Booking Information
(updated 1/03/09)
As of Sept. 9, 2007 the "Clubhouse Concerts Acoustic Series is located at "Upstairs at The
White Elephant" private party room in the historic Stockyards of Ft. Worth.  Shows will be once
monthly.  Doors will open at 6:30pm. Music will start promptly at 7pm with a "guest host"
headliner and 2-3 of their favorite musicians. After an approximate 1 1/2 hour set, there will be a
short break and then a second set, ending by 10pm.

The "Upstairs at the White Elephant" private party room is a GREAT room for acoustic shows.
Capacity is 125. It is above the historic White Elephant Saloon. The hardwood floors and ceiling
fans (yes, it is an air conditioned room!) give it the perfect atmosphere for a listening, acoustic
show. If you remember the apartment complex where the Clubhouse shows began, you will enjoy
this room! It has the feel of the apartments, with NO SMOKING in the room (fans can smoke out
on the balcony and still listen to the show) - and a full service bar. Chairs are set up "theater"
style. You can also bring food upstairs from The Love Shack (just no alcoholic beverages may be
brought inside). You can, however, bring drinks from the saloon to the Upstairs room.
 If the idea of playing in a room where the audience is there to listen to you play your songs, in a
very laid back atmosphere on a Sunday evening, appeals to you ...please give me a call!
Headliners split 90% of the door.  Remember, we want to do
acoustic shows, not full band -
electric shows. We are interested in booking 2 or 3 musicians together, doing song swap format.

 Clubhouse Concerts provides an 8 channel PA with three sets of mic, stand, DI and cords with a
sound guy.We can hook up your personal gear of mics, stands and cords or bring in extra gear. If
booked and you need to speak to the sound engineer , please contact David Glass or (817) 266-6161 to discuss your sound needs. Main
speakers, located behind and above the stage, function as moniters. We strongly discourage
guitar/bass amps because they are too loud for this acoustic show room.

I look forward to hearing from you!!

Joni Beard
4628 Pershing Ave
Ft Worth TX 76107
(817) 501-2027