look like busy Clubhouse months!! Right now, we are waiting on "confirmations" from two really great musicians. I can't wait
to get the info up on the site. I think everyone will be as excited as we are. Things are really quiet around town this weekend. I guess the majority of Texas Music fans are either
in Acuna, New Braunfels or San Antonio (actually, you could have done all 3, I guess, and seen some great shows!). I chose to stay home and clean out my garage!!! I worked most
of yesterday on it, and I have to say, it looks so much better! I even have room for another "Stoney @ Joni's" party...now I just need to beg Stoney to do another one! Although the
weatherman said that yesterday would rain all day and be much cooler, it never rained at my house. It was very humid and working out in the garage was miserable. I should have
gone to New Braunfels with everyone else! Sometimes it's better to stay at home and save a little money. The Waylon Jennings Tribute is only a few weeks away, so I need to be
saving up for that. I'm sure that's gonna be a weekend to remember! Last Wednesday, Cori & I went to 8.0 to see Houston. It was rather warm outside, but he put on a good show.
Then, Thursday night, we travelled to Stephenville and caught The Mike McClure Band @ Tarleton. It wasn't a very big crowd, but it was a great show! Mike did alot of his new
stuff, but surprised everyone with a few of his old "Great Divide" songs...he's been doing some from the "Remain" cd, but it was great to hear "Yesterday Road". I am really
excited about the Clubhouse show we booked with Mike, Travis, Rodney Pyeatt and Tom Skinner. Mike says Tom is great. I've always heard of him, but don't know which songs
he has written or much on his music background. If anyone can tell me some background info,
email me and let me know! I would love to add it to the website. It is getting very
dark outside, maybe we will get some rain, after all. My yard sure could use it.
This coming Sunday is going to be a great Clubhouse show. Peter Dawson is having his CD release party...I've said this before, but I'm saying it again...the cd is great!!!! Tommy
Alverson is going to "song swap" with Peter. The last time I talked to Peter, he was very excited about Tommy playing.  I haven't seen Tommy in a while, so I'm looking forward
to it also. Stephen Pointer is going to open. Stephen is a great up and coming musician, and a really good friend. Start making plans now to attend the show. The Johnny
Carino's guys are catering it AGAIN!!! Since there isn't a Johnny Carino's in Fort Worth, this is the only way to get a good italian food fix!! See you there...but get there early,
before the food runs out!!
The wind just blew two of my plants over out front, better go pick up the mess and turn off my computer before the bad weather hits! Have a great Labor Day holiday.....and come
see the show next Sunday!!!!
Tuesday evening, Sept.2nd: Just got off the phone with Drew Brown. Tomorrow night, The Horseman is having a live band play. They're called "The Lost Trailers"
and according to Drew, they are really good. He says they sound alot like Ragweed. (Check 'em out by clicking on the link.) Although Radney Foster and many others are playing
down at 8.0 tomorrow night, I think Cori and I may go check out The Lost Trailers instead. Music starts at 10:00pm , which is a little late for me on a work night, but with all of
the musicians playing at 8.0, I figure Radney won't be doing but a very short set anyway, so I'll hold off on seeing him for a while (hint, hint). Thanks, Tiffany, for sending me the
link for Tom Skinner. I am betting that show is gonna be a great one! I also noticed that The Horseman has "The Great Divide" booked on Sept. 19th. I'm curious about how they
sound without Mike. Can't possibly be as good :)
Friday, Sept.5th (my day off): I was looking forward to sleeping late this morning...didn't set my alarm last night thinking I could "sleep in"....my cell phone rang
at 8am. It was Stoney & his guys, on their way from College Station heading to their show in Amarillo. Their van had broken down on the north end of Ft Worth and they were
wanting to come crash at my house while the fuel pump was being replaced....so...I jumped in the shower and then headed north on I35 to pick them up. As I'm driving down the
freeway, I see three guys with their suitcases and guitars waving me down from the side of the road! The van had already been picked up and Scott & Donnie went with the
wrecker driver, so I loaded Stoney, Doug & Mark into the bug (with two guitars and all their stuff). Had to leave the top down to get everything to fit. I'm sure it was a funny site
to see...everyone was packed in pretty tight...both guitars were between Mark & Doug in the backseat and Mark had to carry one of the large suitcases on his lap! Stoney was
pretty miserable. He has a bad eye infection (got scratched in the eye a few days ago by his little girl), so when I got them settled at my house, I went to the pharmacy and picked
up his eye drop prescription. The van was fixed by 1:30 or so, so Scott & Donnie picked them up and they headed out for Amarillo. Stoney's eye was already looking better, but it
still looked bad. Hopefully, after a few days of drops, he'll be back to his old self (started to say "back to normal"...but he's not really "normal", is he????) Cori had some minor
surgery done on her chin yesterday, so between Cori and Stoney, my "motherly" instincts have been working overtime!!! I have been running non-stop all day...so much for my
"day off". Matt and I went to Sears this evening and I bought myself a lawnmower!!!! I'm so excited. It's self propelled and everything! We came home and put it together and I
mowed my front yard. Now, I just need to get a weedeater and I'm set! I get tired of paying someone else to do it, especially since my front and back yards are both so small. Cori
went to Del Rio to visit her friend, Eddie (it's his birthday). I hope her chin is feeling OK. I'll probably go to Woody's tomorrow night to see Travis & The Burtschi Brothers. I
just wish that the "headliner" didn't start so late at Woody's. They won't even go on until around 11ish. Since we have a show Sunday, I'm not sure I want to be out really late
tomorrow night. Guess I'll decide tomorrow.
Monday Sept.8th: We found our Clubhouse Concert banner (and our Texas flag)!! Actually, Drew & Rex found it in the store room @
The Horseman. They had it laid out on the table when I got there yesterday. What a great surprise! It is turning into quite a collector's
item...with all of the signatures we have gotten on it. The show last night was not the largest crowd we've had, but they were very appreciative of
the great music. Peter Dawson was like a kid getting to sit and play guitar with his "idol" (Tommy Alverson). I don't think he ever wiped the
grin off of his face all night! Things are going smoother every show. As always, Derek Dodd's dinner from Johnny Carino's was delicious! There
was a little bit left over, so Cori & I enjoyed it for lunch today. We were saying last night that we wished there was a Johnny Carino's in Fort
Worth, but since they keep volunteering to bring dinner to the shows, it's almost like there
is one here in town!! Last night they volunteered to
do the "Micky & The Motorcars" show. Since M&MC are playing with Reckless Kelly (the older Braun brothers) on the Friday and Saturday
night before our show, rumor is that Reckless Kelly may show up at the Clubhouse show. Wouldn't that be
awesome???? I picked up the pics from
last night's show, so I am fixin' to add them to the picture page. I try really hard to keep the website up to date....
We got the banner back!!!!
Sunday Sept.14th, 2003: Boy am I tired! I have been painting my living room all weekend.  I did a "faux" finish, that looks like terra cotta
"stucco" walls. It looks really good but it sure did take a long time. Friday night, I took a little time away from painting and went to Woody's to see
Nathan Hamilton & Peter Dawson. The guys that opened for them were really good. I think they called themselves "Dead Flowers", but I could be
wrong. We went around the corner and caught some of Cooder Graw's set at The Horseman. They had a really big crowd. Rex seemed pretty happy
about that! Peter Dawson & Band put on a great show. He commented again how thrilled he was to get to play with Tommy Alverson last week at the
clubhouse show. Peter is such a nice guy. I am sure he is destined to become really big. He's not only a great songwriter, but he has such a great voice.
I hadn't seen Nathan Hamilton in a while. He and his band were very good. I think they were a little peeved about the crowd not listening, though. At
one point, he said "some nights you click with the crowd and some nights you don't". No one stopped talking long enough to hear him say it, though.
That's my biggest complaint about having music in a "sports bar".  I have to sit myself right in the very front in order to "block out" all of the talking
going on around me. This Wed., Stoney, Wade & Bleu are doing a "songwriter's showcase" at Woody's. Of course, I will be there...front and
center...trying to block out the talkers. I talked to Bryan (from Woody's) on Friday night. He says that Kurt South & Magee Payne are starting
around 8ish and Stoney, etc. should start around 9:00. I hope so, I've got to work the next morning. We will be leaving for New Braunfels after work
on Thursday. Emily, Cori & I are going. Ginger, from Cori's office, is riding down and back with us, but she has to go to a conference in San Antonio
all weekend. Poor Ginger!! We are trying to talk her into buying a one day ticket and going with us on Saturday, after her conference. We've heard
alot of "rumors" about the Waylon Jennings tribute. A couple of people have said that some of the tickets are for "outdoors" and you have to watch it
all on a big screen. I sure will be mad if that's the case. We bought our tickets the day they went on sale. For $80 for two days, I don't want to be
outside, looking in. I'm looking forward to seeing Ryan Bingham. By the way, looks like his website is up and running again. I suspect it is being
revamped. I like the new look, so far. Think I'll go mow my yard, now that the grass has dried from all of the rain.
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