Clubhouse Concert Performers
"Our First Year"
Max Stalling
with Rick Calvert
January 18, 2002
Owen Temple
with Rick Calvert
February 22, 2002
Mark David Manders
with Special Guest Jason Boland
with Rick Calvert & Ryan Hall
March 22, 2002
Adam Carroll
Ryan Hall with Darlington
April 20, 2002
Dub Miller
with Curt Shannon
June 1, 2002
Mike Graham
with Casey Thompson
June 15, 2002
Max Stalling & Mark David
with Casey Thompson
July 5, 2002
Bleu Edmondson
with Josh Ingram
July 15, 2002
Stoney LaRue  & The Organic Boogie
with Andy Pate
August 9, 2002
Tommy Alverson & Diamond Jim
with Jay Johnson
September 13, 2002
Mike Graham
with Amelia Blake & Mike Westbrook
September 21, 2002
Mike McClure & Travis Linville
with Casey Thompson
October 6, 2002
Nathan Hamilton & No Deal
with Thrift Store Cowboys
October 12, 2002
Mike McClure & Travis Linville
with Thrift Store Cowboys
November 24, 2002
Stoney LaRue & The Organic Boogie Band Benefit
Jason Boland & The Stragglers
Texas Jack, Andy Pate, and Ryan Hall
Special Appearances by Stoney LaRue & The Organic Boogie
December 1, 2002
The Burtschi Brothers
with Casey Thompson & T-Roy Miller
January 10, 03
Mike Graham
with Jared Crump
January 31st, 03
Clubhouse First Anniversary Show
with Mike McClure, Travis Linville &
Stoney LaRue
Feb.16th, 03
Blues at the Reserve
with Dave Millsap & Stephen Pointer
March 1st, 03
Susan Gibson
Heather Morgan & Ali Holder
March 22, 03
Houston Marchman
Mike Mancy
April 5th, 03
Ryan Bingham's CD Release Party
with Prag
April 12th, 03
Randy Rogers
with Joey Green
May 3rd, 03
Mike McClure & Travis Linville
with Ryan Bingham & Kurt South
May 18, 03
Wade Bowen & Randy Rogers
with Mark Sanders & Mike Mancy
June 8, 03
Kurt South's cd release party
June 14,03
Ryan Bingham & Roger Ray
with Michael & Kyle Brown
June 22, 03
Stoney, Bleu & Randy
with Stephen Pointer
July 13, 03
(Our last show at the apartments)
Mike McClure & Travis Linville
with Camille Harp
July 27, 03
(Our first show @ The Horseman Club)
Adam Carroll & Max Stalling
with Dusty Deaton
August 3, 03
Peter Dawson & Brandon Rhyder
with The Paige-Foreman Band
August 10, 03
Randy Rogers' Birthday Bash!
with Randy, Jason Boland, Peter Dawson, Roger Ray,
Ryan Bingham, Doug Moreland Wade Bowen
August 17th, 03
Peter Dawson & Tommy Alverson
Stephen Pointer
Micky & The Motorcars with George Devore & Willie Braun
Sept 28th, 03
Randy Rogers & Wade Bowen
with Jeff Posey
Ray Wylie Hubbard
with Mark Sanders
Mike McClure, Travis Linville, Rodney Pyeatt
& Tom Skinner
Billy Joe Shaver with Ryan Bingham & Roger Ray
Adam Carroll & Randy Rogers
with Jayson Bales
Ian Moore
Houston Marchman & Matt
with Jared "Pete" Gile
Nov.16th, 03
Stoney & Wade
with Jake Moffat & Bleu Edmondson
Phil Pritchett & friends
Mike Wynn
Nov.30th, 03
Radney Foster
Six Bridges
Dec. 7th, 03
Matt Beard's 21st Birthday Bash
Randy Rogers, Travis Linville, Stoney LaRue,
Jason Boland, Bleu Edmondson, Roger Ray and
Mike Mancy
with Jared "Pete" Gile
Dec.21st, 03
Clubhouse Concert
"Our 2nd Year"